DAMMIT!!!   We ALL missed a chance to win four nights in a HiltonHead condo!  The condo vacation  giveaway was featured on a local show this morning… the 11th caller was awarded the prize!


WHY, you ask, is this of any importance whatsoever to anyone at SH?  Well, here’s why:  the condo owners are extremely close to one of our SH reader/commenters!

SO… if you are considering a visit to HiltonHead, check out the offerings from NickelsBeach.com!


FOR ALL SH READERS!!!… TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR: The Spectacular Majestic Beautiful GRAND Canyon… AND Mesmerizing “Samsara”

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RHONJ Preview: MELISSA GORGA, JOE GORGA… Can’t Sell Their House…

Bravo Da Gorga’s can’t sell their $3.8 million house.  But first, how ironic that JoeyMarco orders his son to not cry…


For All SH Readers…TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR!… All Others, You Know What To Do!!!

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BLIND ITEM: Well, This Is A “Legally Blind” Item!… Guess The Housewife!

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Real Housewives of New Jersey: The Punta Cana Predicament

The Hard Rock all-inclusive Resort in Punta Cana… Caroline and Big Albie, third from right on the beach

The accommodations for the Real Housewives of New Jersey,  the Hard Rock Hotel Resort in the Dominican Republic:

“The massive complex of 121 acres, boasting more swimming pools than you can count on two hands and almost as many theme clubs and lounges, soft opens to guests on November 1, 2010, with it’s official grand opening coming next spring.   It’s an all-inclusive resort, of course, even though it’s the first all-inclusive Hard Rock Hotel. There’ll be photobooths and live performances all over the place, just be sure to budget for some extra playing in the “Vegas-style casino,” which will have 457 slots and 40 tables.  Enough of the public stuff…what do the actual rooms have?  Well, there’ll be “priceless” music memorabilia all over the darn place, and more so in the villas and Rockstar suites. In the latter, you don’t get a fish tank in your room; you get a jellyfish tank. And don’t forget the mandatory baby grand piano, custom pool table and outdoor fire pits. “



                                     Guess who smashed the guy’s head in with a bar glass??

So, which Housewife got into a heated argument with a male patron at the Hard Rock Resort lounge, hit him over the head with a bar glass and sent him to the hospital?   It’s been verified that there were two Housewives seen at the bar at the time of the incident:  Caroline Manzo and Tree Joo-dice.  Out of the two of them, which one would be the most likely to commit this act of aggression?  Well, I’m not naming names in this specific incident, but I’d like to see Tree go ballistic again.   Real Housewives of New Jersey viewers expect to see Tree go ca-razy at least once per season!

In the upcoming season, it’s been revealed that Tree got into it with her brother, Joe Gorga and his wife, the newest cast member of RHONJ, Melissa, at their son’s christening party and that alone would have filled the requirement for her once-a-season flip out, but this latest explosion gets my vote for the one to see.  Why?

                                                                                                         So sweet and nice… and if you fall for that, you’re a moronic idiot…

Let me gift you with a reasonable scenario:  Tree and Caroline are having nightcaps in the lounge before calling it a night.  Another guest of the Punta Cana Hard Rock Resort is doing the same.  They’ve all been in the lounge enjoying their cocktails, and as it’s an all-inclusive resort, the cocktails continue to replenish.  While enjoying the atmosphere and his drinks, the gentleman is trying to place where he’s seen the two women who are seated across the club room.  After his fourth straight scotch, he realizes that these two are from that show that his wife watches.  Being the gentleman that he is, he asks the server to take them a drink and introduces himself and the women invite him to sit at their table.  The three of them are having a wonderful conversation and as he is finishing up his fifth scotch, more pictures are swirling in his head; he can see the two women in various scenes from the TV show that his wife makes him watch and he can hear the scenes play out while he’s carrying on conversation.

                                                    ‘scuse me!  Do not talk about that bankruptcy stuff …

Right in the middle of Caroline talking about how Albie will be matriculating at Harvard Law School in 2020, the guy asks Tree if she’s the one who had the stuff in her house up for auction, how much did she get for all her crap and isn’t the guy that got screwed out of all that money by her husband also named Joe?

 What he saw right before she clobbered him over da head and he went down… poor guy!

Tree was livid, but just smiled her usual goofy smile and answered in her little baby voice that nothing in her house was sold and all of that is behind her now.  Caroline is still talking about Albie gettin’ into Harvard and how great an attorney he’s gonna be when the guy asks Tree if all of that stuff is true about her husband… that he now makes pizza and lives above the pizza shop with some chick named Tara and their little boy. WHOMP!!!

The guy didn’t know what hit him; he’s on the floor and Tree’s voice has changed back to her normal man-like gutteral yell and is screaching at him that none of that is true and how did he know about Tara; she’s standing over him ready to finish him off with a broken glass aimed right at his jugular when Caroline grabs Tree’s hand and shakes the glass to the floor, just missing the guy’s neck.  The server watched it all and calls for help… Tree and Caroline snake out of the lounge and get to their rooms.

                                                              Don’t ever say ‘Tara’ again…ever… ever… ever… ever.  Let me catch my breath.  OK.  Ever… ever… ever… ever… ever… ever…

Here’s the interesting teeny-tiny tidbit that I hadn’t heard before:  the entire scene was caught on camera! I just hope that Bravo doesn’t ummm… maybe accidentally erase the altercation or decide not to air it because of some ridiculous ‘liability’ dispute or because it’s part of an ongoing lawsuit or some frippy excuse such as that.   Can’t wait to see it…