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Best caption will a guest for ten minutes on DrunkO’s podcast show!  FinePrint:  Winner must be flexible with their time.  You may be asked to chat with DrunkO for the entire podcast… scheduled guests are dropping like flies. 

RHOBH Reunion Preview: “Professional Pride”… HumongousLipsLisa Made A Million For Depends Ad

Seriously???  Does MissAndy have so little material about these moronic Housewives that he has to resort to extremely obvious set up questions?  MissAndy’s attempt at embarrassing Kimmer didn’t seem to work.   HumoungousLipsLisa claims she was paid over a $1 million for a Depends commercial:

NOTE:  Interesting that HFKyle keeps her mouth shut when DangerDivingWithTheStars is mentioned.

MissAndy’s RHOBH Reunion Cards…

Because MissAndy’s drinking games are SO passé, MissAndy/Bravo is attempting to lure in viewers to the sure-to-be-just-another-disappointing-reunion show by issuing official bingo cards. The cards give an indication of just how exciting the BH reunion will be!  WOO-HOO!!

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BLIND ITEM: Guess The Housewife!!

From CDAN(this is just TOO easy!!!):

This A- list reality star spends most of her prison phone time trying to hammer out a deal for a cooking show and new cookbook so she won’t have to go back to her old show.

She is also going to stick it to her old bosses by giving an interview to a different network when she gets out.

teresa caption captioned

(Thanks “chameleon”!!!)

NOTE:  A few comments from CDAN…

  • Why is she sticking it to them?  They didn’t make her commit fraud with her husband.
  • The gov’t, lawyers and the people they duped, who will suing them can’t wait to be paid back, they get first dibs on her profits… she needs to remember that.
  • I’ll take “Name the gorilla in the prison jumpsuit” for $500.

GO BACK THROWBACK THURSDAY: It’s The Morally Corrupt FayeResnick!

MORE RHOBH “What Are They Doing Now” From Ronnie!!

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NOTE:  If you’re wondering WHY DrunkOtis is “still a triangle ho”… please hop over to Ronnie’s place and read his RHOBH recap at TrashTalkTV!


HFKyle was out with BFrankel and CaroleRadziwill.  What were they drinking??

rhobh rhony hfkyle frankel carole

NOTE:  Allegedly while in NYC, HFKyle and DrunkOtis were in the same Sephora store.  Allegedly, HFKyle bolted out of the store when DrunkO was spotted.  Really??  The NYC Sephora stores are huge enough for TEN Housewives!  We smell a pure PR story… 


PhonyPrince Tries To Convince He’s A Prince… A Royal FAIL! Blames Nazis!!

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There is always the question of proceeding with or simply ignoring an item.  We ignore many items, but will give this item a second of atten-shun only because it’s pretty damn funny!   The phony prince is attempting to convince … Continue reading


Camille Apologizes To Morally Corrupt FayeResnick… WHY?

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NOTE:  What is the REAL reason behind Camille’s apology to FayeReckless?? Camille Grammer and Faye Resnick had an interaction during Camille’s dinner from hell, where Camille said that Faye was “morally corrupt.”  Camille is now speaking out to reveal that … Continue reading


PumpMyStomach’s RomanticLit BravoBlog

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NOTE:  ‘Tis time to read PumpMyStomach’s romantic novelist take on the RHOBH finale.   Please read with an English accent… the accent seems to make everything acceptable. Well, it’s the final leg of this exhausting race. The sun sets on … Continue reading


DrunkOtis’ Ghostwritten BravoBlog…

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Hey, My Bravoistas! I’m in my American Airlines’ seat 36 hours later, flying back home from NYC, thankful to be on a safe path home. My prayers go out to the families and loved ones of the downed German airliner … Continue reading


Missy Forced To Talk About Tree As She Tries To Push Her Crappy Jewelry! AND… Asked For ID To Drink?!?

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BEFORE getting to Missy…does she really think that she was asked for ID because the bartender thought she was under 21???  Is she that dumb that she doesn’t know about bartenders complimenting age for bigger tips?? NOTE:  Before a guest … Continue reading


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BLIND ITEM! Who’s The Sleezy Boyfriend?

From CDAN:

rhoc rhobh cast

The boyfriend of this West Coast Housewife has got extremely close to a couple of the Housewives.

He had sex with one and a daughter of another.    Not at the same time though.

(Thanks “chameleon”!!!)  

MorticiaKyle On WWHL: Talks RHOBH Reunion … Kim Asks To Solve Sister Issues Without Cameras

Kim requests that HFKyle try to resolve their issues privately… apparently, HFKyle is against Kim’s ‘no camera’ request:

Morticia On WWHL: Explains KathyH’s Reaction To Sister Discord


WHATEVER WEDNESDAY: Whatever Happened To HFKyle’s New Hair Product “Nourage”??… Are YOU “Underappreciated… Sad…Overworked”? Take One Of Kyle’s Hair Pills And It Will All Go Away!!!

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Our very favorite splits-maker and hair-tossin’ Beverly Hills Housewife, HagfaceKyle Richards, is now the OFFICIAL spokesperson for her hair product, Nourage! Per Nourage, your HAIR tells all!! “Our hair says a lot about who we are. Happy. Sad. Overworked. Underappreciated. And with … Continue reading

RHOBH … What They’re Doing After The Finale

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Camille KIsses The Frog Prince… Camille Says “Nothing Happened”

The “huh?” moment from the RHOBH finale… strange encounter between RealCamille and the phony prince.

Camille says that nothing happened.  Sorry, Camille… something DID happen and everyone saw!

camille tweet prince

THE BIG FINALE! DrunkOtis Chats With KimRichards… “Who’s On First” OR What The Hell Are They Talking About?

What a let down…

RHOBH Deleted Scene: ED And DrunkOtis Have A Talk…

BoringEileen was only on this season of the RHOBH to get some atten-shun for her Peepin’ HouseHusbandVince and to increase viewership on her soap.  She tries something in this deleted scene with DrunkOtis… but, we’re not sure exactly what:

vince van peepin


Does TheAgency Cater To Low IQ Clients?

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Came across DrunkOtis’ fake boyfriend’s great advice at TheAgency! ‘Tis a bit ironic that JonRuiz is giving advice on “keeping your word”!   This short essay by Ruiz was obviously written for low IQ agents… Even WORSE is that fact … Continue reading

DrunkOtis On WWHL: Talks About FELONJoodice And BFrankel

How could DrunkO escape the environs of MissAndy’s clubhouse without talking about people that she knows well… TreeJoodice or BFrankel??  DrunkO really feels for Tree and helps the RHONY PR machine by chatting about BFrankel.  Frankel is giving her “best friend” Tallmark a hard time.  What a crock!  DrunkO being “best friends” with Tallmark is equivalent to DrunkO being “best friends” with Cedric!


DrunkOtis On WWHL: Hasn’t Seen Kim Since RHOBH Reunion (Kim’s Filming)… Dating Moritzeo’s “Partner” (NOT!)

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DrunkOtis states that she has not seen Kimmer since the RHOBH reunion and goes on about how Loada is still suffering.  Kim was filming a cameo role in Sharknado IV or V or VI… DrunkO also says that she’s dating … Continue reading

DrunkOtis On WWHL: Biggest Regret? Slapping PumpMyStomach

We all know that the “slap” was as real as PumpMyStomach’s faint on DWTS…

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