Simon Barney (RHOOC)

                                                                                                                   Simon Barney’s tequila…

                                        Kay with Tamra and Simon Barney’s daughter…

                                                              Simon Barney and Kay (?)

                                    Simon with new girlfriend, Kay…

Simon Barney was reportedly fired from his job as a car salesman at some point, and decided to take up tequila. It was apparently a good move since he always seemed to have more than enough cash to shower his wife with a plethora of lavish gifts.

Then, it got to the point where he couldn’t even afford his home. Probably wishing he could take back his exorbitant spending, Simon is most often seen on the housewives exhibiting jealousy towards Vicki who’s an independent woman, not financially struggling in this economy at all.

Vicki famously suggested to Tamra that since Simon’s tequila business was struggling, he should return to selling cars. But it seems Simon is sticking to his tequila. His website, not aesthetically pleasing, says Simon recently became an investor in El Conde Azul Tequila.

The liquor retails from about $59.99 to $64.99. In a declining economy, that’s probably not where people want to put their $60.

But on a positive note, the reviews appear to be positive and the bottles are pretty

3 comments on “Simon Barney (RHOOC)

  1. the bottle is really pretty, the decision to divorce the evil witch was a good one, but i must say with no offense towards you this woman in the picture looks like your daughter rather than a woman with commanallities, as i said no offense, just practice better judgemnt..good luck in all your endevours, and stay strong your children will definetly be needing you sooner that later…


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