YOLANDA FOSTER: Send Your Valentine A Valentine In Care Of David Foster!

Are you still wondering what to get your Valentine for Valentine’s Day?  Were you caught off guard by time just flying by so fast and didn’t realize that Valentine’s Day is tomorrow?  Is the fact that February is the only month of the year which has 28 days still puzzling you?  Did you just plain forget that Valentine’s Day is February 14?

RHOBH Camille Adrienne Yolanda pg

If you answered “Yes!” to any of the above questions, David Foster has the solution for your Valentine’s Day dilemma!  Yes, Yolanda Foster’s husband, David Foster… of all people… can fix that problem!

You can send a personalized Valentine’s Day card… which features Andrea Bocelli, a David Foster-produced artist… from DavidFoster’s OfficialWebsite!   Geez… David Foster can make all kinda things happen!


FROM ONE YEAR AGO: Brandi Glanville Says The Same As This Year!… DrunkOtis Is “Misunderstood”… And NOT “Acting” For Ratings… BOOORING!!!

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Here’s a GREAT reason why many are so sick of the ALL the Housewives!   The Housewives simply repeat themselves year after year… they are stale.   The following is from one year ago, December 9, 2012.   DrunkOtis claims … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Andy Cohen/Bravo “Owned By Comcast”… Kenya Moore “Saving Lives”… Storage Wars Suicide “Compared To RHOBH Russell”… Kim Richards’ “Nose Growing”… Adrienne Maloof’s BernieTheInsultChef “Strikes Again”!… Joe Gorga Takes Over “SizzleTan” With NJ HouseHusband… David Foster’s “Valentine’s Day Greetings”!

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NBC will be totally owned by Comcast… including the building in which MissAndy has an office, 30 Rock! From TheWrap: Comcast will acquire the remaining 49 percent of NBCUniversal from General Electric for about $16.7 billion, the company announced on … Continue reading


MORE “SH HIT AND RUN” MONDAY: Bulldog Bryan From RHONJ… Tamballs Barney “Trains, Planes, Podcasts”… Lisa Vanderpump’s “DivineAddiction” Giggy Valentine Day’s Cards Still Available!!… Brand New Word!!!… “Walking Dead” Big Cable Ratings Winner!… BUY Wretched’s Stuff!

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If you don’t know who “Bryan/bulldog” is… he is the center of the new story line for Melissa Gorga on the RHONJ.                        The closest MeGo has ever gotten to … Continue reading


BRANDI GLANVILLE: Brandi Says Watch RHOBH ‘Cause She’s Misunderstood… Brandi Says “No Faking” For Ratings… No Bein’ “Paid By Media” or USWeekly… AND… It’s All For THE CHILDREN

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December 9, 2012   UPDATE: USWeekly reports that Brandi’s operation will take place on December 12… Brandi Glanville tweets… a lot! Brandi says in one of her most recent tweets that she has viewed Monday’s episode and her interaction with … Continue reading



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POSTED FEBRUARY 9, 2012 10:15 am Neal Schon and Messy Salami… Ex-Housewife, Michaele Salahi and her new love, Neal Schon of Journey, will soon be rolling around on the beach like teenagers for the band’s new music video for the … Continue reading



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POSTED FEBRUARY 7, 2012   5:30 pm  Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley… this morning in NYC FROM WPIX-TV: Gretchen Rossi made an appearance on WPIX-TV this morning to chat about, what else, the new season of the Real Housewives of … Continue reading

RHOM Marysol… Mommy & Me

Miami Arrest Record for Elsa Carreras Patton

Real Housewives of Miami Elsa PattonBotox always tastes better in a wine glass…

Inmate Name:
Patton, Elsa Carreras
Inmate #:
Last Arrest Date:
00:30AM 10-09-2010
5′ 7″

Family drama: Marysol's mother Elsa Patton was also arrested last year for driving under the influenceElsa, courtesy of Miami-Dade PD

ELSAPsychics are their own worst clients… they can never predict their own arrests

Charges Resulting from Arrest on 10/09/2010

1.  Dui/Unlawful Breath Alcohol Level
Counts: 1
Bond: $0.00
2.  No Valid Drivers License
Counts: 1
Bond: $0.00
A few weeks after Mommy Elsa was arrested for DUI, Marysol, along with her Real Housewives of Miami cast mates, attended their quickly-thrown-together premiere party, as reported by Miami.com… 

If you didn’t catch them on TV – The Real Housewives of Miami debuted 10 p.m. Tuesday on Bravo – then maybe you saw their fabulousness in the flesh.  The glam castmates came together for a launch party at the Eden Roc Renaissance Hotel on the night of Monday, Feb. 21 to introduce themselves to (hopefully) future fans. (That’s saying a whole lot when even a promotion piece is ‘hoping’ for the show…)

Lea Black was the first to arrive, with hubby Roy Black and 9-year-old son R.J. in tow. Both were beaming.  “She had fun doing this so I’m happy for her,’’ said the famed defense attorney, adding with a wink: “Luckily I was away for most of the cameras and the shooting, though!’’  Asked what she was wearing, Lea couldn’t recall.  “I literally pulled this out of my closet!’’ she said of the black lace dress with beige slip. “It’s 15 years old.’’  (Bravo Andy just twittered her the day before that the RHOM was a ‘go’… Lea barely had time to wax her brows, let alone go for a dress fitting!)

***SPOILER ALERT***  Marysol Patton, in a strapless cocktail mini, seemed embarrassed by all the attention. “I was stalked,’’ said the 44-year-old PR maven. “I went out on Valentine’s Day with***my husband***, and there were photographers in the bushes!’’  (***Well, her ‘older woman dating a younger man’ storyline is blown… She’s married to the dude!!!  Hmmm… a little Cynthia/Peter deja vu??)

Mom Elsa Patton – she of the recent DUI (above) – showed her support for her daughter. When a bystander complimented her on her sleek, straight hair, the 76-year-old plastic surgery addict aficionado thanked her and blew a kiss .  “She’s the real star of the show,’’ (If Bravo Andy is calling Elsa, the ‘KimG’ of Miami, the ‘real star’ of the show, then there are some definite problems with RHOM…) said Bravo exec/personality Andy Cohen ( Watch What Happens Live!)  Asked why the franchise picked up here, Cohen said, “Miami has got touch of The O.C. and something else. It was a no-brainer.’’  (If Miss Andy could explain what that ‘something else’ is, maybe we could all figure out a reason to watch RHOM… Come on, Andy… help us out here!)

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Kyle Richards’ Speaking Out…

Kyle Richards from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills talked with New York Magazine yesterday:

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’s Kyle Richards: ‘Many Times I Wish That I Hadn’t Gone on the Show’Kyle

Are you going to do a second season?

I don’t know yet, to be honest. Once they announce it, I’ll decide, but I don’t know if I have it in me again. It’s been very emotionally draining. Until they announce it, I’m going to discuss it with my husband and my children and see how they feel, and if they’re on board, and I think I can handle it again, then yes I would. But if it’s brought about too much drama and problems in our lives, then we’ll probably just leave this behind us and move on.

Is there something you’d like to see change if you agreed to a second season?
I think it would great if it was a more diverse cast. I don’t know why it’s not like that. I think that would be great.

So Taylor, apparently, lied about her name, and lied about Adrienne being her daughter’s godmother.
I didn’t know Taylor before the show. I know she said her name was Shanna, so I’m confused about her name. Maybe Taylor is her last name? I’m not sure why she changed her name. And with the godmother situation, I guess they discussed that off-camera. I think she told me they discussed it before the reunion and she asked, but Adrienne thought it would be better if it was a family member.

Shana/Taylor Hughes Ford Armstrong… Pathological Liar

Is Taylor a pathological liar?
Not that I’ve seen? I don’t know. We’re friends. I mean, we’re not best friends. I think our relationship was made to seem bigger on the show. I’m friendly with her. We got to know each other during filming. She was always very nice to me.

I’ve also heard you’re friends with Bethenny Frankel.
I’ve been friends with Bethenny for twenty years. She worked at a restaurant in Beverly Hills and my family’s been going there for my entire life. She came up and introduced herself and sat in my booth and I found out she was dating my ex-boyfriend. But we hit it off right away.

Did she encourage you to go on Bravo?
I didn’t tell her about it until later because I wasn’t allowed to discuss it. I always wanted her to be the first one I told, but I was waiting to be allowed to talk, and then unfortunately someone leaked it before I was able to tell her. She kind of warned me. She said it’s challenging. She gave me a heads-up, but it was too late then. I reached out to her now, and I talked to her about it. People can say one hundred nice things and then one mean thing is like a knife through my heart. So she said, “Let it go. You know who you are, your friends and your family know who you are.” And I’m getting there. She’s given me good advice.

You said we didn’t see all of your sister’s personality on the show. Is that because she has a drinking problem?
I don’t want to discuss that. Sorry. I feel like those questions are for her, and I can’t speak for her. People ask me so many questions about her, but I really want her to answer those herself.

Kyle talks about Camille, the psychic, Kim and a lot more here: http://nymag.com/daily/entertainment/2011/02/kyle_richards_real_housewives.html