SH “HIT AND RUN” FOR WEDNESDAY: UPDATE…Tamra Barney and Eddie Judge Adopting…The DC Salahis… and… SEND YOUR PHOTOS!!!

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April 11, 2012 12:45 pm TAMRA BARNEY:  Tamra and Eddie are considering adoption… ’cause Eddie was adopted himself… HERE.  NOTE:  Eddie was a teenager when he was adopted by his ‘mentor’…  SALAHI:  Tarmac’s lawsuit against Messy and Neal Schon has … Continue reading



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POSTED FEBRUARY 28, 2012  10:30 am Am not a fan of either Messy or Tarmac Salami.  However, the foundation which they created was under investigation by the Virginia Attorney General’s Office… …and a settlement has been reached, according to the … Continue reading



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POSTED FEBRUARY 19, 2012  7:45 pm  Neal Schon and Michaele Salahi….on the Today Show… February 15, 2012 From the NYDailyNews: A bodyguard traveling with the reality star famous for crashing a White House party was arrested Sunday at LaGuardia Airport … Continue reading


Real Housewives of DC: Michaele Salahi… THE SALAMI’S DEFINITIVE DIVORCE…

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 Tarmac and Messy Salami… Today’s theme seems to be ex-Housewives.  Ex-Housewives are not highlighted here on SH… but, the Salamis were a very special couple.  Not because they crashed the White House, but because of their brazen scammin’ ways.  If … Continue reading


Real Housewives of DC: Michaele Salahi… Her Replacement… Tareq On The Rebound

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Got this from one a my “insiders”… “Thursday September 29 2011. Tareq Salahi and a mystery blonde are all smiles as they leave Fig and Olive restaurant in Los Angeles. The businessman, who only split from his wife “Real Housewives … Continue reading


Real Housewives of DC: Michaele Salahi Is Outta There! Tareq Files For Divorce…And Is Presented With The SH “You Big Dummy” Award!!!

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                                            Neal Schon (lookin’ totally wasted)… posin’ with Tarmac and Messy Salami.  Tarmac lookin’ all proud and stuff… Neal lookin’ … Continue reading


Real Housewives of DC: Tareq Salahi… Reports Wife, Michaele Salahi MISSING!!!

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                                                                                Tareq … Continue reading


Real Housewives of DC: Michaele Salahi In the Recording Studio…and more

The Real Housewives of DC have been officially cancelled, but that hasn’t stopped Michaele Salahi Messy Salami from her goal of doing anything to get herself off the D minus list of ex-Housewives-who-were-almost-D-celebrities. Messy is now in the recording studio … Continue reading

Was Lynda Smokin’ Somethin’?

Mary, Stacie, Cat, Lynda and Messy… nice knowin’ you…
Lynda Erkiletian had proven herself to be the most interesting of the Real Housewives of DC… she ran a ‘modeling’ business, has a wonderful younger boyfriend, is into astrology, shooting clay pigeons, riding ATVs, cooking fried chicken and indulges in weed every now and then… but it takes more than just one HW to develop enough storylines for a second season.   Lynda recently talked with about coming back for season two and after reading her interview, maybe Lynda had imbibed in some recreational drug smoking beforehand:
Lynda and Ebong Eba… awww… say ‘bye’ now…

“There’s no official announcement,” said Lynda.  “There’s no way. [Cast member Cat Ommanney] is going on ‘Watch What Happens Live‘ on the 28th. One might wonder why [Andy Cohen is] having a DC housewife as a guest [if the show is canceled].”  (Here’s why, Lynda:  Cat has a book to sell.  Andy was at her book release party last month.   Andy probably invited her on WWHL as a consolation knowing that DC was not coming back, as she was looking at her book release to coincide with a new season of RHODC to promote her book sales, which aren’t doing all that great…)

Who and for what reason would someone want to start the rumor that the show was canceled? I think we certainly have people out there who like attention, thrive on it, make stuff up, and are habitual at it. So, my first thought was that a team who had something to gain, which is a firestorm, leaked it. I’m perfectly happy living my real life in the real world while negotiations are taking place. (Lynda, what ‘team’ would have formed to purposely ‘leak’ what everyone already knows… that the DC Housewives cannot pull off a second season without major retooling of the cast. Her reasoning just does not make sense.)

There are evil forces out to get rid of RHODC.  An evil team somewhere off the coast of Rhode Island is texting messages and emailing press releases about DC not coming back.  They are evil and are out to get me… us… everyone that lives in DC.

The show should be shooting by now. Is that true?
That’s not true. Basically, we’re four months on, four months of promoting and finalizing interviews, and that sort of thing, and normally four months off.   And when you say we’re supposed to be filming right now, we’re obviously filming when we’re supposed to be filming. And if we’re not filming right now, that means we’re not supposed to be. It’s just craziness.  (Huh???)

How do you feel about the reports that your show failed in the ratings?
The thing that I really hated about what was going on yesterday was that people kept talking about the ratings. Our ratings were double, triple what Bravo had anticipated. Our ratings, basically as I heard it from Bravo and [the show’s production company] Half Yard, we were only second to New Jersey as a freshman show. Our first episode had 1,700,000 or 1,600,000 viewers. Beverly Hills didn’t have that on their first episode.
So, the idea that people were saying we were terrible in the ratings? We weren’t. We exceeded everyone’s expectations. We knew that the [White House] incident may affect our viewership and some people wouldn’t want to watch. So, we came from a disadvantage and we managed to run over a million viewers for every single episode.  I was very proud of our ratings considering the circumstances, but most importantly because we were a new show.
Hey, Bobby Trendy… where’s the weed?
Some viewers felt your season wasn’t entertaining enough. Why do you think they feel that way?
I think the reason that happened was we only had nine episodes and I believe that what occurred was that much that we had was posted on video, because Bravo had no choice but to showcase what led up to the White House incident. They had no choice, but to allow that to unfold. So, by tweaking two plus episodes, they cut a lot of material that would have shown people to be much more interesting than they were. It’s not that they’re not interesting, it’s that you can’t show a snippet of a story and not follow it to the end. In production, you have to follow it to the end.  There were tons of material that Half Yard and Bravo just weren’t able to use primarily because everyone wanted an answer to the White House incident and Bravo had to give it to them.
If you were to go on to a second season, what can the viewers expect?
I think that there are some dynamic, incredible women in Washington and you merge women and Washington and you’ve got a great second season. And I hope the fans and the naysayers will give Washington the opportunity to really show itself for what it has.  (Um, excuse me… Lynda… Bravo merged women and Washington the first season and it tanked… that’s why there will be no second season.)

Scammin’ Free Botox…

The Real Scammers Housewives of DC’s Michaele Salahi has gone through an investigation, a congressional court hearing and an unceremonious exit from “Celebrity Rehab,” and she claimed all the stress in her life is starting to show on her face.

“Today I’m really excited,” (when ISN’T she excited?) said Michaele. “I’m meeting the doctor and I’m going to have botox… a little juvederm – fill in the fine lines.”  “This is congress. This is the White House,” Tareq joked, referring to lines on Michaele’s face that she insists weren’t there before the couple’s infamous jump into the media spotlight.

Dr. Michael Niccole was duped into stabbin’ Missy in the face performed Michaele’s cosmetic procedure, which she claimed wasn’t as painful is it could have been due to Niccole’s gentle touch.

So is another reality show in the works for Michaele?  “I’d love to do ‘Dancing with the Stars,‘” she says. “That’s where I should’ve gone – ‘Dancing with the Stars’ instead of ‘Rehab.'”

NOTE:  Uh, Missy… Dancing with the Stars is extremely physically demanding… did you forget that you have MS?   Yeah, thought so…


Real Housewives of DC and Cat’s Par-tay

Well… tell us somethings that we didn’t already know!  Mary Amons said at a party for Cat Ommanney’s book that her contract for the Real Housewives of DC is almost up. Soooo… that means no second season for RHODC.  Duh!  We all knew that was coming…

Everyone was there except Lynda and the Salamis… Lynda was working and the Salamis were looking for a van by the river to live in…

The rest of the story… Cat had to fend off uninvited drag queens:

Missy’s Replacement… Nice Goin’ Dr. Drew!!!

Didn’t you just know that there had to be more to Dr. Drew throwing ex-Real Housewives of DC, Missy Salami, out of Celebrity Rehab than what was reported? Well, readers of SH get the inside scoop and know what’s goin’ on with the Scammin’ Salahis, so I have to give reader, Nikko credit for this because he/she wrote it in a comment before I could post this and I give credit where credit is due… so thanks, Nikko.

Dr. Drew wanted my MEDICAL records!  Tarmac already told Dr. Drew that Sparkle ate them or uh, yeah, we left them at the White House, so Dr. Drew can just pick them up there… gotta go!  We’re auditioning as the new hosts of  ‘Social’…

Anyway, the reason that Missy was given the ‘see ya later’ by Celebrity Rehab was because the Salamis were to provide Dr. Drew with past medical records on which Dr. Drew could refer, compare and base his diagnosis.  Well, the Salamis did not provide the documents… hey, how hard is it to have your doctor fax over your medical records?  Oh, yeah… Missy doesn’t have any medical records pertaining to MS.  Therefore, Missy’s room was quickly stripped, disinfected, sheets burned, bug bombed, given a paint job, new furniture and several sage burnings before Sean Young could move in.

A much better choice than Missy…

Well, Sean Young has been a Hollywood PITA for a long time, but that’s not a qualification to get yourself on Celebrity Rehab.  Oh, little did I know how wide and how deep the abyss was in which Sean Young has fallen since “No Way Out,” which includes a few spins in rehab.  In the natural cycle of Hollywood, it was only suitable for Sean to sign up for CelebRehab after she had courageously showed little proficiency on skates for ‘Skating With The Stars.‘   So, let’s go back and look at some of Sean’s wackiness…

Evan Lysacek goes one-on-one with actress Sean Young… life spirals:

Going to rehab, 2008:

Great article about Sean Young by EW,,20056516,00.html

Salamis…They Hate Me, They Really Hate Me

The Salahi’s said they couldn’t believe how vicious the other housewives could be, especially as they faced Congress. When “20/20” asked why they thought so much venom was directed toward them, they said the other women felt the Salahi’s hijacked their show, “The Real Housewives of DC.”

Tarmac really loves me… he let me eat a chicken wing yesterday…

Michaele said it was disturbing and painful to go through with lots of tears. “Sometimes I’d watch it and I’d think, ‘Good God, do they really dislike me that much?'”  (Missy, let me answer that one.  YES!  They, along with the rest of the viewers of RHODC really dislike you and Tarmac that much… and more.)

The Salamis… Too Fake For Reality TV

I just knew it! The Real Housewife of DC‘s Missy Salami and husband Tarmac hightailed it out of Pasadena CA just days after Missy was admitted to Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab because Tarmac screwed Michael Lohan out of rent money and soon after Dr. Drew couldn’t find Missy’s MS… or anything else wrong with her.

Missy, I’ve given you a thorough exam… You didn’t even test positive for gingevitis…


“Michaele Salahi was discharged by Dr. Drew Pinsky approximately one hour ago. Michaele has a ton of issues but she clearly has no addiction issues, whatsoever,” says the source.  “Michaele was a distraction to other cast members, and was complaining that Dr. Drew wasn’t properly treating her MS.  (Uh… that’s because she doesn’t have MS…)

Did they run actual medical tests on you? Uh, yes, Tarmac. Oooh… well you better start drinkin’ Johnny Walker or we gotta get the hell outta here…

“Dr. Drew did a thorough medical examination of her, including a full neurological check-up, and she is fine. Michaele is all drama, that is her main issue.”  But according to her husband Tareq, who spoke exclusively with, Michaele only agreed to do Celebrity Rehab to get help from Dr. Drew for her Multiple Sclerosis.   “She was really leaning on Dr. Drew who is a respected doctor to get her through some of the issues after the White House, when she went to Congress, when she went into relapse with her Multiple Sclerosis. She takes this very seriously.”  (You fly your wife clear across the country to see a doctor who is an addiction specialist to treat her MS when you have the finest, world-class MS experts right in your backyard in DC?  Moron… )

Tareq adds that Michaele takes her condition seriously and that it was the show that wanted her to pretend to be something she wasn’t.  Tareq says he now has plans of exposing the makings of reality shows on national television.  (Anything to stay in the spotlight…)

Oh, thank you, Dr. Drew!  I never thought I’d ever meet people worse than me… let me grab a tissue… thank you, Dr. Drew, thank you…

“My wife takes her health situation very seriously, she has a real diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.  (Can we see those documented medical reports, please?  ‘Cause even Dr. Drew can’t find her MS…) You know, we can show you a bunch of emails about what they wanted her to pretend to be, therefore, but that’s going to come out later on with one of the major networks.”  “See the first episode of busting some of these reality shows open on ABC News 20/20.  There will be a special on Friday and maybe more to come after that.”


The Salamis… Scammer Update

The Salamis doin’ their usual smilin’, ‘cocked head’ pose

Michaele Salami just won’t give up and go away… remember her from the Real Housewives of DC???   She has entered this on her facebook page in the hopes that Bravo Andy will read it and remember who she is:

“A MS awareness “Real” message: “When Reality gets too Real for TV” Some TV executives struggle on how to deal with real life illnesses, in my case a Real Housewife with Multiple Sclerosis… How do you think a network like Bravo will handle it? These are the real hard issues that face persons with disabilities throughout the world with their employers or contractors. Watch what happens!”

NOTE: Is her message a dare to Bravo and Andy (TV executive) in particular?  If Bravo does not renew RHODC for a second season (which is not likely), will Missy have the big burglar balls to sue them for discriminating against a ‘disabled’ person?  Missy claims that she is afflicted with MS, but she has yet to produce any legitimate recent test results or doctor’s affidavits to confirm her diagnosis.  Scammer, con artist pros such as the Salamis will do anything to remain in the public eye and will do anything to generate income, such as suing Bravo and Miss Andy… Missy’s last line says it all:  ‘Watch what happens!’  Yeah, we’re watchin’ you, Missy…



Doin’ their usual pose…

WASHINGTON –More than a year after photogenic Tareq and Michaele Salahi crashed the White House and caused an uproar, it appears unlikely the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington will  file charges in the case, has learned.

That conclusion, according to a source, comes after an exhaustive investigation, and after some law enforcement officials had pushed for criminal charges.  The couple crashed the White House party on Nov. 24, 2009, and created an embarrassment for the U.S. Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security.

Federal authorities had reportedly been looking at possibly charging the couple with criminally trespassing or lying to a federal agent. But some observers inside the Beltway felt all along that it would have been a tough case to prosecute, particularly  considering that the couple insisted they were invited, did nothing to disguise themselves when they entered the White House, and even posed with the vice president.  Plus, in the end, fair to say, very few people in the public wanted to see the Salahis back in the limelight.

Bill Miller, a spokesman for U.S. Attorney’s Office, declined comment.


NOOOOO!….The Salamis Were Invited To The “White House”

Just checking up on the premiere scammers of the entire RH franchises, the Salahis 100805Tareq-Michaele-Salahi1.jpgThe Salami’s typical head-cocked, grinning pose

Salamis of RHODC and almost choked when Missy Michaele wrote on her facebook page ( that she and hubby Tareq Tarmac were invited to the White House Christmas party.   After reviving myself, I read closer that they were invited to “White & Partners” Christmas party…  White & Partners is a marketing and advertising agency located in Herndon, Virginia outside of Washington DC.

Here’s their video invitation: cocked-head usual pose

While at the party, the Salamis were asked what they would do if an unexpected guest turned up at their party.

Here’s the video of ever-happy-ever-smiling Missy Michaele explaining while her obnoxious husband, the ever-happy-ever-smiling, always a stupid grin on his face, Tareq Tarmac, watched:

Salahi.jpgIn same dress worn to the opening of a bowling alley, usual pose

After Thanksgiving, the Salamis made a trip to Chicago to attend a charity event for MS (sorry, still don’t believe it) where brunch with the Salamis was auctioned off.  (Wonder who bid on that goat rodeo?)

Unbelievably, while in Chicago, Michaele ran into Desiree Rogers while shopping. (How many evileye darts were thrown by Desiree at Michaele!?)       Here’s the entire story, written by ChiLebrity:

“I am a huge “Real Housewives” fan and had the pleasure of catching up with Michaele & Tareq Salahi while they were in town for an MS Benefit at the Hard Rock Hotel. Not only does this couple adore the city, but Micahele found a touch of DC here too.

“Wow! I love Chicago! The people in the Midwest are so real, loving and friendly. Plus, the city has a great energy and style. Brunch at Fred’s at Barneys was the best for the auction winners that bid to have brunch with us, and running into former White House Social Secretary, Desiree Rogers at Fred’s was a surprise not only for us, but definitely for her too. What were the odds?!  Love Chicago!”

Note to ChiLebrity:  Use spellcheck…

Before and After Photos of Missy Holt aka Michaele Salami just for the hell of it:
500x salahi 2up 300x202 Real Housewives of DC: Michaele Salahis Yearbook Photos!