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Peter Thomas is one lucky guy, and he knows it. The 50-year-old restaurateur recently tied the knot with model Cynthia Bailey, which is no easy feat. Just ask Russell Simmons and former basketball player Jayson Williams. Accomplished in his own right, Thomas says he understands Bailey’s reservations. “She’s an independent woman and I love that about her,” he says.

The nightclub impresario spoke with about meeting his wife some 18 years ago, dating famous women (Nia Long?) and how he really feels about  the “RHoA” castmates, especially Phaedra Parks. What do you think when you watch yourself on the show?
I can’t stand it. I don’t like the way I sound; I always look crazy. I usually walk into another room when it comes on. We don’t know that much about you. Do tell.
I’m Jamaican-born, Brooklyn-raised, lived in Miami, had seven or eight nightclubs in South Beach for the past 20 years. I’m a New York, Miami dude, and I lived in London for a while. I get around, and Atlanta‘s new to me. My parents live here. How did you meet Cynthia?
My dad got really ill so I came to Atlanta. I was looking for a vehicle and a friend of Cynthia’s told me she had a car and I got on the phone with her to start negotiating. I remembered meeting her on a plane from Miami to New York 18 years ago. I didn’t even want to be with anyone when I first came here, but after talking to her on the phone a couple of times I was like, ‘Wow I remember her. She’s cool and she’s beautiful.’ When we met again I was happy man. It was instant attraction. Cynthia hasn’t been shy about her reservations towards marriage. What did you think of that?
I’ve heard about Cynthia Bailey for the last 21 years of my life. You know Russell Simmons proposed to her, she turned him down. Jayson Williams made a public half-time announcement on TV, she took the ring and gave it back. People that I know, even exes, talk so well about her. She’s an independent person and I love that about her. She likes to know that she has her own and I understand why because of her mom. I respect women who are like Cynthia because I’m not one of those guys who think men are superior to women. I used to date Nia Long and she was making like $800,000 a movie, and I was cool with it. What did you really think of Phaedra’s comments about wanting a “clean” man?
Phaedra is like 36, 37 years old and word around town is she’s dated a couple of rappers she represented, so when she says “clean” she probably means someone that doesn’t have baggage so she doesn’t have to deal with mothers from previous relationships. My point to her was I’m a grown man and I have five kids, and there’s really nothing wrong with it. I would understand if she was like 22 and getting married but as old as she is saying that… the only reason Apollo is “clean” is because he’s been incarcerated for the last six years. She’s an idiot. That’s how I really feel about the statements that come out of her mouth. How do you feel about the other castmates?
 I don’t really know them enough. I’ve been around Sheree a few times and she’s always cordial. NeNe, she’s loud. I could be around NeNe, she could definitely be my homegirl. Kandi‘s a really nice person, and Kim’s just crazy. Besides the grey beard it’s hard to believe you’re 50.
I was with Russell Simmons last week and he was like, ‘I hate that beard, cut it off’ and I was like, ‘dude, my wife loves it.’ Some people tell me I look 35 when I cut my beard. They say Black don’t crack.

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23 comments on “Peter Thomas (RHOA)

  1. Come next season they will no longer be together.
    I like Cynthia a lot, especially New York Cynthia.
    She should join The Real Housewives Of NEW YORK!!!

    Get on it Bravo

  2. Peter is a dick. She’s not giving up the sex because he has hurt her and has turned her against her family. His behavior was sickening when she had her surgery. She was upset and in pain and all he could think about was sex and how it affected him. Making fun of her? Hate him.

  3. Peter is ugly…inside and out! The nerve of him whinning about her swollen belly…chastising her for eating cupcakes when she was in physical and emotional pain. Jerk! She could do much better.

    • Cynthia is a pretty lady, I don’t know what she sees in Peter. He is old, ugly, mean, and ain’t he broke on top of it?

  4. Peter has 5 children! How many of his children are minors? Tell me, how many successful single women would marry a man of Peter’s caliber? Cynthia, with your beauty you could have married a multimillionaire or maybe a billionaire. So, when did Peter tell you of his babies mama’s drama? He didn’t tell you when he closed UPTOWN , ETC. What a shame! Is this the reason that you cry a bucket of tears so often? Especially, when Peter couldn’t afford to take you on a HONEYMOON, ETC. He most certainly has to pay child support for the children who are minors. Is he also paying alimony? How many times has he been married? Right now I am not into seeing you shed another tear, because, it seems, as if, like your sister Mal implied, your marriage attraction is based on sexual desire only.

    • It takes a hell of a lot more than mere beauty to snag a millionaire or billionaire. They typically like their women to also have brains. Cynthia does not cut it there.

      • Cynthia has too much stress that has been thrust upon her and it seems, as though , she doesn’t want to be the first to say GOODBYE! .This man of hers won’t even pay the rent. You’re RIGHT.

  5. Can’t stand Peter. Obnoxious, rude, and stupid. I wish he would stop dropping Nia Long’s name in order to elevate himself. Cynthia should dump that broke idiot.

  6. Peter is lame as hell I can’t believe Nia went there he must have a nice mouth!! And his current wife stupid she did’nt stay with Leon!!!!! Shit just saying why marry Peter broke as instead of any of the other guys who have it going on??????

  7. New car… bruits (rumors- I like using old words so just having some fun using them) out there implying that Peter’s car came from Apollo’s shady dealings somehow. Other bruits are saying more than just Phaedra involved in the Apollo scams, including RHOA cast members, including Todd and Greg.
    And who buys a warehouse like Peter did like that? Maybe some $ laundering going on and Peter’s warehouse was part of the Laundromat? Another avenue of the money washing and exchanges going on implies that Peter’s Bar One is part of it, along with Phaedra’s plan to open funeral home as another cover venue.
    I also just found out that Phaedra is listed on one of Apollo’s bogus collection companies as a “secretary.”
    Some folks think Todd is ok, but did you guys know that Phaedra and Apollo introduced Todd to Kandi?
    Apollo’s street brother, incarcerated Everett’s wife was recently busted for using stolen credit cards to buy high ticket items at Home Depot. She’s out on bail. This whole scam/stolen identity charges are deep and the circle on Apollo and Phaedra’s level is minor compared to who the feds are really interested in taking down. I believe this case is a lot more sinister and darker than Tre’s mess.
    What ever is really going on with Peter and Cynthia, it’s highly possible the heat from all the shady Peter dealings is causing Cyn to further mistrust him more than ever and make her a might cranky.

  8. So, Peter wants a man cave? I am sure Apollo and Phaedra can sell you one from all the identity thefts, fraud, etc., which they have committed. Perhaps, you’ve already negotiated the deal with them, you know how you are always doing things without telling Cynthia. Don’t you know that whatever is done in the dark will come to the light no matter how long it takes?

    • Did Peter borrow money from Mr. Stewart for BarOne, Greg and Nene ?? What a Island boy..Cynthia is in a bad spot with that one..He is a type that might hit her and the sister..Possible sleeping with Mal..Leon will get to the bottom of it..Goodbye Peter.

  9. Oracle, thanks for reminding about the man cave. What kind of a man does that? He burns through tons of Cynthia’s $, then acts entitled to it all like some kind of a pimp.
    Oh, that reminds me too as far as what’s done in the dark, comes to light and truth will out eventually, I read that Phaedra and Apollo run some kind of escort business. I don’t know if that is true or not, but ish if it is.

    • Phaedra also, said, and I quote, “there are no secrets in our marriage.” hm…. she knew all along about her husband’s illegal activities. Yeah, there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

      • Hmmm. No secrets means she knows all about the identity theft, stolen Delta checks, Apollo’s girlfriend(s) and more. How’s she going to sidestep questions from the Feds now? Is she going to claim marital privilege and attorney client privilege?

    • Peter Thomas looks every bit the age of a 63 to 73 year old person. At the age of 53 this is a lot of grey hair for anyone, perhaps this grey hair is hereditary and it is a family gene thing that young people hair turns grey at a young age. Also, he looks drunk most of the time.

  10. I wonder what petter’s comet’s are about nene now since she’s acting really crazy toward him and his wife,personally i don’t like it.

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