Yoda Makes DUI Daughter A “Model”

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Yoda is obviously calling in all favors from her days as a model to get her other daughter, the one who was arrested for DUI, a contract as a model. If this kid wasn’t Yoda’s daughter, modeling agencies would have … Continue reading


KingDavid’s “OtherWoman”…

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NOTE:  Had been holding back on this item until Yoda makes a comment or addresses her HouseHusband’s photo, which she kinda did via her twitter account @YolandaHFoster.  You can see Yoda’s miraculous ‘recovery’ from her search for another Lyme cure … Continue reading


Poor, Poor, POOR DrunkOtis “Homeless” Again!

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POOR DrunkOtis allegedly is “homeless”!  DrunkO just can’t find a landlord stoopid enough to rent a house to her!  Why hasn’t DrunkOtis’ phony real estate agent boyfriend who works for MO-Reesio, Jonathan Ruiz, done his job and found her a … Continue reading

THE HOUSEWIVES REPORT: The Latest Housewives News!

Ken Todd said in court that he had no idea that VillaBlanca was being sued for sexual harassment… until he saw mention of the lawsuit on a ‘celebrity’ website:  “It was quite a surprise by me,” said Todd, who told jurors he first learned about the lawsuit from a celebrity website.   MORE from WestsideToday…  NOTE:  Somehow Ken being unaware of this lawsuit = big eye rolls!

SkankyJoKrupa poses for MORE bikini shots

North Jersey Country Club in Wayne, N.J., is in the midst of a court battle over a leaving member trying to get his “refundable” initiation fees returned.  NOTE:  NorthJerseyCC is the locale where BubbaJax’ daughter pulled DirtyDanielle’s hair…

Even MORE snaps of pap’s swimsuit photos of the desperate-to-stay-relevant SkankyJoKrupa.

MORE desperation! Yolanda Foster’s house is getting attention from several sites reporting the news that her house is selling for $27 million.  Yoda obviously didn’t inform these sites that the price of her CarbonCanyonRoad house that has been for sale since October 2013 has been reduced from $27 million to $24.9.  READ:  The views of Yoda’s house that she don’t want you to see…

Camille Grammer posts a photo that her father took of her while in recovery from her October operation on her TwitterAccount.   NOTE:  So far, there are no lawsuits filed…

Complaint against Dr. Gabriel Chiu and his wife, new RHOBH Christine Chiu at RipoffReport.   Scroll down to the end of the page to read the complaint… which includes this:

They pathetically try so hard to make themselves appear as such professionals and put a bunch of glorified reviews on their homepage to fool patients and write fake online reviews to cover up for all the bad reviews that they so desperately try to delete. Just do a good Google search to find out more about how terribly negligent Dr. Gabriel Chiu really is.  Gabriel and Christine Chiu are a good match. They are both Godless and heartless people who only care about making money and have no concern about how their negligence affects and hurts someone.

NOTE:  The lawsuit was filed in 2012… there are no court documents available.

chiu lawsuit


LeAnn says that her and Eddie’s new “reality” show starting July 17 on VH1 will be a comedy!


Failed “rookie” model Alana has moved up from doin’ music videos with that goofy-lookin’ CodySimpson to this Miguel music video with great lyrics!!   “I wanna smoke witchu you, I wanna laugh witchu you, I wanna lay wit you bay-beee”… just the simple things.  The dog really adds to that edgy vibe… **eye roll**.

What will Yoda be pushin’ her “model” daughter into next?  Who will be Alana’s next phony baloney all-for-PR boyfriend??  More importantly, when will Yoda sell that watch-out-for-the-traffic lemon house??? Yoda reduced the price… down to just under $25 million HERE!


KingD Says AGAIN That The RHOBH Is Not REAL… And Addresses Divorce Chat!

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  In this very narcissistic interview with HauteLiving, David Foster once again bursts the bubble of all those who still think that the RHOBH has any shred of reality… and makes sure that he mentions those divorce “rumors”! “…nor does … Continue reading


YOLANDA FOSTER: House STILL For Sale… The Views Yoda DOESN’T Want You To See!! UPDATE: Price Reduction!

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UPDATE:  Yoda has quietly reduced the price for her precious lemon house.  From $27 million in March 2014 to a much more reasonable $24,995,000!   ChrisCortazzo remains the RE agent tryin’ to unload the Foster’s highway “palace”…and has added a … Continue reading


HOUSEWIVES NEWS: Yoda…Vicki… RHONJ… PamDana…BubbaJax…New WhatCrappens!

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GOOD LORD!!!  There is another Housewife who just might knock BigFeetKelly Bensimon’s “BIG FEET” title from her! Take a look at YolandaFoster’s HUGE gnarled feet! Yoda was out with her cough, cough “model” daughter, Alana… at the DailyMail. Doin’ a … Continue reading


Lisa Vanderpump BravoBlog… Puppets On The Couch!

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    Well, as we come to the final conclusion of this tumultuous season, I wonder have all the questions been answered?   You have been promised and assured that the many things would come to light and the puppeteer … Continue reading


RHOBH Reunion Show Part III Recap by Sandi Duffy

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS Reunion Show Part III by Sandi Duffy     I told Ms. SH that I would only do part 3 of the Beverly Hills recap, if she’d let me write about Gwyneth Paltow. She offered … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS Reunion Show Recap by Sandi Duffy

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS Reunion Show Part II Recap by Sandi Duffy   Part 2 of this crapfest reunion. I’m feeling good tonight because I just kicked my kids butts at Just Dance–Applause and Blurred Lines respectively. We begin … Continue reading

Tonight’s RHOBH Reunion Show: Ken Todd Apologizes To Yoda!!!

Ken extends his deepest regrets to KingD… 

rhobh ken todd apologizes to yolanda pg

Yoda’s a STOOPID HOUSEWIFE!  This never gets old…



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Obviously, Alana could not make it as a model… with clothes! AlanaLolita is totally naked in VMagazine. “IF I WORK HARD ENOUGH, I HOPE TO ACCOMPLISH AS MANY OF MY GOALS AS POSSIBLE HERE.”    THINGS ARE JUST GETTING STEAMY … Continue reading


Yoda, or it could be one of her rabid fans from The Netherlands, has touched down in the SH comments!!  

Yoda sent an STD-Lyme-Disease-Carryin’ tick named “Liza”!  

We’re on to you, Yoda!!!

yolanda reality exodus pg


Now be a nice little disease carrying tick and buzz off…


BAD NEWS FOR YODA: New Study… “Is Lyme Disease The Next AIDS”?

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A new study from WholeHealthInsider concludes that many people who THINK they contracted Lyme Disease from a deer tick may be NOT have contracted the disease from a tick, but from sexual contact! For years, Lyme’s disease was thought to … Continue reading


YOLANDA FOSTER Tells Fan “Don’t Bother Me! ‘Specially About Those Glasses”!!

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SH reader “CA” was roaming through twitter and found Yoda’s response to another request for her goofy green glasses!  Yoda tells the tweeter that she don’t know nuthin’!! Poor Yoda… she musta been havin’ one of those conveeeeeenient LymieDisease attacks … Continue reading