Albert Manzo, Sr. (RHONJ)

Date of Birth:  1960Paterson, New Jersey, USA

Spouse:  Caroline Manzo

Father of:   Albert “Albie” Manzo Jr. (born in 1986); Lauren Manzo (born in 1988); and Christopher Manzo (born in 1989).

Co-owner and co-director of the “Brownstone” banquet facilities in Paterson, New Jersey with his brother, Thomas “Tommy” Manzo.”.Son of Albert “Tiny” Manzo who was found murdered in February 1983 in Hillside, New Jersey.

Brother-in-law of Dina Laurita Manzo and brother of Thomas “Tommy” Manzo.

Brother-in-law of Jamie Laurita; Joseph Laurita; Christopher Laurita and Jacqueline Laurita; and Cookie Laurita.

Resides:  (June 2009) Franklin Lakes, New Jersey

4 comments on “Albert Manzo, Sr. (RHONJ)

  1. Caroline, you have become too righteous for me. I liked you better when you kept your opinions to yourself………..stop playing the bad guy, it doesn’t suit you. You were meant to be the Mama figure.


  2. Hate to correct your Bio but Albert Manzo the father is Albert Junior. His father was Albert Senior, and Albie is Albert Manzo the third. That is all.


  3. Watched season 5, episode 4. Al Manzo was never around his children growing up. He was also hugely fat, like his mafioso father, until Caroline insisted he have Lap-band surgery. His children are all money driven and messed up. Daughter Manzo, now that she has had Lap-band is no longer just trolling along with Vito but wanting to experience her life as a new sexually attractive woman. (I say shame on Caroline for not suggesting or insisting this girl have that surgery when she was 15-16 years old) Caroline did NOT want daughter to be sexual and Albie must be a homo. Chris is possibly the only one with any natural instincts for male/female.
    Big fattie Al was no doubt incapable of much meaningful sex and Caroline has become “butch”. Sexually screwed up family with lots of money and that is all.


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