WINNER, WINNER… CHICKEN DINNER!!! We Have A Winner In The SH Caption Contest!!!

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… Can’t Wait To Try It On Tree!!!” ALL of the caption entries were very funny!!! SH reader “Luigi” is declared the winner!!   “Luigi” said:   “It’s called The KIMDEEsposal. Can’t wait to try it on Tree.”   “Luigi” gets a … Continue reading

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WINNER, WINNER… CHICKEN DINNER!! Another Winning Caption!! Title For Melissa Gorga’s NEXT Book…

The captions were so creative in this Gorga caption contest!!!

SH reader “Stan” has come up with a great caption… the title for MessyGorga’s next book!


WAY TO GO, STAN!!   Stan’s caption “TAMING TARZAN IN TINY TOWN!” is pretty damn funny!!

Stan gets a big “Thank You” and a huge round of applause!!

WINNER, WINNER… CHICKEN DINNER!!… First of Many Winners In The SH Caption Contest!!

There will be many chicken dinners awarded in this particular caption contest!  There were so many winning entries that we’ll be featuring the best ones… in no particular order!

RHONJ caption contest winner

The first is SH reader “BuckHenry’s” caption, “Don’t feel SHORT CHANGED by love…”

“BuckHenry” gets a big ThankYou and a huge round of applause!!!




“Thank You” to ALL who shared their great captions!

The WINNER of the caption contest is SH reader “Hoolrah” for comin’ up with “BubbaJax is his one true bride!  After all, they share the same surgeon!”

“Hoolrah” gets a huge thank you and an unending round of applause!!

WINNER, WINNER… CHICKEN DINNER!!… What is BFrankel Thinking??… Caption Contest WINNER!

Poor, poor BLEEEEEECH! BFrankel!  What is going through her pea brain?  The possible thoughts of BFrankel for this caption contest are endless…

WE HAVE A WINNER!!!  SH reader AnaCephaly came up with the winning caption!

RHONY BFrankel caption contest winner


Thank you to all who submitted their captions!!  “AnaCephaly” gets a big THANK YOU and huge round of applause!


WINNER, WINNER… CHICKEN DINNER!! We Have A Caption Contest WINNER!!… In The RHONJ “You Two Are Lovely Together, You Remind Me Of…”

As expected, there were several GREAT captions… for the latest caption contest…

The WINNER of this RHONJ caption contest is “Queen of All Evil’s” entry:  


“Thank You” to ALL the great, creative captions which were submitted!!   Please read them in the comments below…

Winner “Queen of All Evil” gets a very appreciative round of applause!

BREAKING NEWS: **SH EXCLUSIVE**… Slade Smiley Gets New Spinoff Show!!… With Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers!… NO Gretchen Rossi!

Wretched now has a legitimate reason to call off her totally phony baloney made up for the sole purpose of her weak story line wedding to Slimey… she refuses to marry a limo driver!    Crooksy is thrilled to be gettin’ free rides…anywhere.

rhoc slade vicki crooks love tank limo pg


TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR!!!… Let’s Have Some Fun… With STATUES!!

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It’s time for a SH detour… enough of those phony baloney moronic Housewives! Am sooooo sick and tired of the repetitiveness, the bad acting and the bizarre story lines which are forced down viewers throats.  The Housewives franchises started as … Continue reading


THE OTHER SIDE… So You Wanna Start A Housewives Site…??

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As mentioned several times, have been trying to write a book.  However, it is next to impossible to continue this site and write a book. Have been giving it some very careful thought and have decided that perhaps SH readers … Continue reading



Let’s take a look at what’s goin’ on in the REAL world!!!

The massive fire that destroyed part of a Jersey shore boardwalk and scores of businesses began accidentally by wiring damaged in Superstorm Sandy, and should prompt coastal property owners to inspect their own wiring for similar danger, authorities said Tuesday.

Would-be armed robbers try to rob a New Hampshire bingo hall… the Bingo volunteers thwarted the robber: “I just jumped up and yelled ‘Mother (expletive) you’re mine now’ and I just went to town on him and I took him out,” the volunteer recounted.

$200000 tip

A St. Louis waitress really, really believed that a customer left her a $200,000 tip… on a $111.54 bill.   RIIIIIIGHT…

The prank group LAHWF really did spread some decent tips around!  The servers were used to their cameras, and may have known something was up…  the servers did get to keep their $200 tips!

The $10,000… yes, ten thousand dollars… refrigerator.   Expensive, but came in dead last at ConsumerReports!   This refrigerator just has to be friends with Yolanda’s fridge!

If you wanna see some crazy traffic… rush hour driving in HoChiMihnCity.

Clutch your pearls and grab your purses!!!  For the first time in its 32-year history, MEN will be manning the phones at the Butterball Turkey Hotline!


Although Thanksgiving is two months away, there is something that cannot wait until November 25.  I would prefer to reply to each message received and have tried; however, time constraints prevent this.   I have determined that instead of privately responding, will publicly express my thoughts.

To all SH readers who took their treasured time to send a message, I am truly thankful.  I am also truly humbled by your personal experiences expressed in your correspondence… I had no idea how SH touched lives.  I am absolutely astounded… and feel honestly confounded, yet very grateful, at how a little Housewives site could and has affected you.

Please know how appreciative I am of your words.  You cannot imagine how uplifting it feels to receive ONE word of encouragement, ONE word of approval, ONE word of respectfulness, ONE word of laudative expression.  Receiving the MANY messages which included these words was beyond belief.   There are TWO words I wish to say…

thank you.

HOUSEWIVES NEWS: Hat Wearin’ Gorga… RHONJ Plastic Surgeon…Brandi Glanville… Adrienne Maloof… Teresa Giudice

 Bravo RHONJ Andy slumdog pg

If you didn’t know by now… the whole Penny “thing,” which includes @Aarater and @bulldog_NJ (think @RoxyPoxyGirl) is to draw more atten-shun to the chaos of the RHONJ.  Clearly, Bravo has oversight of the Housewives BravoBlogs, their tweets, and other social media.  Is it any wonder that so many are BOOOOORED with these people?

It’s pretty obvious that JoeyMarcoGorga is copying DiCaprio with all the fancy hat switchin’

kassir jax

The first runway show of its kind, a showcase for the plastic surgery of plastic surgeon Dr. Ramtin Kassir, premiered with celebrities including Danielle Staub and BubbaJax of Bravo’s Real Housewives of New Jersey to unveil their latest “work.”

BubbaJax now has some competition!  @BrandiGlanville is in the running for MasterTweeter!    OH… and according to Brandi BLEEEEECH! Glanville’s tweets, she continues her lovefest with YolandaFoster and LisaVanderpump is enemy #1.  Ridiculous… just more junk put out for the purpose of drawing attention to the RHOBH before their season premieres.  Just BOOOOORING…and so predictable.

One of our fave Housewives, Adrienne Magoof, has a brand new boyfriend.  Yes, Adrienne and Rod’s kid have called it quits.  OH, the news like who didn’t see that coming that those two are no longer an item is just heartbreaking!  BUT… Adrienne’s NEW boyfriend is Andy Hnilo, a model and “actor”!!!  A VERY BAD ACTOR… wonder if he’s used any of these lines on Magoof…a bit hard to watch the entire way through…

Tree Joodice attended the “Just Dance with Boy Meets Girl” fashion show at STYLE360 at the Metropolitan Pavilion last night with Gia and Milania…  Tree don’t take that little Appolonia… oops, Gabriella… anywhere!  We all know that these **cough, cough**  “stars” don’t go nowhere unless they are compensated in some way… did Tree get her preferred method of payment CASH or maybe some dance clothes for Gia?

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY Preview: Part II… Poor Rosie! She Just Thinks Too Much…

Bravo There just had to be an in-depth look into Rosie’s psyche!   Here it is!  Rosie just THINKS too much… and just wants what KomaKathy has.  Really, Rosie?  You want RancidRichie? Betcha Bravo would make that happen!


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: DonCaro STILL Tellin’ Tree Joodice What To Say!!… BubbaJax Skips Out… VIDEO

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From OK!Magazine…  The NJ SubHumans are asked a variety of questions, so pay atten-shun, PA-LEEEZE… as DonCaro tells “Let Me Tell Youz” TreeJoodice what to say! Interesting that BubbaJax was unavailable for this little Q&A session!  What was it this time? … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY RECAP: Season Five, Episode Fourteen… “Horse Whisper to a Scream”

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY RECAP Season Five Episode Fourteen … “Horse Whisper to a Scream” by Sandi Duffy   This is going to be a double recap, capturing the entire Arizona trip.  I wish you had all been able … Continue reading

FROM AUGUST 31, 2012… Melissa Gorga’s First T-Shirts… NayNay’s Shoe Design… Kim Zolciak Mother’s Lawsuit… PT Housewife Unsure of Return To RHONY… Paul Nassif, Adrienne Maloof Divorce… AND MORE!

world's most interesting man pg

Let’s look back at MORE items from a year ago… August 31, 2012… which were makin’ news in the micro world of the Housewives…

SH Detour included Melissa Gorga’s first t-shirts for sale!

NayNay “designs” a shoe… Brandi spots SUR waitress who “dated” Eddie… and LeAnn Rimes sues CA schoolteacher…

Kim Zolciak’s mother files lawsuit against Kim… 

HoneyBooBoo premieres… Sherman Helmsley died… Lindsey Lohan made LizTaylor Movie…

Blind item “Former Housewife Begs For Job Back” solved… 

PT Housewife reluctant to go back for another season of the RHONY…

LeAnn enters “stress” rehab facility…

Paul Nassif says “Never say never” about goin’ back with Adrienne…

Something to think about:   “Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.” – Miles Kington


GRETCHEN ROSSI: The Truth About Wretched’s Rolls “One Made; For Sale To ANYONE With $340,000!”… Slade Smiley Takes A Swipe At Housewives Who “Don’t Look As Good” As Wretched

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Wretched BLEEEECH! Rossi has a long conversation with LAWeekly about her ‘fashion’ business and how Wretched is sooooo cost conscious!  Wretched’s forever boyfriend hanger-oner fiancee, Slade Smiley, also got in on the chat… they both want everyone to know how like YOU … Continue reading

GRETCHEN ROSSI, SLADE SMILEY: Wretched Lives Her Life “Out Of The Box”… Finally Over Jeff…

Just cannot stand Wretched BLEEEEEECH Christine!  She starts her interview with USMagazine (the preferred media outlet for Housewives) with “HI! GUYS!”…  and then proceeds to explain how she’s always done things “out of the box” style, which explains her unique proposal to her boyfriend, Slade Smiley.

Wretched has finally gotten over the passing of the love of her life, Jeff Beitzel… but, he’s still “watching” over her!

RHOC Gretchen Jeff Beitzel pg

(Thanks to SH readers “BlueIvy” and “PMG”!!!)

ALEX MCCORD: Alex’s Take on Last Night’s RHONY… LuAnn De Lesseps Looking For A Storyline…VIDEO

August 28, 2012  3:00 pm   RumorFix



VICKI GUNVALSON: Vicki’s Response Since Brooks Ayers “20/20″ Segment… UPDATE: Crooks’ Last Job… PHOTO

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July 10, 2012   UPDATED July 11, 2012  10:35 am               Vicki Gunvalson, Brooks Ayers… “Are you REALLY 45, Crooks?  You can tell me… really??” “I am looking forward to wrapping up this season with … Continue reading