THE PHONY CASTING CALL FOR BRAVO HOUSEWIVES!! It’s Hysterical!! Was It Written By A Housewife Ghostwriter??

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The Real Housewives on Bravo  Casting for new wives for Bravo Network TV Show “The Real Housewives”. The infamous reality television series “The Real Housewives” which airs on Bravo Television Network is looking for new housewives for a brand spanking … Continue reading



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NOTE:  The PR machine to attract viewers is starting VERY early!!   The RHOC must be desperate! She plans to “woo hoo” for life! Real Housewives of Orange County veteran Vicki Gunvalson told Us Weekly recently that the producers behind … Continue reading


EileenD On WWHL After Show…Surprised At Interest In Her REAL Life… Shows Off Her MANHands!

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On the WWHL AfterShow, MissAndy “reveals” … we’ve known this info for years… that he gets calls from Housewives about items written about them.  DumbVicki really thought that MissAndy could get the items pulled.  Interesting that if Vicki were so upset … Continue reading


SH EXCLUSIVE! We Got A Message From AlaskanBushPeople! LOOK…It’s Crooks!

ABP RHOC Crooks Brooks pg


SH “HIT AND RUN”… Look Inside!!

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Camber gets caught tweeting herself!!  She’s desperate to keep her crap “reality” job… Sorry, Jeana, we like you and all that, but we won’t be watching the RHOC.   Loada has a full recovery!!  Poor KingDavid… Living with Loada has … Continue reading


BLIND ITEM! Guess The Housewife! Whose Daughter Has Sex Tapes?

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From CDAN: The daughter of this Real Housewife is the most popular student at her college. Not only has she sent out naked photos of herself to a ton of people but she is the one who will do anything … Continue reading



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DrunkOtis now issuing dates/times of when she’s drunk! DrunkOtis got a name for her wine!! Tamballs’ still selling her used junk on EBay…comes with used kleenex and damp sports towels. Camille gets a cover… HagfaceKyle will be looking just like … Continue reading


Bravo Greenlight’s RHOC For Season TEN… No Manzoids!! And For God’s Sake… Miami Has Been DEAD For Years!

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Returning Series Greenlights… Dates TBA: “Flipping Out” Season 8 Produced by Authentic Entertainment with Lauren Lexton, Tom Rogan and Billy Taylor serving as executive producers. Everyone’s favorite interior designer, Jeff Lewis, and his genius design team including Jenni Pulos are … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN”: Selected Real Housewives Tweets… SkinnyWeed… Bikini Vicki

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DrunkOtis = Functioning Alcoholic Yoda sends out another of her wretchedly sickening Life-Lesson tweets… HagfaceKyle is a “RealHousewife MOM”??   And would make a great lawyer… **eye roll** BaboonLipsLisa and Tamballs push their stuff… BFrankel plans of creating a line … Continue reading


Vicki And Crooks Visit Mexican Kids In City Dump… Won’t Take Them On Yacht!

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Vicki Gunvalson has been spending the past few days at one of her favorite spots on the planet—Puerto Vallarata, Mexico—and teasing some exciting business ventures that she’s cooking up for the new year. Vicki reveals that she’s on the trip … Continue reading



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If you love throwing intimate dinner parties for your closest friends… that you just encountered during a pre-production meeting.  You might be a Housewife! If you can delude yourself into thinking that anything you do on a “reality” show is … Continue reading

Housewives Franchises May Have Never Happened…

MissAndy reveals that the Housewives franchises may have never blossomed, except for his immediate correction of replacing the producer during the first season of the RHOC. Don’t cry for ousted originator Scott Dunlop.  Dunlop is still collecting big paychecks for his role as creator/producer of the RHOC…

NOTE:  MissAndy meddled and took the RHOC from being a fun, interesting 47 minutes of escape TV and turned not only the OC, but the franchises to follow, into now unwatchable trash TV.


KooKooKelly is alledgely returning to the RHONY to confront BFrankel about their Scary Island trip… who cares.

kellyb  lisar ramoaner camille  kellyb

Sarah Palin gets knocked mercilessly for her kid at the sink…

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 9.07.53 PM

It’s totally acceptable for this Ellen viewer…

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 9.08.12 PM

Somehow it was destiny…

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 9.42.17 PM

Don’t graffiti anywhere near “TheBasin”!!


Vicki now competing with Tamballs for being OC CatWoman!

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 5.35.16 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 2.12.57 PM

Jumpin’ on the Teresa prison train…

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 2.15.34 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 5.35.31 PM

The amazing LymeYoda…

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 11.20.31 AM

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 2.05.01 PM

To be fair to Yoda’s ALIEN HANDS… ManHands!

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Looks like the cute one in the girl group has been ostracized… 

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 2.07.46 PM

Yes… there are rabid fans who are really sending their hard-earned money to a FELON.  Teresa and her fellow inmates are having a good laugh… 

teresa commissary tweet

teresa's pruno

Time off for “good behavior” by keeping busy making Fabupruno … and more time off for paying prison guards $500 a month with extra money sent in by her rabid fans.  Tree will be out by August 2015!

tree danbury release

joodice house tree giudice teresa

The IndianLane house has had another price cut!  Now yours for only $2.9 million!  Listed originally for $3,999,000…

teresa house price 1-6



BLIND ITEM! Who’s This Delusional Housewife Who’s Peddling A Sex Tape?

Get ready for a new sex tape from another Real Housewife… because DanielleStaub’s stab at a sex tape did wonders for her financially!  

“She is in debt and owes over $100,000.  She thinks the tape would pay that off.  She hopes it will make her a bigger star and earn her lots of money at the same time.”

Sources say that producers are aware of the tape that was made in the last 12 months. Naughty Gossip saw a few screen grabs from the video and can reveal that it is NASTY!

(Thanks “chameleon”!!)  

NOTE:  Unfortunately for this misguided Housewife, her sex tape would hardly cover the $100,000 she owes.  Ask Danielle… DanielleStaub filed for bankruptcy in 2012 after her sex tape.   Claudia says it’s not her!

claudia not her tweet

claudia tweet


TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR: Some of These You May Have Already Seen… Some You May Not!

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These photos have been sent to SH from several readers…. so, a big “ThankYou” to SH readers “PDM” “PMG” “cybraxis” and “Jule”!!! Saving the BEST for last!!  AND… something to think about: The federal government, which has ” Tomahawk” cruise … Continue reading



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We have written about the decline of the Housewives franchises previously.  It seems that others are now catching on. BYE-BYE… This excerpt from TheGuardian: Redundancy would seem to be another major factor for waning interest in reality TV. When Bravo’s The … Continue reading


EX-OC Housewife, Lydia McLaughlin, who was only a HW to get some name recognition for herself and her HouseHusband’s magazine… now has a new, by appt only, mattress company!  Which of the OC Housewives will be the first to be pushing their new mattresses from Lydia??  NONE!!  Lydia isn’t dumb enough to give a $15,000 custom-made mattress away for a HW endorsement… and no OC Housewife can afford to buy one!


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MissAndy’s book must not be doing too well… he’s getting everyone and their MOTHER to tweet how much they LOVE MissAndy’s book!


The “brilliant” LawsuitJim…

marchese tweet dumb

HagfaceKyle does Christmas present humor…badly.  Look at how HagfaceKyle “rolls”… here.


Crooks is off to another game with his brother!!  Wonder what Crooks got for his youngest child, Joey??  Crooks must be reading SH… he’s now absent from photos!  Too late, Crooks!

brooks crooks

Yoda does lyme face!  Don’t be fooled, it’s just Yoda with no makeup and a bad headache after listening to KingDavid pound on the piano for ten hours!

yoda lyme

DrunkOtis’ dream has come true.  Too bad no one will be watching!

drunk otis

A warning from someone who went to the movie theater venue where MelissaGorga is hosting a NYE party.  VInnie from JerseyShore was the host last year!

I went to this nye last year the host was vinny from jersey shore he came in for 5 min and refused to take a pic with anyone or say hi and the bar is very small so to get a drink you had to avoid being pummeled by a mob of like 300 people all surrounding the bar …. But I’m sure Melissa will be very sweet and hopefully they worked out a better bar system.

If you’re interested in going to this event, where Melissa isn’t even using her vocal “talent” and has no say in working out a “better bar system”… there are more details here.

melissa nye

More Housewives crap to sell… not TOO pretentious calling the collar “commemorative”!!


“Sunday Fun day with my neighbors @officialkathywakile and @richardwakile ! Kathy made delicious homemade bread !! XOXO! #yum”

Too bad KomaKathy doesn’t have a kitchen yet and has to cook in WackyJackie’s!  RancidRichie looks like he just caught a whiff of KomaKathy’s green culinary creation.  CrookedChris looks like he’s having a breakdown…or just took a huge dose of thorazine.

kathy jax

WackyJackieChan’s kid even approves…she’s beyond OBSESSED with disgusting pig RancidRichie and KomaKathy!

ashlee holmes tweet kathy

BFrankel does bikini shots in Florida… she didn’t check her fake boobs before posing for the paps.


CamilleGrammer does bikini shots in Hawaii.  Go Camille!!


(Thanks “Dave” “Brenda” “anon” and “cybraxis”!!)

Crooks The Womanizer… Crooks The Cancer Survivor

brooks vicki rhoc

Comment on SH left by a woman who had a run-in with Crooks back in 2012:

So I sat next to this guy on a flight back to OC on 05/11/12 and he chatted my ear off. Then was disappointed that I didn’t let him “buy” me a drink during an unexpected plane change and asked me several times for my business card so we could “find” new places in OC together since I was new to the area. Very funny!!!

I didn’t even know who he was until flipping channels today and running across the Housewives of OC show and seeing him there. Now I find it so interesting how much he bragged about being at the Kentucky Derby.  He NEVER mentioned having a girlfriend or his role with her on the show. There is no doubt this guy was hitting on me big time. And yes, I am a successful single business woman too.

NOTE:  In response to the above comment re Crooks, his BabyMama Nicolette… mother of Crooks’ youngest child, Joey… said this:

Yep that’s OL’ Brooks alright, so far he has had nose cancer and now I heard he is telling people he has Prostate Cancer. Anyway he must now know that story wont fly because last time I looked it up I am pretty sure you cant have children and well he can, he told me he had a vascectomy!

Then I was pregnant. Then I found out he had no job he lied he was with Vicki still not divorced either one of them…… when I found all this out I said “see ya” me and my baby wont be with anyone lesser than a REAL MAN!
Keep surviving all good is yet to come!!!!!!!!!


Here’s another… 

Brooks Ayers was arrested twice in 2010 for not paying child support Vicki wrote a letter to the judge asking him to release her friend from jail.

His ex-girlfriend, a woman named Debbie Keane, said that she started dating Ayers in 2005 and had a run in with a jealous Vicki way back in 2007, years before Vicki went public with their relationship and while she was still married to Donn Gunvalson.

“I was tagging along on a business trip with Brooks in 2007 in West Palm Beach, Florida and he kept talking about how his friend who was famous was coming to the conference,” Debbie said. Vicki arrived at the financial planning group conference and immediately sought Brooks out.

“She sent him a text saying ‘finally here, I need a drink,’” Brooks’ ex said about Vicki.

Debbie said that two nights later she and Brooks were in a bar when Vicki walked in, so she followed her to the bathroom and confronted her about flirting with Brooks.

“She told me to mind my own business and then went and told Brooks he needed to ‘keep your girl in check.’”

In 2009 Brooks was at my house in Memphis when Vicki started texting him while she was away renewing her vows.  He told me she was saying that Don was so good to her but she didn’t really care anymore.”

Debbie said she had been communicating again with Brooks, who despite still being married, and reportedly dating Vicki, was trying to visit her in her new home.

He wanted me to pay to fly him out here to meet him.  She said she asked Brooks why he didn’t have his own money to fly and see her since it was reported that he had paid for a shopping trip with Vicki on May 11.

Debbie alleges that Brooks told her he didn’t actually pay for the purchases.  Vicki went to change and I signed her name to her credit card receipt in the store, I didn’t pay for her new clothes myself.

As for his relationship with Vicki, Debbie said he told her it isn’t exclusive. “I’m not just seeing Vicki,” she claims he told her. “I’m talking to three other women too.”

(Thanks “OriginalCyn”!!)

Vicki And Crooks… Separated At Christmas! Crooks Makes Amazing Cancer Recovery!


vicki entertainer

“Entertainer” Vicki made her way to Oklahoma to spend Christmas with son Mike, daughter Briana, son-in-law Ryan and kids.  Crooks was too ill to travel…

vicki christmas 2014

OOPS!!!  Crooks took off to Colorado to spend Christmas with his brother!

Apparently, Vicki didn’t want Crooks to spend Christmas recuperating from his grave illness in her house all by himself!  Crooks has been making such an amazing recovery from his life-threatening cancer diagnosis that he attended several athletic competitions!

brooks crooks

brooks crooks

NOTE:  The above was a bit of sarcasm, as we all know the REAL reason Crooks wasn’t in Oklahoma… he’ll never be stepping foot in Ryan and Briana’s house!!

Ryan POS tweet



SH “HIT AND RUN”: CATCHING UP… With Vicki and Tamballs In A Onesie

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Vicki has an CHRISTMAS “Appreciation” party… Vicki got the message and called her party what it is… An office CHRISTMAS party! Vicki had herself a better Christmas party at the FourSeasons… It’s almost as if Vicki knows that the end … Continue reading


Vicki And Crooks’ Coto de Caza House NOT For Sale… AGAIN!

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  This VERY important Housewives item regards Vicki pulling her Coto house off the market… again! So, why is this item important?  We’re thinking that, although it is Vicki’s house, she now has input from her permanent houseguest, Crooks.   … Continue reading

Vicki Explains Her NudieBoobie Photo

On last night’s WWHL, Vicki escaped the deep questions re her roommate, Crooks, but did explain her boob photo taken as a “thank you” for the really cheap Christmas present from MissAndy/Bravo:

NOTE:  It was obvious that Vicki did some quick negotiating with MissAndy before she agreed to take the place of KimRichards, who was scheduled to appear on last night’s WWHL… those negotiations included no probing questions about Crooks!

KimRichards WWHL No-Show… Replaced By Vicki! Will Crooks Be Bartending?

For those of you STILL watching WWHL, there has been a guest switch.  Kim Richards was scheduled for tonight’s WWHL, but has been replaced by Vicki Gunvalson and Beth Stren.  Vicki will be chatting with MissAndy about how she was FORCED by MissAndy to reveal her REAL life by filming with her live-in, Crooks!

vicki wwhl