ALEXIA ECHEVARRIA: What RHOM Producers Told AirHeadAlexia… Says JoannaKrupa Doesn’t Understand… Adriana de Moura Answer To Mystery On Miami Reunion… Million Dollar Listing Miami Now Filming

Alexia Echevarria **EXCLUSIVELY** says that the Real Housewives of Miami is definitely coming back for Season FOUR.


“Despite various reports that the show has been canceled, Alexia Echevarria exclusively says that season four is happening.

“There will definitely be a season four for Miami. I have spoken to producers and they are currently working on dates for taping, since we usually begin taping this time of year we were told taping is being pushed back a little,” she spills.

“The producers spoke to all of us and told us all the same thing.” (A rep for Bravo had no comment.)”   

AirheadAlexia continues with this… a classic “pot meet kettle” statement:

“Joanna has poor comprehension and lack of understanding as to what [the producers] said because what she is telling the media is not what they said,” Alexia explains.   NOTE:  What exactly the producers said was not included in AirheadAlexia’s **exclusive** chat with E!Online…


NOTE:  Filming has been pushed back a “little”????  After checking with the Miami Film Office (and other sources), there are no permits for Purveyors of Pop, the RHOM production company, on file.  The Film Office explained that any filming done, with the exception of private property, necessitates a film permit.   Also mentioned was the fact that permits are usually applied for and given months in advance.  Purveyors of Pop indicated on their twitter account that there will be an “announcement” coming soon…. a vague statement which could mean just about anything!

Therefore, AirheadAlexia’s statement that filming has been pushed back a “little” might just be Alexia wishing and hoping that filming starts and another season of the RHOM actually takes place!  AirheadAlexia is in dire need of the money from her part-time Housewife status.  

AirheadAlexia also reveals which Miami Housewife screeched on the last Miami Reunion Show for MissAndy to “just fire me now”… it was Adriana de Moura-Side-Marq.  If you missed that mystery… MissAndy explains the RHOM reunion here.

MDL Miami

ALSO… Interestingly, what IS filming right now in Miami is “Million Dollar Listing… Miami”!  If all goes as it normally does, look for MDLMiami to premiere during Bravo’s summer season…

million dollar listing miami february filming


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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Season Five Finale Preview… Teresa Giudice Ready To Tell Joe Gorga “The Truth”…

Bravo…  Looks like Tree’s gonna spill some “truth” to Joey… yes, we all know you love your brother… blah, blah, blah.   AND… they’re still tryin’ to push that black sludge… hold on… there’s a call for PrinceAlbie and CritterFUR!  It’s Coke… askin’ if your refrigerator is running…


MELISSA GORGA: Joe And MeGo On BFrankel Show… More Embarrassment!.. JoGo’s “Official Title”… Taken Over Where Slade Smile Left Off!!

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Here’s a suggestion to marriage advice-giver Melissa Gorga… stop. You are embarrassing yourself… and so is your hubbend, who, at the 1:10 mark says he’s a “hard worker” and gets up every morning at 6 am to go off to … Continue reading

HOUSEWIVES NEWS: NayNay White/Black…Reality Shows “Need Aggression”… flipit/Ronnie Podcast…Melissa Gorga “Actress”

Nene missing wanted poster  rhoa

NayNay knows all!!    “I used to hear early on, ‘oh she’s ghetto.’ And I’m like ‘where did they get that from? I’m not ghetto. I am black-white honey,’” NeNe said. “I know how to be black, and I can be very white if needed to be.  I think that you have to know how to operate with different personalities. If you’re going to go into then boardroom then you have to put on your boardroom hat. If you need to get street with somebody you have to know how to put the street hat on.”  NOTE:  Is she serious?? NayNay has never stopped being ghetto…
nene leakes 2008

It’s the “Snooki Effect”!!  “… producers of what we’ve come to call “reality television” employ various tricks to keep the audience entertained. … reality show producers like to show dramatic scenes between people in romantic relationships. It’s aggression, not admonition, that make for what they consider good television”   NOTE:  No kidding!!!  After Tree’s table flip, producers keep upping the bellicose factor!  

manzo pants pg

Found ONE chick who is just in love with Da Manzoids!!!  She’s even askin’ for your opinion!!

trash talk TV ronnie

Get on over to!!!  Ben, Matt and I will all be here today for the Watch What Crappens LIVE Bravo Podcast at 430 Pacific time!   That’s 7:30 pm EST!!

There are many words to describe Melissa Gorga… the last one was “diva”!  **insert eyeroll**   BUT… this one is even better!  MeGo will be appearing with Hoda and KathieLee tomorrow.


The TodayShow describes her as an “actress”… AND her name is Melissa “George”!!  Ain’t MeGo a singer????  NOTE:  “Melissa George” is an Australian actress… if this actress appears, apparently, MeGo ain’t important enough to list!

rhonj gorga on today  show arrow


AND… guess who is reading MeGo’s book?!

RHONJ Jenny Mc

NOTE:  That must be one helluva GREAT book!!   “Highly educated” Heather Dull-BRO is besties with Jenny… LOOK!  Jenny can read a book without opening it!!!

 (Thanks to “romo” “Sonar” “PMG” and “cybraxis”!!!)


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JOANNA KRUPA, ADRIANA DE MOURA: Joanna Krupa “Bully” Accusations Totally Backfire… Joanna Says She Would “Punch The Sh*t” Outta Adriana… VIDEO

November 11, 2012  Bravo   On tonight’s Real Housewives of Miami…

The PierogiePrincess, Joanna Krupa, throws out the “bully” word and then has the audacity to actually say that she would “punch the sh*t outta this girl”… meaning Adriana!  Who’s the BULLY here??   What gutter did this chick come from?  IMO, to even say Joanna Krupa is the “HoneyBooBoo of Miami” would be paying her a compliment!


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CAMILE GRAMMER, JOANNA KRUPA: Camille Looking For Hosting Job; Adrienne’s Divorce Not on RHOBH… Joanna’s Tickle-Me Film… UPDATE: Camille NOT Looking For Hosting Job… Apparently NBC is WRONG!

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: Preview… Miscarriage, Divorce, DogDrama, Joanna and Adriana Continue… VIDEO

November 2, 2012  Bravo…  


October 31, 2012  Bravo On the next Real Housewives of Miami… per the norm, one of the Housewives wasn’t present at the event.  Adriana fills in Alexia about what happened…


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: MissElaine/JamesDavis Throws Guest in Pool…Adriana de Moura Slaps Joanna Krupa!… VIDEO

October 26, 2012   BRAVO…  On the next RHOM…


SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Kyle Richards “MauricoOnHGTV”… Lana Fuchs “LVHighRollers”… Lisa Vanderpump “ChefWar”…Melissa Gorga “WhyShe’sNumberTwo”… RHOM…

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