Gregg Leakes

Nene and Gregg Leakes

Gregg met Nene originally when Nene was an exotic dancer at the Gold Door in Atlanta. Immediately after meeting Nene, Gregg kicked his five kids out of their house.

If you go to and search for ‘leakes, gr’, you get these results:…:gr/pcsform:1/

which show, among other things, the eviction notice. I was trying to figure out if Gregory Leon Leakes is NeNe‘s husband, and I got my answer when I clicked on this:…a%2d00030%2d4/

This case had something to do with his first wife, but in the details you can see that it was served to “Linnethia Leakes, wife”. So Gregory Leon Leakes is NeNe’s husband. This same Gregory Leakes was charged with writing bad checks in 2002:…e:02w%2d14868/

and theft by receiving stolen property in 2002:…e:02w%2d06072/

and shoplifting in 2002:…b%2d00590%2d6/.

He was listed as living in an apartment on Pleasant Hill Road. In 2004, the sheriff attempted to serve him for child support recovery, but he couldn’t be located:…a%2d07118%2d4/.

Gregg Leakes talks with his DJ friend:

Damian Leakes tweeted his plan to divulge Nene and Gregg’s secrets:

@allhiphopcom got sum REAL dirt on my stepmom nene leakes. On my dad greg too. Tried 2 spare em but fuck it
This greg son. Tired of da leakes name being dogged out. We bout to expose greg AND nene. Stay tuned

8:12 PM Aug 24th, 2010 via mobile web .There are ALOT of secrets! This is Greg leakes son. The REAL leakes family is tired of the b.s.! Time to expose the TRUTH!

More from Gwinnett Courts in GA:

Party Case Number Case Category
leakes, greg. 08-M-30200. winwood properties llc vs leakes. dispossessory.
leakes, gregg. 05-M-25427. lim vs heslip. dispossessory.
leakes, gregg. 05-M-25428. kim vs davis. dispossessory.
leakes, gregg. 05-M-25429. lee vs baldwin. dispossessory.
leakes, gregg. 07-M-19727. winwood properties vs leakes. dispossessory.
leakes, gregg. 07-M-24661. nelson vs cannon. small claims general civil.
leakes, gregg. 09-M-19659. kajoqbola vs advantage move llc. small claims general civil.
leakes, gregory. 04-M-34110. hwang vs conley. dispossessory.
leakes, gregory. 08-M-22010. page vs leakes. small claims general civil.
leakes, gregory l. 04-A-07118-4. leakes vs leakes. child sup recovery contempt.
leakes, gregory leon. 02-B-00590-6. state vs leakes. .
leakes, gregory leon. 02W-06072. state vs leakes. regular warrants.
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