Joe Giudice (RHONJ)


Joe, Tree and kids (Audriana not born when this photo was taken)

Gia, Gabrielle and holding Audriana

Joe’s Business: G & G Stone & Stucco, 393 Lexington Ave Clifton,NJ 07011                             Phone: (973) 478-0046  website:

G & G Stone & Stucco is a private company categorized under Apartments and located in Clifton, NJ. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of $500,000 to $1 million and employs a staff of approximately 1 to 4.

NOTE:  As of January 2011, the G&G website has been taken done and G&G’s phone has been disconnected.


While Joe Giudice claims he earns $79,000 per annum, he owes $10,853,648.04 in credit card bills, high end merchandize retailers, Cadillac Escalade monthly installments, $2.6 million owed to three home mortgages, $5.8 million to Joe’s business investments, $85, 600 home repairs, and $12,000 for fertility treatments.

Joe Planning on Plea of Not Guilty for Fraudulent DL, March 27, 2011

Joe Arrested at Home for Fraudulent Drivers License, March 25, 2011:

Dominican Republic Bar Brawl in February, 2011

Jan 14 2010: Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice was arrested for driving while intoxicated. Giuseppe Giudice is the husband of Teresa Giudice, one of the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Joe Giudice was driving when his car crashed into a pole in Montville, NJ.  Giudice was sent to the hospital, where his blood sample was tested for alcohol. Giudice was then charged with DWI, reckless driving, careless driving and failure to maintain a lane in traffic.

When police checked on Joe Giudice, they discovered he was wanted in Clifton, New Jersey.  Giudice had outstanding city ordinance violations. Giudice was handed over to the Clifton police, where they arrested him and detained him in jail. Giudice was released after his bail of $2625 was paid.  Giudice was looking forward to his 10-day sentence saying, “It’ll be a vacation!”

Over a span of the last 20 years, Giudice’s driver’s license has been suspended a total of 9.4 years—almost a decade!  According to an undisclosed New Jersey state DUI attorney and an officer with the Franklin Lakes Police Department in NJ, drivers should definitely be concerned with around 15 – 17 points on their licenses. At the time of his municipal court trial, Giudice had 39 points on his license.  Considering points are only based on violations received within the past 18 months, that’s very impressive Juicy.


Reports from Life & Style say that Joe has been spending a lot of time at a strip club in West Orange, NJ, where one of the dancers admitted that Joe enjoyed the “hanky-panky that went on in the club’s basement.”  On top of boozing it up at the strip club, Joe allegedly has developed a too close for comfort type relationship with a “young female staffer” at work. He was frequently seen inviting the girl back to his upstairs office, which has ben nicknamed the “boom boom room.”  (October 2010)