Cedric Martinez

Cedric Martinez

Born in Paris, France to unknown father
Received a degree in Chemistry from Univ. of Grenable by 20
Known for modeling, has done some acting, and has appeared in some music videos
Dated Lance Bass (while allegedly Bass was with another love interest)
Lived in London for over 10 yrs.
Moved to LA in 2009
Known Lisa and her family for 15 yrs.
Lives in 3,500 sq. ft. guest house by Lisa’s “$32 million dollar” house
Was a manny in his 20′s
Fronted a boy band, signed by Warner Bros. & sung with Eric Clapton
Ran “hot clubs” in London
Height 5’11″, Chest 38, Waist 30, Shoe Size 8, Brown Hair/Brown-Hazel Eyes

9 comments on “Cedric Martinez

  1. Just saw TMZ reporting that Brandi Glanville will be on next season of RHBH. Aint she tight with Cedric? Lisa’s gonna have to put a pronto smack down on her if she attempts to take up for him when they are filming together.


        • Okay, Camille said they were coming back and filming a second season. Bravo always tries to make us wait. No official word from Bravo or Brandi. Don’t let this upset Lisa or Giggy.


          • actually this will be good for Lisa ( and Giggy) because NO ONE will side with Brandi if she decides to ‘take it there” with Lisa. The dumped duo, Brandi and Camile, can just sulk off in the corner and let their boy-toys, Cedric and whats his name, lick their wounds whilst Lisa and Giggy remain sittin pretty.


      • cc/mc: About six weeks ago, they said that all the RHOBH were coming back. Then there was the report that two original BH HWs are not coming back and they are looking at Brandi Glanville, Faye Resnick, Jeannie Buss and possibly Denise Richards to replace them. I would not take this report that Brandi has signed on as accurate… SH


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