PT HOUSEWIFE Scathing Personal Book Review… PiggyDaddy Has Druggie Kid

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PT Housewife has a few customer reviews at for her book… THIS review seems to have some personal information re PT Housewife… the writer states they’re from Washington DC, where Harry Dubin’s family is from. Harry Dubin is the son … Continue reading

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PT HOUSEWIFE: Could This TodayShow Interview BE Any Duller???

PT Housewife visiting with Hoda and KathieLee… PT says nothing that ain’t already known… she’s there to push her book. NOTE:  PT fails to mention that her PoopiePiggy sex-addict Daddy ripped off MaryLouRetton for $1.4 million! PT also fails to … Continue reading


BEFORE NayNay Was An Atlanta Housewife…”Choking Out” KimZolciak POLICE REPORT

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While looking for something else,  came across this October 7, 2008 interview with Nene Leakes BEFORE the Real Housewives of Atlanta premiered… …AND an interview with Nene AFTER the RHOA premiered. NOTE:  In the aftermath of the fallout from the “Saving Our Daughters” Charity … especially NayNay Leakes’ involvement , … Continue reading


FROM THE 2011 SH ARCHIVES … TERESA GIUDICE: Da Joodice’s Are “Leaving The Bankruptcy Behind Us”… VIDEO

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While searching for something else, found this from 2011! TreeJoodice is tryin’ to convince viewers and herself that all the bankruptcy stuff is behind her and Juicy… nice try!!!  Interesting to find items from years ago which don’t turn out … Continue reading


TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR: Wal-Mart On The Outside!… Take The Dialect Quiz!

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    AFTER YOU’RE DONE LOOKIN’ AT THE REST OF THESE “WAL-MART ON THE OUTSIDE” ITEMS… TAKE THE DIALECT QUIZ AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST!! DIALECT:  a form of a language that is spoken in a particular area and … Continue reading


CAMILLE PAGLIA: Camille Gets A Seat Of Honor At SH… Ms. Paglia Talks Of The Male Destruction… And Why College Is NOT Necessary!

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After reading the latest item written by Camille Paglia, she deserves a seat of honor at SH.  Ms. Paglia’s views are ones which are shared by thinking minds.  Ms. Paglia does not attack other’s views; she is simply stating her … Continue reading



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After many reminders of the dumbazz words which heave and erupt from the Housewives mouths, have relegated HagfaceKyle’s “winning words” to the side… and will feature MORE ridiculousness gushed from the Housewives! Today will feature the intellect of one of … Continue reading


REAL NEWS: Happy FAKE Kwanzaaa… College President’s Pay… 83 Hard-to-Believe Numbers From 2013… Wall Streeter Says “Be Prepared”

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NOTE:  Please click the underlined words to link to more info…   Let’s take a look at what’s REALLY goin’ on in the REAL world! “Happy Kwanzaaa” to those who actually believe that this is an ACTUAL day(s) to celebrate. … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Duck Dynasty… Light Bulbs… MissAndy’s Boss, Frances Berwick

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NOTE:  Please click the underlined words to read more at the link… “Where’s your spine, America?”  Perhaps you need reminding of a few important facts. Here goes: 1. The President is NOT a king Barack Obama does not behave like … Continue reading


Not only are Veterans benefits being screwed with, but in less than two weeks, home health care for the elderly will be slashed.   What will happen to these people who are getting health care in the comfort of their own home?  Off to Zeke Emanuel’s kill ‘em ’cause their old institutions…and they said there are no death panels!!

Wake up, people… you don’t care because this doesn’t affect you?  Well, there’s MORE coming, which will affect you!

From DirectorBlue:





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ORIGINALLY POSTED AUGUST 25, 2013… RE-POSTED OCTOBER 6, 2013… In light of the DuckDynasty controversy, this deserves a THIRD go-round!  Alan, eldest of the DuckDynasty Robertsons… with his bearded brothers It is no wonder that Duck Dynasty’s premiere episode attracted … Continue reading


TAMBALLS “I WANT MY KIDS ON TV” UPDATE: Judge Orders Independent Evaluations…

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From ROL… This is NOT good for Tamballs! The judge presiding over Tamball’s request to include her kids in filming the RHOC has ordered an independent custody evaluation and investigation to determine if Tamballs and Simon Barney’s three children should … Continue reading


CAMILLE PAGLIA: Camille on Duck Dynasty Controversy… PC Police Are “Utterly Facist, Utterly Stalinist”…

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For the first time in my life…  I am proud of Camille Paglia!! Could not have said it any better! “I speak with authority here because I was openly gay before the ‘Stonewall Rebellion,’ when it cost you something to … Continue reading


SH ***EXCLUSIVE***… Tamballs Sellin’ MORE Stuff On Ebay… AND The REAL Reason Tamballs Wants Her Kids On The RHOC!!

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Tamballs wants you to buy her Christmas stuff!!  AND, the REAL reason…  for wantin’ her kids on the Real Housewives of Orange County!! Here’s an idea for Tamballs to make those filming problems disappear:  Why not proceed with those surrogacy/adoption plans … Continue reading


HOUSEWIVES NEWS: JuicyJoe Giudice In Court For Drivers License… SkankyJo 2014 Calendar… “Affluenza” Parents Scofflaws… DrunkOtis’ Story Line Done Before… FEBUS Christmas

JuicyJoe Giudice in court today for a status meeting with the judge.  No plea deal was reached; trial date set for January 6; no need for Tree to be there.  If found guilty at trial, Juicy is looking at a … Continue reading

TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR: Downton Abbey…

Been obsessed with Downton Abbey since the series began airing on PBS… so obsessed that in preparation for season four, watched a DowntonAbbey marathon via AmazonVideo over the weekend.  Yes, all three seasons viewed in two days!  Watching episodes back-to-back, nuances are caught and the plots woven throughout the season are better understood.

Hopefully, there are some SH readers who are also DowntonAbbey fans!

Season Four of DowntonAbbey premieres January 5, 2014:

Matthew’s death…

New additions in Season Four…


SH **EXCLUSIVE**!!! Top Five Torture Songs Replaced… By Housewives Tunes!… New Top Torture Song… Melissa Gorga’s “On Display”!!

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The five songs used to torture people…has been replaced! The US government was deluged with protests, led by many members of the band’s mentioned, after this “top five torture song” list was published by TIME in October 2013… just three … Continue reading

FOR HOUSEWIVES KIDS ONLY: A New Court Decision…A New Legal Diagnosis “Affluenza”

A Texas judge gave a 16-year-old boy probation … and a stay at a $450,000 a year rehab facility… for plowing into and KILLING four people.

The attorney for the drunk at the wheel killer said that the child is suffering from “affluenza.”  AFFLUENZA:  Having wealthy parents who give their child anything they want.


NOTE:  Here’s an idea… put his parents on trial for afflicting their child with “affluenza”!   Also… this “child” was stopped last year for DUI with a 14-year-old girl, who was passed out, in his vehicle.  He was 15-years-old and was let off… not even any points taken from his driving record!  Moral of the story:  In the legal system… Money TALKS, all others go directly to jail!  Any questions, please direct them to Roy Black…

TODAY IS PEARL HARBOR DAY: A Fitting Tribute To All Who Served…

Today is the 72nd anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day.  Please take a moment to acknowledge this historical day and the people, many in their teens, who lost their lives fighting for the US in WWII.

In searching for a video to honor Pear Harbor Day, came across another video… a more fitting tribute to not only those who served in WWII, but to all who served.

Something very special happened at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington DC on December 3…



NOTE:  If you have never been to the Air and Space Museum, it is a jaw-dropping display of aeronautics and more… if you do visit, make sure you take in one of the Museum’s IMAX movies.  Spectacular!

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS… PREVIEW: Part I… Desperate Brandi Glanville Talks TMI Sex… For Her Book!… Where’s Yolanda Foster??

The RHOBH is going deep into Orange County territory!  DrunkOtis is now officially the Tamballs of BH… DrunkOtis will do or say anything.   This is waaaaay too much TMI.  Nice try to blanket this conversation as “book research”… that’s what DrunkOtis’ ghostwriter is paid to do!

Are the rating for the RHOBH that dismal that DrunkOtis wants all to know this crap?  Is Kim Richards right about DrunkOtis bein’ a “Slut Pig”??   WHY wasn’t DrunkOtis’ great friend and BFF, Yolanda, in on this discussion???


We give this preview 3837463,99384,378463 Hagfaces!