TODAY IS PEARL HARBOR DAY: A Fitting Tribute To All Who Served…

Today is the 72nd anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day.  Please take a moment to acknowledge this historical day and the people, many in their teens, who lost their lives fighting for the US in WWII.

In searching for a video to honor Pear Harbor Day, came across another video… a more fitting tribute to not only those who served in WWII, but to all who served.

Something very special happened at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington DC on December 3…



NOTE:  If you have never been to the Air and Space Museum, it is a jaw-dropping display of aeronautics and more… if you do visit, make sure you take in one of the Museum’s IMAX movies.  Spectacular!

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS… PREVIEW: Part I… Desperate Brandi Glanville Talks TMI Sex… For Her Book!… Where’s Yolanda Foster??

The RHOBH is going deep into Orange County territory!  DrunkOtis is now officially the Tamballs of BH… DrunkOtis will do or say anything.   This is waaaaay too much TMI.  Nice try to blanket this conversation as “book research”… that’s what DrunkOtis’ ghostwriter is paid to do!

Are the rating for the RHOBH that dismal that DrunkOtis wants all to know this crap?  Is Kim Richards right about DrunkOtis bein’ a “Slut Pig”??   WHY wasn’t DrunkOtis’ great friend and BFF, Yolanda, in on this discussion???


We give this preview 3837463,99384,378463 Hagfaces!



REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS… PREVIEW: Part II… Joyce Giraud and Kim Richards Prepare For Palm Springs

The RHOBH are off for a TWO-day trip to Kim Richards’ stolen house in Palm Springs.  DumbJoyce selects frocks and KimRichards shops for stuff she doesn’t need.  Guess these two had to be crammed into the episode somehow…

We’re givin’ this RHOBH preview 38374,939847,9384 YAWNS…

yawn gif

“GOLD RUSH” CAPTION CONTEST… Who Would Be Sent To The Frickin’ Guyana Jungle??


“ROMO” PACKED OFF THE MOST HOUSEWIVES TO THE FRICKIN’ JUNGLE!   Please send your info via the info form to receive your “Gimme Pizza You Old Troll” t-shirt!



There were several runners-up to the winner!!

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THANK YOU to all who entered!!!   You can read all entries at “Let’s Go To GoldRush Guyana.”


REAL NEWS: Who Cares About Those Moronic Housewives!! … Open Your Eyes To What’s Going On In The REAL World!

This gallery contains 10 photos.

Steelers coach Tomlin fined $100,000 for play interference.  NOTE:  Tomlin should be kicked out of the NFL for his disgraceful action.  However, Tomlin being booted will never happen, as Tomlin’s placement as the Steelers coach was a political move by Steelers owner Dan … Continue reading

HOUSEWIVES NEWS: Gretchen Rossi “She’s A Giver”… PT Housewife “7th Honeymoon”… Sonja Morgan “Ditched Toaster Oven”… Brandi Glanville “Thanksgiving Hunger Games”

EX-OrangeCountyHousewife @WretchedBLEEEEECHRossi cannot do any charitable work without announcing her good deed for the day!   Slimey had to look the part…

Hey, Wretched… when’s that **eye roll** wedding gonna happen???



PT Housewife goes to a nearby state…  to celebrate (it just happened to ryhme!):  “An amazing weekend celebrating with my prince charming Reid at the amazing Winvian in Connecticut.”  You can see all the phony posed paps photos at TheDailyMail

NOOOOOOOOO!!!  Sonja with a “J” Morgan has ditched her toaster oven!  @SonjaTMorgan is goin’ bigger and better!  No more dinky toaster oven for her… Sonja’s brand is goin’ INTERNATIONAL!!



NOTE:  Thanks to all the SH readers who sent/are sending info re Sonja’s attempt to reverse the Judge’s decision in her HannibalPictures lawsuit.  The info re Sonja’s lawsuit reversal was on SH November 26… four days ago. 


What a wit!  @BrandiGlanville didn’t get all roofied up to take a flight to her parents house like she did last year.  DrunkOtis stayed home and watched “The HUNGER Games”… DrunkOtis’ Father spent ThanksgivingDay with the son-in-law he misses so much…

rhobh brandi tweet thanksgiving

DrunkOtis 2012 Thanksgiving… Dad misses Eddie…


Dr. Phil will appear on the next RHOBH…

Dr Phil HW Assessment pg

(Thanks to SH readers “Stan” “GF” “PMG” “Dave” and “LB”!!)


MELISSA GORGA: On The HighHeels Of The Exploitation of RHONJ Kids… Let’s Take A Look At Da Gorgas Parenting Skills… AND… Thanksgiving At Da Gorgas

This gallery contains 4 photos.

The recent item re the exploitation of Gia Giudice has led to an even more disturbing item.  If you thought exploiting a 12-year-old was bad, take a look at Melissa Gorga’s great parenting of her 7-year-old child. What the hell … Continue reading


REAL WORLD STUFF…REALITY CHECK: Alec Baldwin MSNBC Xled “Diva Demands Included MakeupRoom”… TheOnion’s Disgusting Misfire… All This Guy Was Doing Was Foraging For FOOD!…Gay Server HOAX… World of Warcraft Player “Forced To Change Name”!… College Student Bashes “Future” Employer Via Email… Is There A Housewife Who Will Pay SH $1 Million For POSITIVE Press??

This gallery contains 18 photos.

OH… this is hysterical!!  Alec Baldwin’s MSNBC show has been cancelled.  What’s hysterical is that the cancellation is being blamed on his “gay rant”… not on the fact that no one was watching!   Seriously… the gays aren’t all that … Continue reading


TERESA GIUDICE, JOE GIUDICE: Federal Prosecutors Pursuing Deportation For JuicyJoe… US Courts Video Explains Seriousness Of Bankruptcy…

This gallery contains 2 photos.

The prosecutor in the Teresa and Joe Giudice case said in Federal court yesterday that they (US Government) were going to pursue deportation for Joe Giudice, the father of four daughters:  Gia (born 2001), Gabriella (born 2004), Milani (born 2005) … Continue reading


REALITY SHOWS: If Still You REALLY Think “Reality” Shows Are Real… Think Again!… Writers Guild Organizing “Reality” Show Writers and Producers For Pay Equality!… Bravo’s New “Docu-Soap” Shows For 2014!

This gallery contains 2 photos.

If you are one of the lonely holdouts who still believe those Housewives who swear that everything on their franchise is REAL… and that nothing is pre-planned or scripted, think again! The producers, writers and other behind-the-scenes people who put … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” MONDAY: KomaKathy Naked “Goddess of ChicagoTrain” Arrested….Duck Dynasty Candidate Wins Election… Kiddy Thieves…WalMart Employees Soliciting For Fellow Employees

We all know that sneaky subhuman and her cannoli-carrying husband took one look at those rules and regulations at the American Sweets Show and decided to bug out early… ’cause the rule and regs said that there was NO refund to … Continue reading


KATHY WAKILE: Leaves American Sweets Show In The Dust… Tough Luck For Attendees!!… What Really Happened…

This gallery contains 4 photos.

Apparently, that appearance contract with the first annual American Sweets Show was not like those iron-clad Bravo contracts! The American Sweets contract probably was much more loosely-worded … especially when there are notices such as this scattered amongst the AmericanSweetsShow … Continue reading


KATHY WAKILE: What Happened? KomaKathy A No-Show At American Sweets Show… We’re Givin’ KomaK A Break On This One!… CORRECTION! KomaKathy and RancidRichie Give Attendees The Slip!

This gallery contains 6 photos.

As mentioned earlier on SH, KomaKathy and her frozen cannoli were scheduled to appear  today at the first ever American Sweets Show in Schaumburg, IL. KomaKathy and her purse holder, RancidRichie, were no shows… and there are some people on … Continue reading


TERESA GIUDICE, JOE GIUDICE: JuicyJoe Got ANOTHER Trial Delay … Court Date Postponed To 2014

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It is getting difficult to keep track of all the court dates scheduled for JuicyJoe… and all of his rescheduled dates! From MontvillePatch… Originally set for Tuesday, the court date for Joe Giudice’s forgery charges—stemming from a March 2011 arrest— will be … Continue reading

SH **EXCLUSIVE**… MissAndy Spills It To SH!! Says The REALITY Of The Housewives Shows Is Just Like Wresting!

andy wrestlers pg

NOTE:  Any wrestler’s appearance looking freakishly similar to that of  Dr. Phil is purely accidental!   And, yes… MissAndy’s wonky eye IS that wonky!


HOUSEWIVES NEWS: LumpyLapBand Engaged… DrunkOtis And SkankyJo “BikiniWars”… CouplesTherapy… Lisa Vanderpump “Eats McRib”…MissAndy Forms Own Production Company… Dina Manzo, Teresa Giudice “ProjectLadybug”… Sonja Morgan

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MissAndy loved that DrunkOtis played along on WWHL… YAWN.  It’s bikini wars… this time the war is between DrunkOtis and SkankyJo Krupa.  BikiniWars are boooooooooring… what exactly are they trying to prove?  NOTE:  For any of these Housewives who are … Continue reading


YOLANDA FOSTER: Yo’s EX-Husband, Mohamed Hadid, Responds To SkankyJo Rumors!… Mohamed Wants Rumors To Stop!… Says DrunkOtis Is LIAR!… Yolanda Prefers David…

This gallery contains 5 photos.

Hmmmm…. Well, DrunkOtis swears that LisaVanDownByTheRiver was also involved in that conversation!  Let’s hear from LisaVanDweller!! NO foul mouth… but, is very proud of his ‘sex’ room he installs in his houses!   Oh… as he calls it… the “Moroccan … Continue reading


WINNER, WINNER… CHICKEN DINNER!! MORE Winners In The Gorga Caption Contest!!

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  THANKS TO SH READER “ANA CEPHALY”!!  THANKS TO “DENNIE ZEN”!!!  (Sorry… should read “POOPular!)  THANKS TO “JD”!!!    THANKS TO “MOMA JACKIE”!!!  THANKS TO “ROMO”!!! THANKS TO “MATT”!! These winning captioneers get a big “ThankYou”!!! And, of course, a … Continue reading


KYLE RICHARDS: Still Insists That Her “Reality” Show Is ALL REAL!

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WHY???  Why does HagfaceKyle Richards continue to insist in every frickin’ interview she does that everything on her “reality” show is real? HagfaceKyle was asked the same question in her most recent interview… the interviews which take place just before … Continue reading


RHOBH Season Four Premiere Episode… Preview Part II… Brandi Gets A New House… Looks Like Her Old House!

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  “JR” is Jonathan Ruiz… the totally phony baloney setup date for Drunk Otis waaaaay back in August 2012, waaaaaay before HagfaceKyle’s WhiteParty.  Jonathan ditched bein’ a talent agent for CAA to work for MOOOO-RitzEO as a real estate agent … Continue reading