TERESA GIUDICE: Tree’s Nerves of Steel… OR Total Dumbassery!… Will Probably Waive Her Arraignment Appearance

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KimD has opened the doors of her Posche Boutique for Tree’s adoring fans to buy her latest cookbook, “Fabulicious On The Grill”… Tree will be there until 8:30 or 9:00 pm… depending on which release you prefer! Is Tree outta … Continue reading

TERESA GIUDICE, JOE GIUDICE: Indictment Issued Because They’re “Famous”…

What a crock!  Da Joodice’s attorneys are claiming that the Feds are after Tree and Juicy because they are high-profile “famous” people.   Juicy’s atty also said the same re Juicy’s driver’s license case.



NOTE:  The rest of the interview can be seen at… IMO, EX-Housewife Alex McCord and Omarosa are talkin’ outta their armpits.



REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Which Housewives Are Talkin’??… All RHONJ Muzzled By Bravo!… No One Talkin’, ‘Cept KimG!

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After a quick perusal of the latest goings with the sub-human New Jersey Housewives, the NJ Wives are silent not only re the Joodice case, but none of the Wives are chatting it up on twitter.  The RHONJ have been … Continue reading


TERESA GIUDICE, JOE GIUDICE: What Will Happen To The Joodices???… The Top Three Questions… It’s a Hard-Knock Housewives Life!

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The top three questions re the Joodices. Ex-RHONY says the Joodices will have to become professional “reality” show people… which is precisely what Silex had done!  However, those “reality” show gigs for ex-Housewives are drying up! KimZ says that being … Continue reading

TERESA GIUDICE, JOE GIUDICE: Tree and Juicy Leaving Newark Courthouse… “Can You Pay For The Honda”?

Tree and Juicy being barraged by reporters questions as they leave the Newark Federal Courthouse…


FROM THE SH ARCHIVES: RHONJ Cast Questioned By IRS In 2011…

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This following item was originally posted on SH December 14, 2011… NOTE:  THIS is why there was talk of Juicy goin’ to jail at the last RHONJ reunion show… the other NJ Housewives knew… Joe and Teresa Giudice… This news provided … Continue reading


Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice… Says She Owns LOTS of Properties

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      ORIGINALLY POSTED ON SEPTEMBER 4 2011…                                                             Yeah, I … Continue reading

The Salamis… Scammer Update

The Salamis doin’ their usual smilin’, ‘cocked head’ pose

Michaele Salami just won’t give up and go away… remember her from the Real Housewives of DC???   She has entered this on her facebook page in the hopes that Bravo Andy will read it and remember who she is:

“A MS awareness “Real” message: “When Reality gets too Real for TV” Some TV executives struggle on how to deal with real life illnesses, in my case a Real Housewife with Multiple Sclerosis… How do you think a network like Bravo will handle it? These are the real hard issues that face persons with disabilities throughout the world with their employers or contractors. Watch what happens!”

NOTE: Is her message a dare to Bravo and Andy (TV executive) in particular?  If Bravo does not renew RHODC for a second season (which is not likely), will Missy have the big burglar balls to sue them for discriminating against a ‘disabled’ person?  Missy claims that she is afflicted with MS, but she has yet to produce any legitimate recent test results or doctor’s affidavits to confirm her diagnosis.  Scammer, con artist pros such as the Salamis will do anything to remain in the public eye and will do anything to generate income, such as suing Bravo and Miss Andy… Missy’s last line says it all:  ‘Watch what happens!’  Yeah, we’re watchin’ you, Missy…



Doin’ their usual pose…

WASHINGTON –More than a year after photogenic Tareq and Michaele Salahi crashed the White House and caused an uproar, it appears unlikely the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington will  file charges in the case, has learned.

That conclusion, according to a source, comes after an exhaustive investigation, and after some law enforcement officials had pushed for criminal charges.  The couple crashed the White House party on Nov. 24, 2009, and created an embarrassment for the U.S. Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security.

Federal authorities had reportedly been looking at possibly charging the couple with criminally trespassing or lying to a federal agent. But some observers inside the Beltway felt all along that it would have been a tough case to prosecute, particularly  considering that the couple insisted they were invited, did nothing to disguise themselves when they entered the White House, and even posed with the vice president.  Plus, in the end, fair to say, very few people in the public wanted to see the Salahis back in the limelight.

Bill Miller, a spokesman for U.S. Attorney’s Office, declined comment.


Real Housewives of New Jersey: KimG… How Teresa Giudice Gets Away With (Not) Buying Stuff

Real Housewives of New Jersey ex-cast member, Kim Granatell now writes a weekly tribble for  This week she’s writing a first-hand account about a scammer ‘acquaintance’ of hers… but it’s so obvious that she’s writing about Treetrunk Joo-dice.

So, here’s the question:  Why is she writing this now?  This is such old news… about two years old, at least.  Everyone knows this is how Tree rolls and we all know about how she and Juicy built their marble mausoleum.  So why now???  And why the secrecy?  Why not just come out and name names?  And, really Kim, is this all you got about Tree and Juicy???  How about answering the question about who TaraD is???  Now that would be some interesting stuff!!!  The best person to have any say whatsoever about the Joo-dice’s marble mansion would be Joe Mastropole, the guy they ripped off to build their place…

granatellKIM013111_optBY KIM GRANATELL

I so often talk about this subject and wonder about two things:

1) How does one sleep at night and

2) How do they get away with it?

I took the title, “Catch Me If You Can,” from a real life story of a man who, before his 19th birthday, successfully conned millions of dollars from people by posing as a Pam American pilot, a doctor, and a lawyer. His primary crime was check fraud; he was so good at it that eventually the FBI turned to him for his help to catch other check forgers. The movie’s worth watching if you haven’t seen it!

I have, throughout my life, been surrounded by people who have committed fraud and scammed others. Not that these people were my friends, but people I have known and come across.   I actually was approached by a guy to invest in a business that I found out later never existed. He was just so convincing. I saw the lifestyle he had: several homes in all the right zip codes, a private jet, a fleet of luxury cars in a parking lot the size of a mini mall… (and all with other peoples hard earned money). But I was too smart and way ahead of his game, playing him like he was playing others.

These people want what other people have. They basically do not want to work for it or do not have a strong business sense to succeed on their own. Instead of being happy in their own skin, they desire to excel, but at the expense of others…and get away with it!!!

They are Pros. They have a lot of self confidence and feel they are above the law. In many recent conversations with my girlfriend, who is a high powered attorney, I have discussed this topic with her. Some people skirt the law with their actions… often worse than morally bankrupt. They are morally empty.

The example(s) I am about to cite are true and committed by basically one family or person. I have left out the names to protect the Not-So-Innocent individual’s family. The story may be familiar to you. So, here’s how it goes.

It starts with the little things. In one instance, this person went into a local boutique and took (I can’t say bought) hundreds of dollars of clothing for her children, and said “oh I will be back to pay you,” and never went back. She did this on several occasions throughout many boutiques in the area, not just for the children but for herself also.

                                                                                Pay ya later…

From there she graduated on to bigger and better things. She had “wild” spending on credit cards, racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars without a thought in mind to ever pay them. She built an add-on million dollar house (of course not in the right zip code) and bragged about how many more millions it was worth and that it was, indeed, brand new. So not true. It was built on swamp land with a major highway in the backyard.

Further information states that “privacy and tranquility reigns” at the Joo-dice digs but we have to wonder how much tranquility there really can be at a property that backs up to I-287, an extremely bizzy, 4-lane highway out in the middle of nowhere.  She gave minimal deposits to all the contractors on the job and when the time came to make the final payment after the jobs were completed, these guys were “you know what” out of luck.


Can you hear the echo???

Like herself and so many others, she felt a sense of entitlement with her brazen ways and personality, not ever thinking about the people she scammed and the consequences of her actions. In her eyes, she did no wrong and continued to shove it in people’s faces by driving around in brand new cars, designer clothes, etc. etc. without a conscience or any kind of remorse.

In the eyes of the victims and so many others, they look at her and some say “crime pays”. She got away with it and will continue to until the law finally catches up and does something.  And that may take years.  Or it may be sooner than she thinks.

In the meantime, she continues to cruise around like “I did nothing wrong”, continuing to be something that she never was. Something she will never be.


NOTE:  Tree and Juicy’s bankruptcy case continues in July.  Judge Morris Stern has done a great job so far of seeing through these two scammers and, hopefully, will continue to do so…