Jim Bellino… Scammer Pro

Jim Bellino… Yes, I changed my middle eastern name to a more Italian-sounding name… so what!

All you need to know about Jim Bellino, Scammer Pro:  http://stoopidhousewives.com/2010/12/18/jim-bellino-scammer-pro/

                                             Alexis and Jim Bellino… BEFORE his neck lipo and chin implant surgeries

Jim’s “AFTER” photos:

Wretched Rossi, Jimbo and Alexass Bellino… AFTER his neck lipo and chin implant

14 comments on “Jim Bellino… Scammer Pro

  1. OMG, he’s just gross, man, almost as pukey as his lame ass wife whom he shares with Jesus(and that ain’t their Mexican gardener, either).


  2. he is not gross.how can you people be so mean.let me know when you walk on water.alexis,you my fav.you and jim keep god on your side.tamra needs to go off like peg.bring back jeana season 8.


  3. How shallow to judge on looks. He seems like a decent husband and father. I like both of them. They try to take the high road and in the company of this cast that is Hard to do.


  4. I think Jim Bellino looks great now. I’m referring to his looks. Too bad Vicki couldn’t get plastic surgery from Jim’s doctor. Vicki looks AWFUL.


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