VapidVicki Tells Tamballs That She’s Rude…

On tonight’s RHOC:   Tamballs whines to VapidVicki about the backstabbing goin’ on… kinda like the same he said/she said/she said that went on with the big secret about Adrienne’s surrogacy.  yawn. About these ads

About these ads

Shannon Beador’s BravoBlog… MarriageMirage Story Line… No Divorce

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NOTE:  The “strife” between Shanny and her HouseHusband, David Beador was a marriage mirage concocted by those brainiac producers, as Shanny is now seeing the oasis where she and David will drench themselves in the desert water and live happily … Continue reading


Vicki’s Coto de Caza House For Sale $2.899 Million…

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  VapidVicki is jumpin’ on the “BuyMyHouse” train! Vicki’s Coto de Caza house is listed for $2.899 million.  In Vicki’s house tour she says the house is “California Mediterranean” with a casual feel complete with a backyard pool and waterfall!!  The … Continue reading


RHOC Preview: Goin’ All “Coyote Ugly” In Mexico

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On the next RHOC:  Yes, the OC Wives are now “dancing” on bars, CoyoteUgly style…what, no highly-educated Heather Dull-BRO?!?!?  Shanny’s HouseHusband wantsta be happy.  Lizzie wantsa to sell her swimwear (Uh, what other reason does this chick have to be … Continue reading

Beadors Arrive At Vicki’s Mexican TimeShare… Hilarity Ensues… HouseHusband David Thanks Crooksy For Great Time!

On the next RHOC:  Shanny and David arrive at VapidVicki’s timeshare in Mexico.  After Vapid and Shanny WOO-HOO it whilst jet skiing (Crooks/Vicki jet skis; Shanny has some issues about the ocean), they do some tequila tasting on the beach.  The funniest part is when David thanks Crooksy for it all!  Doesn’t David know anything at all about Crooksy?!?!?


WARNING!!! Crooks And Vicki Get Naked Massage…

WARNING!!  The following may cause discomfort, nausea or spastic seizures!  MissAndy just loves butt shots… and is going in a new direction by giving viewers a peek at VapidVicki!   BLEEEEEECH!


RHOC Recap… “Skunk In The Barnyard” by Sandi Duffy

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“Skunk In The Barnyard” by Sandi Duffy   Shannon finds out Heather is talking about the email David sent to Shannon, and Tamra is denying telling Heather even though we all saw her tell Heather last week and I would … Continue reading

SH EXCLUSIVE!!! VapidVicki And Crooksy Stopped At Mexico Border!!

On the next RHOC, you’re gonna see VapidVicki and Crooksy havin’ themselves a really fun time in Mexico.  We’ve received proof positive that Mexico didn’t want him… or her!!

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Miss Andy Requests YOUR Assistance!! Which OC Housewives Gotta Go???


RHOC fake boring pg

 POLL RESULTS… the winner of da BravoBoot is Dull-BRO!!!

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 4.46.31 PM


Vicki Feels Less Than Zero Around Dull-BRO…

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  On tonight’s RHOC:  Reminiscent of the infamous “I’m here and you’re there” conversation between KKKellyB and BBleeeeeechFrankel… Vicki and Heather Paige Kent Dull-BRO discuss their social status differences.  The benevolent Dull-BRO says she’s “every woman”…    


RHOC Recap… “Not A Good Day LA” by Sandi Duffy

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“Not A Good Day LA” by Sandi Duffy   I didn’t recap last week.  By the time I got around to watching it, I realized if I recapped it, it would be about 3 sentences long because literally NOTHING happened. … Continue reading

RHOC Preview…

On the next RHOC:

Heather Dull-BRO’s Phony Phone Call…

On tonight’s RHOC:  Vicki swears that Dull-BRO’s phone call was fake…

Dull-BRO swears in her BravoBlog that the phone call was NOT fake!  How dare anyone even suggest such a thing!


Vicki Don’t Want Briana To Move… Cries To Dull-BRO

On tonight’s RHOC:  Vicki don’t want Briana to move.  Oh, well… too bad!  Briana’s already moved.  It would have been much more interesting if Vicki was talkin’ to her front door rather than Dull-BRO:

RHOC Preview: Shannon’s Christmas House… Dull-BRO Guest Hosts… Tamballs Still Wearing White Eyeliner!

On the next RHOC:  Shanny decorates her house for Christmas; Dull-BRO promotes her two-second-one-line-appearance on Hawaii-Five-0; Tamballs chats with Ellie about her grownazz adult son’s medical bullcrap.  Ellie tells Tamballs that she should stop with whatever she’s doing to preserve herself.   The first thing Tamballs should do is to stop with the white eyeliner.   (Psych 101:  Ellie don’t care how Tamballs looks, nor is he interested in having his own kids…. Ellie’s wants a mommy figure.)



NOTE:  Dull-BRO should know that Steve Edwards will soon be out at KTLA.  KTLA is pooh-poohing Edwards’ being pushed out by saying that they are “experimenting with the seating arrangements”!