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THE AFFLUENZA DEFENSE: Update… 14-Year-Old Gets 10 Years In Juvenile System For One Person Killed… Anderson Cooper Interviews Psychologist Who Treated 16-Year-Old Who Rammed Into And Killed FOUR…

This is simply unreal.  Have never felt more ill than watching this interview with the psychologist who tries to weasel out of Anderson Cooper’s questions.   Interesting that the more important players in the case […]

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HOUSEWIVES NEWS: EX-Wife MessySalami’s Pay-Per-View Wedding… Camille Grammer’s EX Charged “Impeding Breath”… Yolanda Foster “Walk of Fame” Question… Sonja Morgan “Lawsuit Reversal?”… Porsha Stewart On VERY Low End For Appearance Fee

EX-DC Wife, Messy Salami is getting married to Journey band member, Neal Schon… and Messy thinks that anyone cares!   In fact, Messy thinks so many care that her and Neal’s wedding will be via […]

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CAMILLE GRAMMER: EX-Boyfriend Dimwitri Tells His Side Of The “Night In The Nightmare Hotel” Story!… Says He “Didn’t Do It”!… Camille Grammer WILL Get You!!

  Well, of course, Dimwitri isn’t going to confess to any wrongdoing in connection with the hotel havoc which happened between him and Camille Grammer last month!   NOTE:  Dimwitri lawyered up and is trying […]

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