Chris Laurita… Signature Apparel Group… Frankie Laurita Obit

                                                            Jacqueline (Grippe) and Chris Laurita

 Christopher Laurita owns Signature Apparel Group with his brother who has been estranged from Caroline and Dina for a decade.  Jacqueline straddles the fence between  Caroline and Dina, but Chris must be in the middle between those sisters and his brother.

Chris’s nephew (the son of the brother he is in partnership with) died suddenly last fall, which would have been after the taping of Season Two of RHONJ.  Tragically he was only 25 and he also worked for Signature. Read Frankie Laurita’s obit:


LAURITA…  Frankie Laurita, born December 5, 1982, of Manhattan and formerly of Westport, passed away suddenly on October 5, 2008. He is survived by his adoring parents, Joseph and Adele Laurita of Westport; brother, Joey Laurita of Santa Monica, CA; and sister, Michele Laurita of Stamford. Frankie is also survived by his loving grandparents, Frank and Dell Petrone of Westport; uncles, Nick Petrone of CT, Jaime Laurita of IL, Chris Laurita of NJ, Anthony Laurita of NJ; and aunt, Ann Ricks of PA. Friends may pay their respects on Wednesday, October 8, 2008 from 2:00-4:00 and 6:00-8:00 p.m. at the Shaughnessy-Banks Funeral Home, 50 Reef Rd. in Fairfield. Entombment services will take place on Thursday, October 9, 2008 at 1:00 p.m. directly at Oaklawn Cemetery Mausoleum, 1530 Bronson Rd. in Fairfield. Memorial donations may be directed to: St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, 501 St. Jude Place, Memphis, TN 38105, or To send an online condolence, please visit us at www. shaughnesseyfuneralhome. com. Frankie brought joy and laughter to all who knew him and his smile will be forever remembered.

NOTE:  Half the family (including Caroline and Dina and possibly their parents and a few other sibs) were left out of the memorial.  Chris and Jacqueline’s newborn son’s middle name is in memory of their nephew.

NOTE:  It’s terrible when a family falls apart like that, and it happens far too often, but Caroline’s bemoaning the fact that Jacqueline would cause their parents’ to suffer because she sided with a “friend” on the first season (Danielle) is pretty incredible, considering just how dysfunctional the Laurita family really is.   Chris stood up to side with his wife against his bullying sisters.

But his company Signature Apparel Group, LLC — which included troubled brands like JayZ’s “Rocawear” and Eve’s “Fetish” — had “an involuntary petition for liquidation under Chapter 7 filed against [it] in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court.”  Translation: Chris’s outfit was unable to pay its loans, and creditors forced the bankruptcy filing. Essentially, such a filing means that the a trustee is appointed to the business in order to sell off its assets and pay its debts.  Later that month, rapper/actress Eve announced that her Fetish line was closing due to “legal reasons.”  She’s probably referring to this. Even worse, Signature Apparel Group has since refiled for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in November 2009.

Chris — who has been with Jacqueline for over 14 years — has personal money issues that go back as far as 1988, when the United Jersey bank successfully won a judgment against him for over $18,000. Meanwhile American Express successfully won a judgment against him for almost $3000 in 1990.

August 5, 2010:   Signature Apparel Group, LLC went out of business. Signature Apparel Group, LLC designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes branded apparel in the United States and internationally. The company was founded in 1994 and is based in New York, New York.  1370 Broadway 6th floor,  New York, NY 10018  212-768-8889 

From Women’s Wear Daily… 9-8-09:  Three creditors of Signature Apparel Group last week sought to force the Rocawear licensee into bankruptcy.   The petitioning creditors, representing about $14.9 million in debt past due…

Snapshot of Signature Apparel Group here.

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51 comments on “Chris Laurita… Signature Apparel Group… Frankie Laurita Obit

  1. If Chris’s company went out of business, wonder what he’s doing now. I don’t think Jacqueline works, right? They appear to live a very lavish lifestyle.

    I’ve often wondered about the Laurita family and how well they get alone. Caroline loves to say “it’s all about family”. Wonder if she sticks to her word with her siblngs???

  2. Caroline thinks she is so bad but she is not and all her talk about family and how she stands with her family, thicker than thieves, and blah, blah, blah…give it a rest already.

    • I WANT 2 KNOW why why why her Albert Manzo was not MADE 2 attend the taping of the 3 part season ending reunion he cashes the checks & uses the money I have not seen any love between them in 5 seasons, I get why he works ALL the time would you want that Family? Anyone know about the rumor that he Albert has a Mistress?
      Chris Laurita family is just a mess you could see the Stress all over his face, Time 2 get out of the pool gang I think this party is over!

  3. If Caroline and Dina Manzo are sisters, and Caroline is married to Albert Manzo, how does that work? Is Dina also married to a guy named Manzo….did they, as sisters, marry brothers?

  4. Dina’s husband is Tommy Manzo, Al’s lil brother. Al’s married to Caroline. They set Dina and Tommy up. Ain’t it cute? ;-)

  5. So now I get it jaqueline and hubby have no money and she is constantly talking to the press about how teresa did her sister in law wrong!!! HEY JAQUELINE take care of your own family no wonder Ashlely said you like to get involved in drama you do!!!! You are such a low life it makes me sick

  6. chris you are the reason i watch this show you should have a fan club so dam hot if u need a second wife im here lol really your a great guy sorry about all your stuff your going threw write more i love to read more thanks dr d

  7. I can see marrying in that family would be a difficult situation. It was obvious that something was wrong back when Chris was siding with his wife and Danielle against Caroline and Dina. Back then we had no clue about their background or even later when Caroline revealed that Jacqueline slapped Caroline’s face. These people have a lot of skeletons in their closets. They need to branch out more and make friends in the world instead of staying in their tiny dysfunctional world.
    There is not one housewife on their worth watching–they should give Ashley and her friends a spin off.

  8. Is anybody else wondering why Chris keeps giving Ashley “second chances” over and over again, buying her cars and supporting her when she is clearly disrespectful to everybody, has no ambition and doesn’t even try to keep up a pretense?

  9. Does anybody else wonder why Chris keeps giving Ashley “second chances” over and over again, buying her cars when she doesn’t deserve them, doesn’t make her get a job and lets her disrespect her mother constantly?

  10. They are all broke sl*ts. If they were truly rich and didn’t have get rich quick scheme businesses, and the show went after real normal wealthy people, you wouldn’t find trashy people that throw drinks and yell and act like strippers. Most very wealthy people wouldn’t even put themselves on TV, because in the end it could end up hurting their businesses…..

  11. Yes Katherine I have thought about that, and had LOTS of red flags going off. I’m truly getting more of a creepy feeling concerning this whole bunch of lunatics. I just said it last night, maybe I’ve watched too much of the Sopranos, but this reality bunch of wackos and thieves are beyond weird. I’m waiting for the fall of the Brownstone, the fall of the Gorgas,what’s up with Dina and her strange husband…it does not end. How many people realistically live as lavish a lifestyle as these people, without any “real” income.

    • Holy sh$t you are so on the mark with everything you said. The only one I see working is Dina on her show, Al in the Brownstone, and of course Teresa. She’s doing more than any one of the snivling lazy pieces of garbage.

  12. These people ALL drive me looney. I actually stopped watching it last season after the 4th show.
    Caroline needs to get her house in order before going off on anyone and giving advice.
    Jacqueline needs to get a boob reduction and something else going on in her life. She is just a drip with what talent? Why is she on t.v. again??
    Melissa, well, I think that one needs to go back to stripping. It seems like she enjoys attention, so why not ? Oh and hope she takes her pugly sisters with her too.
    Kathy, seems like an okay mom. But other than that…why is she on this show again? Oh that’s right, to sell us on how good of a baker she is. If she’s so damn good, go apply for a job at Carlo’s Bakery. I’m sure Buddy & his sisters would teach you a thing or two.
    Theresa…as much as she drives me nuts, I gotta say, that one will get the last laugh.

    Oh and those Manzo “children” need to keep their lips zipped. If they can’t take it…don’t go dishing it out !!!!

  13. Is Albie Manzo gay? If he is, that’s cool. I was just wondering because he never seems to take an interest in any women, even the ones that loud mouth millionaire matchmaker threw at him and his brother.

    • My sentiments exactly, Jeannie. I have noticed that a few of the husbands, boyfriends, and male acquaintances of SH seem to have feminine mannerisms and/or gestures. If they’re gay or bisexual, no problem, but SH’s shouldn’t pretend that their romantic relationships with these men are so faithful, ie: Albie, Eddie, Joey… and dare I even say Mario, as well as a couple of men on RHBH. * I’m willing to bet 6mos of cable subscriptions that Caroline suspects that Albie could be, but dares the thought to marinate in her frontal lobe and gosh forbid it become public. We’ll soon see her jumping outta windows to escape the “family” shame…to her parents, public persona, etc. Everything is about denial as it relates to Caroline. If you deny the truth often enough then somehow you can dilute reality and your delusions will victor.

      • That makes no sense. Caroline’s Brother is Gay and the family has no problem with his sexual orientation. Bravo is filming the couple’s commitment ceremony this season. I’m sure his parents and siblings will be in attendance.

        • I believe that Caroline would be more accepting of her sibling being gay than her own child/ son(s). Caroline has been most involved in playing matchmaker to her precious heirs. Even P. STRANGEr couldn’t work her bag of tricks in hiring a successful date for those boys. Caroline wouldn’t cope with her son(s) being gay. It’ll smudge her dreams of a perfect family w/ her own daughter-in- laws to control and perfect grandchildren.

  14. YES!! I was wondering is her son was gay also. In the new episode they introduce a “roommate” of theirs hmm. Also I noticed alot of gay references in the upcoming episode. If your so down to earth Caroline & don’t care what people think why not embrace it i mean if he is. You embrace all the other dumb sh*it your boys do. I agree that a stripper car wash is ABSURD how could a mother be ok with that. She talks about everyone else but her family seems to be the most effed up. Also where the hell is Dina’s husband, i forgot she was married. SHe left the show & now i can see why, nothing but drama. Besides the Manzos i have no idea where any of them make money to live in those houses as they do. I mean the brownstone is successful (or was) so there money is legit but the rest??? I think they rent the houses they live in or NOW make money with all the endorsements they get from the show. What does Kathy’s husband do? They don’t seem like they are rich & neither came from money. I’m from Jersey so i dont always like how they portray us here & i agree TRUE wealthy ppl with REAL money would NEVER do this EVER. They all were broke (i bet) and that’s why they did this show. Last thing, your child Ashley is acting up in Jersey so you send her to Vegas???? Doesn’t seem tooo smart to me. As if that’s going to help her. Just easier & more ways to party.

  15. I liked Caroline Manzo up until seeing this article about her not getting along with her own brother. It is true, she is always on about family and yet look closer to home honey? She’s not in a place to give Teresa advice on her issues with her brother and sister in law, she is just a hypocrite now. All these housewives have all sorts of drama in their lives, it’s pretty funny though lol. Jacqueline is most probably a “bad” mother, kids don’t just turn into spoilt brats with sharp tongues (Ashley), they become that way because they have been “allowed” to disrespect their parents most of their upbringing. If anything, Jacqueline should stop crying and feeling sorry for herself etc Ashley is a little sh*t but she is right when she says her mom plays the victim all the time. That episode where Ashley’s dad and Chris Laurita were saying that Jackie has made so many sacrifices for Ashley, that is NOT a way to resolve anything, I’m a mother and I would NEVER tell my child I made this sacrifice and that and I expect this and that, NO, that is so wrong on SO many levels. Anyway, my favourite housewife at the moment would be Kathy hehe, she’s lovely and she keeps it real.

  16. In my experience as a mother and teacher I’ve found that parents must EARN their children’s respect by loving them, giving them structure, rules, discipline and most importantly, their TIME and a loving home. You don’t get respect by whining about your sacrifices, bawling all the time and acting more childish than your child. Ashlee’s parents, birth and step, created her with their behavior since they never seemed to agree on how to deal with her which is confusing to a child.

    I suspect that Caroline’s son is gay, which may be why she’s pushed for the gay storyline with her brother. I’ve felt this for a long time by the way she treats him, his behavior and then the sudden apprearance of Greg as the “roommate.” Those two boys are so broke they need a roommate to help pay the rent? I don’t think so. No wonder Caroline is Andy’s pet.

    While I’m on the subject of Caroline, I want to add that she is a horrible mother imo. They way she has treated Lauren about her weight is horrendous! To do it on national TV is unforgivable. I have a daughter who has a problem with her weight that began as emotional eating after her sister died. There’s a reason Lauren is the way she is, just like there is a reason my child struggled. I suspect Lauren’s issues go right back to her mother favoring the boys over her. It’s so obvious it’s sickening.

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself. It is shameful how she treats her daughter. They all tease her, and Caroline acts like she’s all that. Well I think her daughter is beautiful just how she is. Her boyfriend seems happy with her, so she isn’t losing weight to please him. If she wanted to lose weight for herself, she would and it wouldn’t be as difficult. There are definite issues and definite favoring going on. My heart breaks for her daughter. When Caroline says she wants her daughter to be “healthy” she doesn’t mean it, because she wants her to be thin. My goodness, my mother NEVER brought up my weight and NEVER would have allowed my brothers to tease me about it. I like how I look because of that, and have never felt bad about being a size 12, and my brothers are complete sweet hearts because they learned how to treat a female. Caroline needs to get over herself and if anyone needs to be told something – she needs to be told to slap on some make-up for the cameras, and take a shower once in a while.

    • Caroline is the worst of the worst, brainless and clueless. Why do people think she’s a great person and mother? She’s cruel, a liar and a holier-than-thou joke. Notice how often hubby Albert isn’t around. Can’t he stand her either?

      As for her sons, two guys with a gay roommate who is always there, even to going on family vacations? At least one of her sons is absolutely queer. My money’s on Albie.

      • I have to agree I suspect Albie is big-time gay, and I wish they would leave that roommate of theirs at home, that dude bugs

        • Yes, we all have the gay friends in their 20′s who brought “friends” home during the holidays. Straight guys may have gay friends, more like acquaintances, but rarely gay roommates. It’s not a matter of being evolved or being homophobic, they simply just don’t have much in common. Just like straight women who will hang out with gays, but it is rare they will hang out with lesbians. There is a whole cultural difference, shopping vs. home repairs.

          I really knew when I saw Albie’s face at his uncles wedding during the vows, and he had this expression like, he had an epiphany, like this is acceptable.

          Jacqueline treated Gia like a bully and was laughing at her during that episode at the party– why do you think poor Ashley is pissed off. She was belittled and not validated as a child and still isn’t.

          Caroline is a bully and also self righteous. She feels sorry for her daughter, look at her? Caroline has the “thin genes?” Her daughter is beautiful. And obviously with some troubles because of her bullying mother.

          I would investigate the abuse in the Guidices household, the kids hit each other and Gia talks to her younger siblings like her father talks to Theresa. Girls don’t typically act like that. One of their daughters said that dad was stupid (or something like that), Theresa shot her a look, looked at Joe and then left the room. Joe then confronted his 4 year old and if the cameras weren’t there……………………..Those girls are the most at risk on the show, You think Ashley is bratty, these kids are going to be in trouble.

          Ashley’s step father kept giving her gifts. I am concerned about that……it is odd. I am always alerted to stepfathers and uncles.

  17. The only HW with any modicum of class is Kathy H. Rosie is cool too. The remaining dolts appear to be uneducated (certainly their English grammer is in need of a major overhaul) and focused on bling. Caroline has some serious issues – anyone that has to repeatedly talk about how close her family is, is only trying to convince herself. Get a job, go back to school, do some volunteer work, and please stop berating your daughter on national TV. Think about it – why would anyone bring their child/children into this foray of fame? It’s a form of child abuse. Since they have brought their darling offspring into this mess then it’s very obvious what a bunch of brats they have raised/are in the process of raising. But I must admit it is a guilty pleasure to watch these throwbacks and have a few laughs. Certainly they’re laughing at themselves all the way to the bank.

  18. If you liked the flowers for the season finale of Orange County Housewives, please contact David at We were honored to be chosen to do the flowers for Mrs. Dubrow.

  19. So glad to be among fellow “fed up with Caroline” bloggers. All is not well with the Manzos. Caroline has aged a lot since season one and actually reminds me of someone very depressed,displayed by her needs to take a bath look. Too bad Mandy let her sprout some more words of wisdom in closing the last epsode.. Could barely stand to listen to her. What was said was positive, but contradicts her “done with you ” comments just a few shows back. Hope she really does think all will one day be well, but think it’s really psychobabble and a phony attempt to garner some support from former fans who now think she is sh-tty. Heaven forbid she doesn’t get asked back and her children lose their only paychecks. Good riddance to the Manzo/Lauritas. Without jumping on the “Let’s bash Teresa” bandwagon, they had NOTHING to offer, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. And, ganging up on an 11 year old child that neither Carobully or Jackhole is even related to is one of the WORST moments in any of the real housewives shows ..Wish Andy would stop playing dumb. He already knows the answers to all the questions he asks. It’s really insulting to everyone’s intelligence. to pretend he is surprised. He needs Tre to clobber him one once she realizes he has thrown her to the wolves for the past two seasons, which means he planned it for even longer than two years. Maybe next year…..

  20. I will say this…I have never been to New Jersey and I sure in the hell will never go now, they act like thugs, like the are in the mafia, uneducated idiots …but I do love Teresa

    • So agree with you, Teresa about Teresa. She is the victim in this four on one Andy engineered fiasco. He is truly a snake and Teresa is too naive and trusting to see it, She does need to wake up The attackers have gotten her goat and she derails sometimes. But considering all she has been through and how hard she works, I am surprised she is still standing on her own two feet.

  21. I think Ashley is the most disrespectful, spoiled damned kid and the way she speaks is like listening to fingernails across a chalkboarld.Her Like, like, this, that and the other.. Well Jacqueline is noooo better. She’s a crap mother. Look at how she speaks to her. Look at the way she acts in front of her, like an immature child. I will give Ashley this much, she stated something very true. She said “I’m 20 and she’s 40 and she acts like she’s 20. She’s always in the midst of drama, lives for it and she says, There’s a reason she was friends with psycho bat shit crazy Daniel. Let’s face it, anyone in their right minds would pick up in 5 friggin seconds after meeting Daniel that’s she’s got bats in the belfry.. come on!!! yet not because Caroline or Dina or the rest of the dysfunction wanted her to back away from Daniel, but Jacqueline showed her stupid true colors after she went yelling after Daniel at that trashy, no good, scumbag Kim D’s ugly clothes fashion show. What a cheap piece of shit she is. That’s another one.. you can see and tell her disgusting character within again, 5 minutes if you have a brain. She can’t be making money off of that tiny good will looking shop of hers (sorry Good Will) for the insult, but the clothes are hideous.. ugly and hooker looking and she gives the same vibe. I don’t know how Chris, who is seemingly a very nice guy can put up with the immature antics of his damn wife. She’s immature and needs highly to grow up. Very childish and Ashley became this way because of the way she was raised.. by a highly immature parent. Look at the way she is. Ashley has no respect for her because she knows what’s up with her mother.. She’s had a past and she’s immature. Childish, crying.. get the fucking botox off your face woman it’s ridiculous.. are you kidding me? The rest? OMG.. dysfunction city… they’re all alike, they have their issues but they’re certainly not going to air their dirty laundry on air. Dina hates Caroline for a deep seated reason. I get it.. I hate my own sister and she I no longer consider my sister because she fucked me over so bad there will NEVER be a realationship there ever again and it’s been 10 years since I’ve even remotely talked to her.. never again. Just because someone is family doesn’t mean you have to like them or love them. That saying is pure crap!! They can f you over in the worst way and you’re supposed to forget and trust again? Nope… if it’s anything like what happened here..I don’t blame Dina at all I think they’re all nuts and fake and made up and plastic surgeoned to death.. ugh.. stoopid housewives… done with that show.

  22. Chris laurita is another no tax paying, cheating at our expense man c just like all the “men” on the show. They over mortgage borrow against these assets they don’t own then declare bankruptcy leaving me to pay …I don’t have a job now but I own a small condo pay my bills and taxes these pigs glorify a ripoff lifestyle like the pigs they are.

    Owing millions yet getting implants, tummy tucks and necklifts (jaqueline, theresa) their men should jet johnson implants …the disgusting blood suckers …Karma has a way witness Nick…. Oh and by the way Gia ans Milania end up on the pole with little black chiirren.
    Not that there is anything wrong with that!

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