DAVID GEBBIA: RHOBH Carlton Gebbia’s Husband…

Who is Carlton Gebbia’s husband?




David Gebbia
1. This multimillionaire runs three separate business with his father and two brothers: investment firm StockCross Financial Services, sports management firm Rival Sports Group, and high-end custom real estate development firm Gebbia Custom Estates.

2. He keeps it all in the family: aside from working with his dad and brothers, David’s wife Carlton is the interior architectural designer for Gebbia Custom Estates. They actually built the Gothic-inspired home they currently reside in.

3. He has three children with Carlton: Destiny, 11, Mysteri, 10, and Cross, 2.

4. He produced the TV movie Pretty When You Cry starring Sam Elliot.

5. Although his wife is a practicing Wiccan, he is a non-practicing Catholic. He fully supports her beliefs however.

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122 comments on “DAVID GEBBIA: RHOBH Carlton Gebbia’s Husband…

  1. Carlton has no background, class or decorating taste. She is the circus side freak show of the crew. I have stopped watching because of her. Yuck

    • I am a deposed English Upper Class person myself and I can say quite categorically she is a common tramp. I am still an International Socialite and Partygoer – yes! Even though I am now pushing 70 years young I still galavant to the Caribbean in winter and the South of France in the Spring.

      • I am British, she definitely lacks the fineness and etiquette that Lisa shows within the programme. As both are English – I am pleased to see Lisa on the programme showing a more finer side and representing us well… Lisa is a strong lady who knows how to conduct herself and be successful in her own right.

  2. David could do soo much better. She just is creepy and slutty looking. Not pretty at all. Don’t get what he’s thinking….

    • His poor mother. Can you imagine if your son brought home a leathery soft-core porn “actress” who practices dark magic and curses like a sailor with Tourette Syndrome?

      • haha! That is hilarious! Could not put it better myself. ‘Summed up’ She obviously married well and he is scared stiff to leave her for fear of a life of voodoo/spells/what ever rubbish it is

  3. Carlton and David Gebbia look like Morticia and Lurch and that ugly Adams Family house they live in fits their ugly faces and personalities perfectly, down to the blood red bordello upholstery and stink-ass guest bathroom at their annual orgy event. They are repulsive people, and being wealthy can’t hide what low down trash they really are. Their kids will be scarred for life when they see “mommy the wanton slut pig” Licking the stripper pole and making a V that she puts her tongue through-Ugh!! Carlton is Jealous of Kyle and Joyce and she’s not good enough to wipe Giggy’s behind, much less keep company with decent women.

    • You are so hilarious, this episodes have yet to come to us in the UK… but sometime too much nastiness loses the fun of watching these lunatics.
      I suppose it is difficult to have just “enough” aggravation to be entertaining and not too little to be boring, but no one like evil!

  4. Think Kyle is and always will be the phony in this show. When it started Kyle started in with Camille , then it was Brandi, Kyle does act like a bully. But now the tables are turned because of her husbands alleged indiscretions . I notice Kyle is trying so hard to be sexy, and it’s not working. They have limited shots with Maricio since the allegations. Kyle is getting a dose of her own medicine. I like Carlton, she is more real than Kyle will ever be. Kyle name drops, and is trying so hard to be famous. She claims to be a child star, but I can’t recall her acting life. It was her sister who Kyle shadows in that genre. Via the show, Carlton did explain her beliefs and practices to Kyle early on, ergo , for Kyle to blatantly point out a Jewish star on Carlton’s neck is ridiculous, and shows her stupidity and cry for attention. Kyle knew full well Carlton’s practices. Kyle did it on purpose because she’s an idiot, and only thinks of herself. My projection? The truth of Mauricio will come out, that couple has spent so much money in the first year they are bound to hit trouble! they are incredible wanna be’s. Her husband rode on the Hiltons tail in his occupation. Their house of cards is due to fall. She’s just trying to be humble and real and Carlton sees right through her. Remember the psychic at Camiles house? She called the infidelity of Kyles husband out long before it happened. I think Carlton adds a little flavor to the boring episodes.

    • O0h,I so agree with you Charlywalker. Kylee is as fake/phony as one can be. You are correct on how 1st season she started chit with Camille, 2nd it was Kylee going at Lisa defending Shaft, 3rd Kylee was going at Brandi full force with Fake Rancid doing the insults and mud slinging while Kylee just stood around sayin ” whaaa” I dont know what they are talking about,” even tho she did tell fake rancid all about Brandi” . That is a what Kylee said or didnt say direct to Lisa and we had to hear all about her EXCUSES toward that. Remember, Manhands is an actress and quote” Acting is what I do… and I am GOOD at that”. Yes of course you are faking it at you are real!? You are soo fake and each year we see you ( morf into another ?) Kylee is jealous of Carlton, Lisa,, Brandi,joyce, & Yolanda….. With that dress she is soo trying to be sexy….while looking hideous…and Carlton was right to call her out! She sees through Fake azz Manhands and then Manhands tries to turn it around? Haha and Shame on youLip/Lizzard/lock/down!

      I think Carlton is kick azz and real to what she is and believes in, and she sees Kylee for the fake that she is and is a wanna be (actress). Carlton, Brandi, the pyscic, Camille, Lisa, Yolanda, & even Kim, have said negitive things about Kylee!, & Kylee is/was sucking up to any new housewive and she stuck to Joyce haaaaaaaa of course she would., fake sees fake. ;)

  5. Broomstick girl married into money and tramps around salivating over young females and being inappropriate with her employee. Can you imagine a man groping at his nanny as she does and making sexual comments all the time? Her husband loves her because she allows him to do stuff with other women. Most men would love that in a wife lol She is so nasty and vicious and a turn off to watch. Lisa is the biggest game player and turn coat. She played down her mean girl side previous seasons and pretended she was all class but she appears to be manipulative and at the guys birthday party she allowed Broomstick girl to abuse and point and denegrate Kyle and couldnt care less it was her husbands birthday, all whilst Lisa sat there and so did Ken. That Lisa followed Broomstick girl later to defend Kyle was merely a token gesture. If I did business with Broomstick girls’ husband it wouldnt be for long I would boycott his businesses ass faster that you could say say, what a witch!

    • She is old and haggy
      No amount of hiding behind her wiccan can save her. She is a dried up old porner.
      It is strange she has her morals and judgements yet she joins a show full of fluff and phoney. I have not watched anymore sticking with orange county and crazy Atlanta housewives now. (it is a blessing I have more time now )

  6. The are u f-in kidding me remark to a possible Jewish star is really offensive. I completely understand how Kyle would blurt out Carlton having something against Jews after all Carlton’s non-relevant accusations about what she did to her (ridiculous)

    Why has David’s family not stepped in & shut this witch’s trap before she ruins the family business & how on earth could he pick that as an actual wife???? Crazy!

  7. It’s obvious Carlton put quite a few love spells on David to make him see her as something attractive & worth making a home with… If that’s what u want to call their Frankenstein house. The way she talks around her kids with all the cussing is gross. You don’t need to air that it’s embarrassing. Keep your foul mouth to yourself because your just making a fool out of yourself & husband & his whole family. I think I would stop breathing if my son brought a woman like that home. Had I not stopped breathing I would be on the phone with the nearest priest to expel that demon.

  8. I see how many people are on the same page about Carlton’s ridiculous accusations… Then I see a few comments made about Carlton in a positive light that sound like Carlton herself had to come on here and write it out to make it look like people out there actually condone her behavior on this show. …….. Please please please get rid of her!!!!! Off with her!!! She ruined this show!!!

  9. Maybe I have a different take, but I don’t think she’s ugly merely because of her personality (which it is) I just think she is plain ugly and so is her husband….he looks like a thug and she looks like a homeless person. If they are millionaire’s, it shows you how dumb people in Beverly Hills are.I have spent a lot of time there in my children’s publishing business and I can tell you……most of them are total phonies, everything is leased,the plastic surgery on the women is beyond a joke .My guess is his father and brother’s are the heavyweights and he is just going along for the ride. Bottom line they are way too ugly to be on television, please remove them

  10. Every one is entitled to their opinions…
    First of all Carlton is a piss poor ambassidor for Wiccans and Pagans. She is mean, spiteful and has an acid tongue.
    Wiccans and Pagans (for the most part) are kind and peaceful. They have been persecuted for so long, they understand that the general populus has many misconceptions of their belief system. They do not come at you like a freight train and drive their beliefs down your throat. If you ask they are usually more than willing to give you a brief over view.
    Carlton demands you to respect her religion but huffs and puffs when people ask her about it, when in fact she is the one making it such ahuge deal. Quite honestly I think she is a “wanna be witch” She does it for the attention it gets her.
    She might think she is a witch but from what I have seen she has missed the deeper meaning. She is a mean, angry, self absorbed brat. There are Wiccans across the country cringing because this moron has designated herself as the mouth piece for Wicca.
    Living in a repoduction gothic castle, wearing black, lighting candles, fondleing crystals and threatening curses on people does not make you Wiccan. Tolerance, compassion, inner balance & peace to all is a core concept she seems to have missed.
    Many religions share common ground. Unfortunately most religions also share zelots that spread intolerance and hate in the name of their beliefs.

  11. Ruby your comment was absolutely correct she is no poster child for Wicca! A feral bad mouthed mean spirited egomaniac who married inot money and acts like a trash bag. No blessed be from her, more like throw yourself into a vat of holy water to be cleansed of her haha

  12. Kyle is a Phony with no class and stirs up the pot to seek attention. Yolanda has no class, creates drama and is jealous of Lisa who is clearly the classiest and most intelligent.

  13. Love Carlton. Very real. Big phony, no class… Kyle and Yolanda,
    who are both jealous of Lisa. Lisa is clearly the classiest and most intelligent.

  14. Thank goodness I found your site. I’m watching Carlton get another tattoo. I’ve no problem with the body art. Good for her. But my God she’s hideous – so gross. And fake. The way she glared at Kyle at the boutique when the staff gushed over her cute figure got under my skin Her play room with the sex toys. How she goes on and on about being Wiccan. WHO CARES. Her ghastly caved-in face that’s shiny and tight from all of the Botox and chemical peels. I know they’re at the mercy of the editors who can craft their images into weirdos creeps and fakes. Goodness, I’m glad they’re getting rid of Carlton. I can’t bear to even look at her. And Brandi. She’s a drunk and thank goodness her husband and LeeAnn are able to get those kids away from her. She seems like she would give Mommie Dearest a run for her money. LOVE KYLE AND KIM. I could watch an entire show about them.

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