DonCaro: On Sunday’s RHONJ “Advice Givin” To The Pugilistic Joes!… Who’s The Advice Giver?

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In attempting to determine if Bravo was going to drag out the Joe fight for three episodes, came across the description for Sunday’s episode: “All bets are off when a brawl erupts between Teresa’s husband, Joe, and brother, Joe. Melissa, Kathy and … Continue reading


JACQUELINE LAURITA: BubbaJax’ Psychic… How Could Tia NOT Know This?… The Psychic That “Blew BubbaJax’ Mind” Is Bein’ Booted

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Bravo just LOVES their psychics… and tarot card readers, palm readers, mystics, air cleaners… whatever you choose to call them! But, exactly how accurate are these “foreseers” of the future? BubbaJax’ very favorite “psychic” Tia… which BubbaJax raved about in … Continue reading