Bobby Zarin… Links and Bio

Bobby and Jill Zarin                                                                                                Bobby and Jill Zarin

  • MARRIED TO: Jill Zarin
  • JOB:  Partner, with his wife, in Zarin Fabrics and Home Furnishings.
  • TRADEMARK:  James Lipton facial hair.
  • GOOD HUBBY BECAUSE: He doesn’t care how much Jill spends. “I’m on a need-to-know basis,” he tells the camera. “If I need to know, she tells me.”
  • JILL SAYS: (Of his love for cars) “Oy, he doesn’t stop.”

About Zarin Fabrics:  Zarin Fabrics is the largest resource of discounted designer fabrics in New York City and the surrounding tri-state area.  Established in 1936, this third generation family-owned business is a three-floor fabric wonderland stocked with thousands of bolts of upholstery and drapery fabrics.  Zarin offers a wide selection of furniture, lighting, home accessories, ready-made drapes, drapery hardware, upholstery supplies and trimmings from all of the most recognized brands in the home furnishings industry.

IMG_3636Bobby and Jill Zarin with (?)… taken 2-26-04 for Bobby’s Birthday                                Jill and Bobby Zarin… May 3, 2011


Bobby Zarin Twitter:!/bobbyzarin

16 comments on “Bobby Zarin… Links and Bio

  1. Jill you’re my favorite. You did the right thing by ridding yourself of Ramona. She is a psychoneurotic , back stabbing, two faced and really really stupid b*tch. You should stay away from her.
    I think you’re daughter is beautiful and Bobby seems to be a wonderful man.


  2. I met Bobby Zarin at a party and he is THE NICEST GUY ON THE PLANET, totally sincere, real, and fun. I want one just like him.


  3. Last week when Ramona was taking to Jill she said somethin about Bobby being mean or something like that. Did anyone else catch on? I have never seen Bobby get mean, not even really angry. He sticks up for Jill, but that is what husbands do, Mario just seems slimey. Simon and Alex seem like they belong together. They get on my nerves at times, but they so seem to love each other. Love how Simon shnged his mind about the electronic singing. Did anyone enjoy the duet with Natilie Cole and LuAnne as much as I did? I actually thought that LuAnne held her own; Simon looked like he was going to puke.


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