Ramona Singer Late Night Calls To Mario…

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According to ROL, Ramoaner Singer is rumored to be calling Mario late at night and begging him for a second chance. These rumors go against everything Ramona said on the show. Ramona said that Mario was begging for her forgiveness in … Continue reading


Excerpts From KimRichards’ DrPhil Interview/Intervention … Son Chad Calls DrunkOtis “Toxic”… KimSays “Fans Were Horrible”

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“I have been sober,” KimRichards tells DrPhil. “I haven’t been working a program. Living through this season on the show, sometimes it’s hard enough to get through it. The fans are very hard on me, and I went on Twitter … Continue reading



“Luigi” will receive a two-week all-expense-paid visit to Loada’s brand new apartment!  FinePrint:  Winner will be required to adhere to Loada’s strict dietary regimen of a daily lemon cleanse while alternately sucking on limes.  Winner will also be required to locate Loada’s new apartment.

RHONY Preview: Carole Pukes To Attract BoyMan… Sonja And LuAnnie Are BoyManMagnets

Sonja’s “boyfriend” brings date to party.  Carole was fit model for Jordache jeans… they only needed her from the waist down.

We give the RHONY 39398736300404047 HFKyles…



KimRichards Goes To Malibu Rehab


KimRichards is in a live-in rehab facility in Malibu which specializes in substance abuse.  She made the decision after consulting with family.  

Kim will stay at the rehab facility “as long as it takes.”

(Thanks “ChrisR” “anon” and “FLPhil”!!!)



Dorinda’s Faux Pas…

NOTE:  The PC Police will be screaming about this in 3-2-1.  But, before anyone starts screaming, it appears that Dorinda spotted someone who looked authoritative and nothing else.  Of course, this scene would have been cut had the man been white.  Apparently, Bravo/RHONY needs some controversy to boost their sagging ratings…  

RHONY Trading Places…

Crankles is the only RHONY who doesn’t want to hop over to the hills of Beverly.  Crankles choice is ATL…

We give this very boring video 9983377634393937 Alec Baldwins…

boring gif


Queen of Versailles Doing “Wife Swap”…

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“Queen of Versailles” Jackie Siegel and her husband, time-share mogul David Siegel, will be featured on “Celebrity Wife Swap.” It will be the fourth season for “Celebrity Wife Swap.” “Two members of celebrity families swap lives (but not bedrooms), and … Continue reading


RHONY RHOBH RATINGS: Beat By Repeats Of “BigBangTheory”

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We appreciate Bravo/EvolutionMedia listening to our recommendations for making the Housewives franchises more watchable, especially our observation that the HouseHusbands have ruined the Housewives shows. While the final cut included the HouseHusbands in several story lines, they were not featured … Continue reading

BLIND ITEM: Who’s The Former Housewife?

From CDAN:

This former Real Housewife who made a recent special appearance took offense at this Academy Award winner at a party this week. 

The actor in question who is not known for being pro-women was walking through the party rubbing his genitals.  Every couple of minutes he would take a lap around the room and do it.

The former reality star confronted him about it and our actor told her to f**k off.

(Thanks “chameleon”!!)


SH WITTY WEEKDAY!! DrPhil Needs Your Help…

weekday captionED kimr andy dr phil

“STAN” will receive two drinks with KimRichards at the Polo Lounge!!  FinePrint: Drinks with Kim will be delayed until the ban on Kim at the Polo Lounged is lifted!


RHOA Reunion Preview: NayNay Goes Ghetto On Kandi… BigDummyCynthia Throws Out False Ratings Numbers

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KimZolciak NayNay, still obnoxious as ever, lets out her ghetto roots as she goes after Kandi…  The ONLY reason the RHOA reunion gets any atten-shun here: BigDummyCynthia throws out an erroneous statement about the ATL ratings.  BigDummyCynthia says that over … Continue reading


TERESA GIUDICE: Danbury Diva Screwed Over By Juicy… Now Divorcing! ALLEGEDLY…

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One or more of TreeJoodice’s former prison pals is making up stories for ROL allegedly yapping up a storm.   Yesterday, Juicy was blamed for screwing up a deal with the Feds to reduce Tree’s sentence… Giudice’s hopes to be … Continue reading

KIM RICHARDS On DrPhil: Kim Bolts … Asks “Is This An Intervention?”

“Are you living a lie telling everybody ‘I’ve been sober for three years’?”

“You are drunk in a bar fighting with a cop. That is not good mothering!”

When Kim is joined by her kids on the couch, it’s just too much for her to handle. “Is this an intervention? I’m sorry, I can’t!” Kim says as she storms out of the interview.

“Kim went into the interview with an open mind and genuinely wanting to do the interview but once she got there she became very upset and frustrated. Her frustration grew because she began to realize what she was in for.  Her kids were starting to talk like it was an intervention and Kim couldn’t handle it. You could tell she felt cornered and hadn’t realized what she had signed up for. She got up, and left in a huff yelling and cursing—anyone who was around her at the time could hear her shouting obscenities as she made her way out.”


LugLipsRinna Hired For High Camp Role…Playing KrisKartrashian

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LugLipsRinna has signed on to play the momager in an upcoming miniseries, which centers on the OJ Simpson murder trial, titled ‘American Crime Story.’ “Producers believe that Lisa is perfect to play the part of Kris.  The current plan is to … Continue reading


LydiaMcLaughlin: Filming Got Hard… OC Housewives Ditched Her

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EX-OC Housewife chats with FoxNews about her decision to flee from the deranged desperate dirtbags aka the RHOC. FOX411: What was the reason you left the show? McLaughlin: Filming got harder and harder. Then, on the reunion show just seeing … Continue reading


MONTY BRINSON Explains “The Pill”!!

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montybrinson explains “THE PILL”!! “yes. I take full responsibility. For the past month she had been in chronic pain visiting 5 Dr’s. Couldn’t figure it out. Ended up being a hernia disc problem. That night she was in so much … Continue reading


Not much has changed…

As an homage to Ken, we’re giving the HawaiiDinner 993846636534438888833 Kens!!