FROM THE 2011 SH ARCHIVES … TERESA GIUDICE: Da Joodice’s Are “Leaving The Bankruptcy Behind Us”… VIDEO

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TERESA GIUDICE: Are The Signatures The Same???… Federal Indictment Charges Stem From 2009 Bankruptcy Case…

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There has been plenty of chatter about Teresa Giudice and her 39-Count Federal Indictment.    NOTE:  You can read the 39-count indictment at:    Some of what has been said include: Tree will be given “special” treatment because she’s a mother … Continue reading


Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice… TREE’S BANKRUPTCY TRIAL DROPPED!!

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Real Housewives of New Jersey: It’s An SH **EXCLUSIVE** Joe Giudice… WHO IS THAT GIRL???

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Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice… Mystery Tweets

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Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice… Bankruptcy and Their Restaurant

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Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice… On Celebrity Apprentice

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  No, I wouldn’t run away like Nene did… I would just tell dem Trump guys dat Milania won’t stop buggin’ Joe and if I don’t get back to Jersey, Joe’s gonna throw her out in da snow and leave her … Continue reading


Real Housewives of New Jersey: The Giudices… At Giuseppe’s Pizzeria

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Real Housewives of New Jersey: The “New” Jersey Housewife… Does SH Haveta Write “Exclusive” All Over This???

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Real Housewives of New Jersey: Blogs: Jax Laurita’s Bravo Blog Is Up!! Everyone’s In!!

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Real Housewives of New Jersey… Teresa and Joe Giudice Visit Their Attorney…

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                                            Like how much can I lie about our bankruptcy?   How about this much??? Tree and Joe go their lawyer… … Continue reading


Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice… Let’s Discuss

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Real Housewives: Stoopid Housewives Stuff… 6-29-11 UPDATE

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Real Housewives of New Jersey: Juicy Guidice’s Brother Did It…

Juicy’s brother is the reason for his arrest on Friday… The Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Tree Joo-dice’s husband, ‘Juicy’ Joe Joo-dice, was arrested last Friday for fraudulently obtaining a New Jersey driver’s license because his own license was— and … Continue reading

Real Housewives of New Jersey: Judge says: “Pay Up, Joe…”

The following has been taken from Federal Bankruptcy Court documents filed January 3, 2011, pertaining to Giuseppe Giudice and Teresa Giudice, Case No. 09-39032MS, Mastropole v. Giudice.

It seems as though Teresa,  Mrs. ‘I don’t know anything’ Juicy Joo-dice swore to her own attorney that she DID sign documents:

“The Giudices filed their Chapter 7 bankruptcy  petition on October 29, 2009.  Mastropole filed the immediate adversary proceeding on January 29, 2010.  Between those two dates, the standard § 341(a) meeting of creditors was held in the Giudices bankruptcy case.  J. Giudice testified under oath regarding the June 14, 2007 discharge of the Mastropole mortgage.

Plaintiff’s witnesses were Mastropole, Testa, Ms. Gomez (the purported notary on the contested mortgage discharge), Ms. Rodriguez (the witness on the same mortgage discharge), and Teresa Giudice.    Defendants called only J. Giudice.

Mastropole clearly, consistently and firmly denied authorizing J. Giudice to execute the critical discharge of mortgage on his behalf.  He stated that he was unaware of the discharge until it came to light in 2008 litigation brought on by his attorney to enforce the June 13, 2007 settlement.  This witness, a licensed real estate broker, was plainly outraged by what he believed was J. Giudice’s forging of his name.  In this court’s view, Mastropole’s overall testimony, angry and aggressive in tone, was uncoached, from his “viscera,” ringing with indignation, and truthful.

It is noted that Mastropole and J. Giudice were in close proximity to one another at all times relevant, with Mastropole being in his first floor office and J. Giudice being in separate offices in that same building on the second floor.  There is no logical explanation by J. Giudice for not obtaining the actual signature of the nearby and readily available Mastropole, if Mastropole had truly agreed to the mortgage discharge in June, 2007.

Juicy and Tree Joo-dice

Mastropole did not implicate Teresa Giudice in any of the actual business affairs between himself and J. Giudice, other than that she had been a titleholder to certain property (not part of the East Orange multifamily developments).

GOMEZ Testimony:

Carolina Gomez testified she had worked for J. Giudice, starting in January 2006 while in high school.  She worked in real estate management for him until March 2007.  She was a notary publicHer seal and purported signature acknowledging the “Mastropole” signature appears on the critical June 14, 2007 discharge of mortgage (Exhibit P-6).

The witness categorically denied acknowledging Mastropole’s signature on Exhibit P-6 or affixing her seal to the document.  She was not employed by J. Giudice on that date.  In fact, J. Giudice admits to having affixed her stamp and seal and signing the former employee’s name as if she had acknowledged the Mastropole signature.

Ms. Gomez testified that she had called J. Giudice some time after her March 2007 departure from J. Giudice’s employ, asking him about her notary stamp and seal which she had left in her desk.  J. Giudice told her he had thrown everything out.

Ms. Gomez testified that by her observation Teresa Giudice was not actively involved in the Mastropole-Giudice real estate ventures.

TESTA Testimony:

Attorney Testa took the witness stand on November 19 and December 14 and 15, 2010. (Witness Rodriguez testified between segments of the Testa testimony.)  Testa said he represented the Giudices in the business divorce litigation with Mastropole, which was to have culminated with the June 13, 2007 Settlement Agreement (Exhibit P-4,  executed by Testa on behalf of his clients).

It’s lookin’ bad, Joe

Testa’s initial testimony about the events surrounding the June 13, 2007 Settlement Agreement confirmed that he made some changes in a draft provided by Mastropole’s counsel, and had it retyped with his firm’s “header.” He identified the personal guarantee (Exhibit P-5 required by the settlement), appearing to have been signed by Teresa and J. Giudice and witnessed by Testa.

As to his witnessing the Giudices ’ signatures, Testa said that J. Giudice signed in his presence, but Teresa’s signature was already on the guarantee when her husband brought it to him.

The attorney said he “would not accept that that way.” Testa said he telephoned Teresa. He questioned her about the document, went through it with her, “and made sure that was, in fact, her signature.”


Note to Tree:  Will you be answering questions re your bankruptcy next week during your appearance at The Learning Annex?

Mastropole 1, Giudice 0


A New Jersey judge has ordered the shady husband of Real Housewives of New Jersey spendaholic Teresa Giudice to pay $260,000 to a former business partner, has exclusively learned.

In a damning finding, Judge Morris Stern found Joe Giudice forged ex-pal Joe Mastropole‘s signature on a mortgage document and then spun a “web of lies” in order to take out another loan and pocket $1 million.

Suggesting Joe had a “lack of credibility“, Judge Stern also ordered the house husband — who along with Teresa are almost $11 million in debt — to pay back the money despite their legal claim for bankruptcy protection.

“The signing of Mastropole’s name was a forgery… exhibiting willfulness and malice toward a former friend and current adversar,” Judge Stern wrote in his judgment, handed down in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Newark on Monday.

Joo-dice victim, Joe Mastropole

The extraordinary web of lies and misrepresentations woven by Giudice to implement and cover his misconduct reflects on his approach to business matters and suggest his disregard for legal restraints which would bind others.”  Judge Stern added: “Joe Giudice was both thoroughly unconvincing as a witness and unbounded as a prevaricator in spinning a tale about the events.”

This order upholds a previous October 2009 judgment Mastropole won in the case, which has been in dispute because the Giudices filed for bankruptcy.  Lawyers for the big spending Giudices’ confessed Joe signed the document but said he did so with Mastropole’s permission.   He also admitted forging his wife’s name on everything from their mortgage to his business documents, in addition to that of a notary and an employee.

Speaking exclusively to, Mastropole’s attorney Monica Chacon said the judge’s findings proved the TV house husband was a “liar, cheat and a fraud!

“Little by little the truth is starting to show who these people really are and exactly what they are all about,” Chacon said.  “The question now is after being declared a fraud and having the debt to Mastropole survive the bankruptcy, will the Giudices ever actually pay it or will this continue to be a game of catch me if you can?”

They listed Neiman’s… owing them $5,196.07

When Teresa took the stand in the case last December, she told court she had no idea she declared bankruptcy until well after papers were filed.  Claims against her were later dropped, as reported.

“Apparently Teresa is too stupid to know what her husband has been doing or she has got us all fooled,” Chacon said before she warned: “Her day of reckoning is still to come.”


Real Housewives of New Jersey: Giudice Bankruptcy Update…Paying Attention Kim G???

Yesterday, December 14, 2010, was the last day to file objections to the sale of Teresa and Joe Giudice’s fabulous property, the same property that was to be auctioned at the A.J. Willner Auction Company in Springfield NJ (

The auction was called off and a deal struck for the Joo-dices to keep their furnishings and household items for a mere $54,405.00.

teresa.joe_.giudice.court_-490x540.jpg                                                                    Teresa and Joe Giudice on their way to court…

If none of their creditors filed an objection yesterday, Joe and Tree will keep their property for their agreed to payment of $54,405.00.

However, if someone wants to pay more than $54,405.00 for the Joo-dice’s stuff, they were required to submit their request to purchase along with their stated higher bid in writing to the court yesterday, December 14.

kim-ggg.jpg                                         Tom (the “celebrity magnet”) and Kim gardening at her home

Part-time RHONJ pot-stirrer, Kim Granatell, was going to purchase all of the Joo-dice’s fabulousity when it was up for auction.  Hopefully, Kim kept up with the bankruptcy particulars and submitted a bid by yesterday’s deadline.

Note to Kim:  Did you remember to call your attorney to place a bid yesterday???  I hope that Tom isn’t consuming ALL of your interests…

Here are the documents pertaining to the sale of the Joo-dice’s items:



District of New Jersey, MLK Jr Federal Building, 50 Walnut Street, Newark, NJ 07102


John Sywilok, Trustee in the above-captioned case, proposed a private sale of certain property of the estate to the persons and on the terms described below.

If any creditor or other party in interest has an objection to the sale, the objection and a request for a hearing on such objection shall be in writing, served upon the person named below, the Trustee, and the Clerk of the United States Bankruptcy Court.

Such objection and request shall be filed with the Clerk and served upon the person named below on or before December 14, 2010.

In the event an objection is timely filed, a hearing will be held before the Honorable Morris Stern on:

DATE: 1/3/11                        TIME: 10:00AM                      COURTROOM: 3A

If no objection is filed with the Clerk and served upon the person named below on or before December 14, 2010, the sale will be consummated on or after the fifth day following the last day to file objections.


The Household Furniture as set forth on Exhibit “A.”

The proposed purchasers are Giuseppe and Teresa Giudice, the debtors herein.

The Sale Price is $15,000.00.   Said sale to be free and clear of liens, with liens, if any, to attach to proceeds.  The debtors are entitled to exemptions and have asserted those exemptions totaling $39,405.00.

Any higher bid would have to be the amount of the offer plus the allowed exemption of $39,405.00.   Any offer thus must exceed the sum of $54,405.00.

Higher or better offers may be submitted to the selling party no later than the date set for objections set forth above.   Request for additional information about the property to be abandoned should be directed to the Trustee at:  John Sywilok, Godlesky & Sywilok, 51 Main Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601

If Kim G let the opportunity to own a fine piece of Joo-dicery slip through her hands, I would hope that ONE of these fine creditors just ONE as there are more would have placed a bid… these are some of the people and/or companies that the Joo-dices ripped off were unable to pay because the main source of their income dried up and they were unfortunately forced to file for bankruptcy for a ‘fresh start':

The following entities were noticed by first class mail on Dec 01, 2010.

db/jdb +Giuseppe Giudice, Teresa Giudice, 6 Indian Lane, Towaco, NJ 07082-1005

aty +Bruce H. Dexter, 90 Main Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601-7176

aty +Godlesky & Sywilok, Esqs., 51 Main Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601-7088

smg U.S. Attorney, 970 Broad St., Room 502, Rodino Federal Bldg., Newark, NJ 07102-2534

smg +United States Trustee, Office of the United States Trustee, One Newark Center, Suite 2100, Newark, NJ 07102-5235

auc +AJ Willner Auctions, LLC, 560 Springfield Avenue, POB 1012,Westfield(Springfield), NJ 07081-5012

cr +America’s Servicing Company as servicing agent for, Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg, PC, 400 Fellowship Rd Ste 100, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054-3437

cr +America’s Servicing Company, servicer for HSBC Ban, Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg PC,400 Fellowship Rd Ste 100, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054-3437

cr +Dime Savings Bank of Williamsburg, c/o 1125 Atlantic Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401-4806

intp +John A. Testa, Mizzone & Testa, P.A., 245 Paterson Ave, Little Falls, NJ 07424-4629

intp +Mizzone & Testa, P.A., Mizzone & Testa, P.A., 245 Paterson Ave, Little Falls, NJ 07424-4629

cr +Putnam Leasing Company LLC, 300 Main Street, Stamford, CT 06901-3032

cr +Wachovia Bank, National Association, McCarter & English, LLP, Four Gateway Center, 100 Mulberry Street, Attn. Sheila E. Calello, Newark, NJ 07102-4056

cr +William C. Sarasino, Esq. on behalf of Joseph Mast, c/o Bavagnoli & Bavagnoli, LLC, 12 Furler Street, PO Box 147, Totowa, NJ 07511-0147

510169953 +Americas Servicing Company, P.O. Box 10328, Des Moines, IA 50306-0328

510169955 Amtrust Bank, P.O. Box 742579, Cincinnati, OH 45274-2579

510523953 +Athenia Mason Supply, 72 Mina Avenue, Clifton, NJ 07011-1838

510310900 +BEP, LTD, c/o Robyne D. LaGrotta, Esq., 77 Jefferson Place, Totowa, NJ 07512-2614

510169956 Bloomingdales, Department Stores National Bank, MCCS- Central, P.O. Box 81113,Mason, OH 45040

510523954 Celentano, Stadtmauer & Walentowicz, LLP, PO Box 2594, Clifton, NJ 07015-2594

510169957 +Citi Cards, P.O. Box 6500, Sioux Falls, SD 57117-6500

510169959 +Citicorp Credit Services, Inc., P.O. Box 653095, Dallas, TX 75265-3095

510169960 +Community Bank of Bergen County, 210 Rochelle Avenue, Rochelle Park, NJ 07662-4111

510523955 +Crosstown Plumbing Supply, 196 South Grove Street, East Orange, NJ 07018-3913

510169961 +Dan Ban Construction, LLC, c/o Michael Walker, Esq., 14 Countryside Lane, Suite 102, Ringwood, NJ 07456-2742

510169962 +Dime Savings Bank of Williamsburgh, 201 Havemeyer Street, Brooklyn, New York 11211-6206

510310902 +Dominion Financial Corporation, 1245 Hewlett Plaza, PO Box 261, Hewlett, NY 11557-0261

510654794 +Dominion Financial Corporation, c/o Dominion Management Company, 200 Madison Avenue 24th Floor, New York, NY 10016-4001

510310903 +Elliott Glass Co., Inc., c/o Gaccione, Pomaco & Malanga, PO Box 96,Belleville, NJ 07109-0096

510169963 Excelsior Lumber Company, Inc., 140 Hamburg Turnpike, P.O. Box 817, Butler, New Jersey 07405-0817

510221482 ++FORD MOTOR CREDIT COMPANY, PO BOX 6275, DEARBORN MI 48121-6275 (address filed with court: Ford Motor Credit Company LLC, Dept 55953, P O Box 55000, Detroit MI 48255-0953)

510310904 +Ford Motor Credit Company, LLC, One American Road, Dearborn, MI 48126-2701

510310905 +GMAC, c/o David R. Lyons, Esq., PO Box 1269, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054-7269

510237075 +HSBC Bank Nevada, N.A., Bass & Associates, P.C., 3936 E. Ft. Lowell Rd, Suite 200, Tucson, AZ 85712-1083

510169966 HSBC Card Services, PO Box 80084, Salinas, CA 93912-0084

510523956 +Hackensack University Medical Center, PO Box 48027, Newark, NJ 07101-4827

510169964 Home Depot Credit Services, P.O. Box 689100, Des Moines, IA 50368-9100

511142474 ++INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, CENTRALIZED INSOLVENCY OPERATIONS, PO BOX 21126,PHILADELPHIA PA 19114-0326 (address filed with court: Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, Centralized Insolvency Operation, PO Box 21226, Philadelphia, PA 19114)

510169967 Jersey Central Power & Light, 76 South Main Street, A-RPC, Akron, OH 44308-1890

510227477 +Jersey Central Power and Light et al., 331 Newman Springs Rd., Building 3,Red Bank,NJ 07701-5688

510169968 +John Fellgraff, A.I.A., c/o Rubenstein, Meyerson, Fox, et. al., One Paragon Drive, Suite 240, Montvale, New Jersey 07645-1744

510169969 +Joseph Mastropole, c/o Sarcino & Sarcino, L.L.C., 500 Union Boulevard,Totowa, New Jersey 07512-2579

510523957 +Matarazzo Engineering, LLC, 575 Route 46 West, Fairfield, NJ 07004-1907

510169971 +Michael P. DeMarco, Esq., DeMarco & DeMarco, 912 Belmont Avenue,Haledon, New Jersey 07508-2550

510169972 Neiman Marcus, P.O. Box 729080, Dallas, TX 75372-9080

510310906 +New York City Department of Finance, Parking Violations, PO Box 3600,New York, NY 10008-3600

510549515 +New York City Department of Finance, 59 Maiden Lane, New York, NY 10038-4613

510310907 +Norman Barna, 12 Ravine Court, Clifton, NJ 07013-1417

510169974 North Hudson IVF, c/o Pressler & Pressler, LLP, 7 Entin Road,Parsippany, New Jersey 07054-5020

510169975 +North Shore Agency, Inc., 270 Spagnoli Road, Melville, New York 11747-3516

510169976 Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC, P.O. Box 785063, Orlando, Florida 32878-5063

510396451 +PYOD LLC its successors and assigns as assignee of, Citibank, c/o Resurgent Capital Services,

PO Box 19008, Greenville, SC 29602-9008 510523958 +Passmore Cook Landscaping, 84 Main Avenue, Montville, NJ 07045-9572

510169977 +Phelan Hallinan and Schmieg, P.C., 400 Fellowship Road, Suite 100, Mount Laurel, New Jersey 08054-3437

510310908 +Putnam Leasing Company, LLC, 300 Main Street, 6th Floor, Stamford, CT 06901-3032

510895714 Ronnie R. Sanchez, 399 Lexington Ave. #3, Clifton,NJ 07011-2391

510169978 +Ruby Persha and Stacy Persha, c/o Andrew H. Graulich, Esq., 17 Academy Street, Suite 111, Newark, New Jersey 07102-2923

511030141 ++STATE OF NEW JERSEY, DIVISION OF TAXATION BANKRUPTCY UNIT, PO BOX 245, TRENTON NJ 08646-0245 (address filed with court: State of New Jersey, Dept of Treasury, Division of Taxation, PO Box 245, Trenton, NJ 08695)

510523959 +Tungol, 425 McBride Avenue, Paterson, NJ 07501-2595

510310910 +United States Elevator, Inc., 1275 Bloomfield Avenue, Bldg 9, Unit 81, Fairfield, NJ 07004-2736

510310909 +United Telecomp, LLC, c/o Connell Foley, LLP, 85 Livingston Avenue, Roseland, NJ 07068-3736

510169980 +Victoria Wozniak and William Wozniak, c/o John E. Keefe, Jr., Esq., 830 Broad Street, Shrewsbury, New Jersey 07702-4215

510169983 ++WACHOVIA BANK NA, PO BOX 13765, ROANOKE VA 24037-3765(address filed with court: Wachovia Bank, N.A., 301 South College Street, Charlotte, NC 28288)

510169983 ++WACHOVIA BANK NA, PO BOX 13765, ROANOKE VA 24037-3765 (address filed with court: Wachovia Bank, N.A., 301 South College Street, Charlotte, NC 28288)

510310912 ++WACHOVIA BANK NA, PO BOX 13765, ROANOKE VA 24037-3765 (address filed with court: Wachovia Bank, National Association, Mail Code VA 7628, PO Box 13327, Roanoke, VA 24040)

510169981 Wachovia, P.O. Box 6549558, San Antonio, TX 78265-9558, Attn: Loan Service Customer Support

510169984 Wachovia Bank, National Association, c/o McCarter & English, LLP, Four Gateway Center, 100 Mulberry Street, Newark, New Jersey 07102

510310911 Wachovia Bank, National Association, c/o McCarter & English, LLP, Four Gateway Center, 100 Mulberry Street, Newark, NJ 07102

510392499 +William C. Saracino, Esq. on behalf, of Joseph Mastropole, c/o Bavagnoli & Bavagnoli, LLC, 12 Furler Street/PO Box 147, Totowa, NJ 07511-0147

510392495 +William C. Saracino, Esq. on behalf, of Joseph Mastropole, c/o Bavangoli & Bavagnoli, LLC, 12 Furler Street/PO Box 147, Totowa, NJ 07511-0147

510412501 +Williams, Caliri, Miller & Otley, P.C., 1428 Route 23, Wayne, NJ 07470-5826

510169985 Williams, Caliri, Miller & Otley, P.C., 1428 Route 23, Wayne, New Jersey 07470-5826

Some photos of Tree Joo-dice…. just for the hell of it

teresahousewives.jpg  YIKES!!!



Before and After Nose and Boob Surgeries






RHONJ Teresa Juicy arrow


giudice teresa


GIUDICE BANKRUPTCY WANTS SYMPATHY has an interesting take on the Joo-dice bankruptcy. The Joo-dice’s attorney, James Kridel, wants the US Bankruptcy Court to accept the Joo-dice’s bankruptcy filing. Mr. Kridel says that if the bankruptcy is denied, it will rip the Joo-dice family apart and that some of the people involved have no knowledge of some of the claims.

Oh puh-leeze, Mr. Kridel. If there is any ripping apart of the Joo-dice family, it is their own doing and we all know that Teresa is the ‘innocent’ party you speak of.

Mr. Kridel, did you see your cilent’s documents? The documents that Teresa signed? Who is the innocent party Mr. Kridel speaks of???


Radar’s story: