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DUCK DYNASTY: Phil Robertson Talks About “Goin’ Hollywood”… Bleepin’ Out Jesus’ Name… Adding Bleeps When Nothing Was Said… The Spiritual War Now Going On…

NOTE:  This item was included in “Stuff Besides Housewives”… however, after watching this video again and then again another time, it deserves it’s own space.  Why?  Because DuckDynasty is just like those moronic Housewives in […]

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SH “HIT AND RUN” TUESDAY: Duck Dynasty “Buy Their Shoes and Jewelry”… LA Voter Tell Willie “Don’t Run For Congress”… Uncle Si Favorite!… Adrienne Maloof Still With Rod’s Kid!

Duck Dynasty is striking while the iron is hot!  The latest items to be given the DD sign of approval are specially made Duck Dynasty shoes… and some DuckDynasty jewelry! “The “Duck Dynasty” shoes — […]

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MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Duck Dynasty on Jimmy Kimmel “Screw You, Morrissey!”… Lisa Vanderpump “Bad Timing”… Phaedra Parks “Bad Idea”… Big, Bad Burrito Assault!!

Word of the Day:  BAD!!!    NOTE: What’s really “bad” is the fact that the ‘technical issues’ mentioned this morning re your comments are still NOT resolved!  Thank you for your patience re this matter! […]

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