Apollo Edard Nida

Apollo Nida

The first episode of Season 3 of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta hasn’t even aired and new addition Phaedra Parks is already stirring up tons of controversy! The powerhouse entertainment lawyer from the ATL, who has worked with celebrities like Jermaine Dupri, Ludacris, Bobby Brown and Michael Jackson, got married late last year to Apollo Nida and it has since come to light that Nida is an ex-convict who had recently been paroled after serving nearly 5 years in prison!

According to public records, Apollo Nida was convicted for racketeering and began serving his sentence July 28, 2004. He served nearly 5 years of his 18-year sentence before being paroled on May 27, 2009.

Mediatakeout.com has a screen capture that also indicates he served close to 5 months from December 29, 1998 to May 14, 1999 for theft by receiving stolen goods. Both crimes were committed in March of 1997 so I assume they were connected. The racketeering evidence must not have surfaced until years later.

Here is Apollo Nida’s most recent parolee photo from the Georgia Department of Corrections:

Apollo Nida parole photo

Nida lost no time re-acclimating to society because within 6 months he was married to Phaedra Parks and the couple was expecting a baby in July, 2010 – which if you do the math means that the baby was conceived right around the time of their wedding on the weekend of November 1, 2009. (It should be noted that in an interview with herdailyfix.com, Phaedra says she met her husband in 1995, so perhaps the romance wasn’t as whirlwindy as it appears.)

As far as the details from his conviction, the highlights are:

A Newton County grand jury indicted Eddie James Lee Graham, Apollo Nida, and four other individuals on a 20 count indictment alleging violation of the Georgia Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act and multiple counts of theft by receiving stolen property, forgery in the first degree, sale or possession of a vehicle from which the vehicle identification number (VIN) had been removed, and possession of counterfeit insurance dentification. Graham and Nida were tried together with co-defendant Melvin Thomas, Sr. Graham was convicted on the RICO count as well as one count of theft by receiving and three counts of the VIN offense. Nida was convicted on the RICO count.

Apollo Nida mug shot

Here, the evidence showed that Graham sold four stolen vehicles to residents of Newton County and provided false Ohio certificates of title to the purchasers. After the titles were registered in Newton County, the certificates were recognized as forgeries by an employee of the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicle Safety (GDMVS). A GDMVS investigator who specialized in auto crime title fraud testified that the forged certificates of title were manufactured from copies of a single valid Ohio certificate of title in the name of William Spearman. Virginia Department of Motor Vehicle records showed a Virginia driver’s license issued in the name of William W. Spearman, but with Nida’s photograph on it.

Defendant Gerald Rillie, who testified at trial under an agreement with the State, testified that he researched “clean” VINs and provided the numbers to Nida for attachment to stolen vehicles. Rillie testified that Nida provided the forged VIN decal that was found in the Tahoe sold in Newton County. Rillie also identified a handwritten list or chart that he gave to the police, showing the organization of the car theft ring and Nida’s place in it as the man “to get the numbers done.” This evidence amply demonstrates that Graham and Nida committed predicate acts of theft by receiving, forgery, and possession of vehicles with false VINs, several of which occurred in Newton County.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

So Apollo Nidra was the “numbers” guy in the operation – a non-violent, “white collar” crime – which should help his case as viewing audiences and fellow cast members start their own trials of Phaedra’s choice of spouse when Season 3 ofThe Real Housewives of Atlanta kicks off!

Here are the details from his arrest including a listing of his aliases Brandon Phillips, William Spearman, and Corey Lamont Thomas:

Apollo Nida conviction report from the Georgia Department of Corrections

Phaedra Parks issued this statement about her husband Apollo Nida’s criminal past:

As Malcolm X so eloquently put it: “Stumbling is not falling.” Yes, my husband is a convicted non-violent offender but I did not marry him because of his past, I married him because I love him. I married him because I am a Christian and I know that a person’s past does not dictate his or her future. Be you a Christian, ordinary citizen or just identify yourself as an American – this country and the justice system, however flawed it may be, was built on the power of redemption.

Charles Dutton was a convicted violent offender before he was the beloved actor, playwright and director we know him as now. Don King, Michael Vick and even Martha Stewart are convicted felons who served time and still make a difference. Prison did not stop Malcolm X, it enlightened him and gave him the perseverance to fight for others.

I believe in my husband, I trust my husband, I love my husband, and I know he loves and adores me. That is a blessing, and each day I am filled with an even stronger sense of gratitude for it.

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  1. What a shame! Apollo, You were given a second chance at a dam good life and you blew it!!!! Shame on you. Do you realize how many people would have given for a decent second chance.


  2. A.E.N, couldn’t hardly wait to get out of prison, because, he knew he was going to start doing the same S–T again.


  3. Phaedra needs to go to jail too. It is a shame. I am sure that she is making her parents, the Rev. and his wife, very proud, indeed. Sad!


  4. People need to mind there own business, she married who she wanted and is sticking by his side like a wife should do!!!!


    • A husband shouldn’t put his wife and mother of his kids in the position to risk her job and freedom covering for his criminal a$$.


  5. The signs that he was up to old tricks ver visible, with little or no education or skill in the middle of a recession and getting out of prison his job affords him a luxury car, a big house, designer clothes and all the rest. The man was out on parole, what kind of parole officer did he have who didn’t ask questions. Phadra had to know and how does a member of the bar get with a guy like him? Aside from being hot he has nothing going for him, plus he’s a moron, he could have had a decent life.


  6. This time – this guy is really toast.
    These are now Federal Charges since he was dumb enough to mess with bank fraud and stolen Social Security checks and the like – thereby raising the ire of the Secret Service.
    Look at the conviction rate of the Federal Prosecutors. It’s well over 90%.
    You’re up against federal prosecutors whose client literally prints money,
    It takes a spirited defense and a substantive defense on federal criminal charges. You’ve got to spend some money to counter that to create your own timeline, to create your own narrative.
    Even though – and most people do not know – she represented him in his first trial – Phaedra Parks is not the kind of lawyer who is up for that kind of challenge.
    She was scamming with him well before they got married – prior to his convictions.
    She would like it to seem as if they just met and fell in love.
    Which is pure BS.
    They’ve been on the scam for many years now – and trust this – SHE is the next shoe to drop.




    • I am wondering whether or not this property (House) that Phaedra claims is in her name only is stolen property through Apollo’s criminal activities.


    • What everyone will think..Phaedra should not have to babysit a grown man..He started his own drama..still chasing that all mighty dollar..Phaedra was an officer in some of these companies ?? They both need to stop being so controlling.. Nida can dye his hairs blonde and get back to being a user…Todd..


  8. look mane. The dude aint no bad person. He aint done no more crooked shit than the so called founding fathers of this country did an still do might i add he was just unlucky enough to get caught. He had weak ass people on his team who aint got the nuts to do this kinda business an keep they mouth shut. Its laws broken everyday in this country. White boys steal money from campaign funds an whatever else they can steal. Smile in ya damn face an dont bit more give a f about u or your communtiy or what it looks like or how your childrens future turns out. So if u gone point fingers everyone is under the gun remember that. Aint nobodys hands clean. Anything people got in this life they had to step on motherf’ers or take it from them. Thats captialism. Get it how u live


  9. Right hook, (aka mr ebonics) Why are you talking this jailhouse blues talk? You may as well add this to your jailhouse blues language: There is so much good in the worst of us and so much bad in the best of us, that it behooves any of us to find fault with the rest of us. What crooked sh-t did the founding fathers of this country do? Who are the weak -ss people on this dude”s team? Do you know RIGHT from WRONG? Black boys steal money from campaign funds too: J-ss- J-cks-n, Jr., is in jail for doing this crime. Backstabbers will smile in your face everytime they want to take your place. No, everybody is not a thief. Many people acquire houses, property, cars etc., through the system of EMPLOYMENT. Many people do not drop out of school. Many people never stop learning and earning and doing what is RIGHT. No one is ABOVE the LAW if you do the CRIME you do the TIME! A summary of CAPITALISM, straightforward, is referring to an economic system in which private individuals rather than governments own property and businesses.


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