VICKI GUNVALSON: Vicki’s BravoBlog… Delayed By Lauri Peterson’s Low-Stooping Ambush!… Lauri is “Manipulative, Condescending, and downright MEAN!… Says She’ll Take Crooks’ Word Over Lauri’s!…Vicki is Back to Bein’ Besties With Tamballs… BUY INSURANCE!!!

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Bravo…  NOTE:  Just in time for tonight’s OC episode!! Sorry for the delay in posting this blog. The urgency to do these blogs has somewhat gone away due to how I am being attacked this season. It’s wrong, filled with … Continue reading

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY: “flipit/Ronnie” Latest Redub!!

Anytime ma boo from TrashTalkTV, “flipit/Ronnie,” issues a new RHOC Redub is EXCITING!  WHY?  Because ma boo and his redubs are FUNNY!!!   So, start gettin’ ready to LAUGH… and give @TrashTweetTV a follow!!

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY PREVIEW: Wretched All Up In Tamballs’ Grill… About Wedding Dress Shopping

Bravo… On the next RHOC… The blow-out “wedding” farce continues as Wretched is upset with Tamballs’ selection of people with whom she will be wedding dress shopping to get that perfect dress to wear for Ellie:

NOTE:  Seriously??? Tamballs is over 40 and on her third wedding… furthermore, what bizness is it of Wretched’s?  The entire “Tamball’s is gettin’ married” farce deserves, besides continual yawning, several of these:


TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR! … TVGasm’s ProjectRunwayReview… AND… WHY We Adore Our “Flipit/Ronnie”!!

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November 9, 2012  NOTE:  This started out as a SH “Hit and Run”… but, all that usual Housewives stuff got scratched!  Well, maybe a better word would be “delayed”!   What developed from the beginnings of a “Hit and Run” … Continue reading


Real Housewives of Atlanta: KIM ZOLCIAK… World Renowned Medium Makes Dire Prediction For Kim and Kroy!!

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                                                            Kim Zolciak in her $58,000 wedding dress… More photos from Real … Continue reading