PHONY FEUD STARTED BY MISS ANDY … Starring Frankles And The Quagmires!

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  MissAndy starts a “feud” between Frankles and Quagmire and Quagmire’s wife when Quagmire answers a WWHL question saying that Frankles is too skinny. MissAndy is so quick witted that he pulls Quagmire’s wife into the mix immediately by saying … Continue reading


WATCH As MissAndy “Grills” Tamballs About ‘Takin’ Down The Beadors’

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It’s the never-ending saga of one of the top ten dumbest story lines:  “takin’ down the Beadors”…  just another example of the upcoming yawnfest aka the RHOC Reunion Show. Where’s Ellie???  Maybe MissEllie is hard at work at his adoptive … Continue reading


SH WITTY WEEKEND!! Medically Speaking… UPDATE: Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!!

RobinR wins an online “consultation” with Quagmire’s office receptionist!! 

quagmire andy pg ANSWER


The Dull-BROs… Phony Phamily Psychic Phun!!

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The ‘highly-educated’ Heather Dull-BRO is crowin’ about her encounter with phony baloney psychic Char Margolis via twitter.  Not only did both adult Dull-BROs fall for the phony baloney psychic’s BS, but they included their kids in on the con! Like … Continue reading


Vicki’s Short BravoBlog: Tamballs Is A Sh*t Stirrer… Don’t Forget To Call For Insurance!!

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Tonight’s episode really made it difficult for me to watch. Although I actually “lived it” five months ago — reliving it again made me sad. Seeing people that I care about be hurt by one another is brutal. I have … Continue reading


RHOC Recap… “Skunk In The Barnyard” by Sandi Duffy

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“Skunk In The Barnyard” by Sandi Duffy   Shannon finds out Heather is talking about the email David sent to Shannon, and Tamra is denying telling Heather even though we all saw her tell Heather last week and I would … Continue reading


RHOC Recap… “Not A Good Day LA” by Sandi Duffy

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“Not A Good Day LA” by Sandi Duffy   I didn’t recap last week.  By the time I got around to watching it, I realized if I recapped it, it would be about 3 sentences long because literally NOTHING happened. … Continue reading

Heather Dull-BRO’s Phony Phone Call…

On tonight’s RHOC:  Vicki swears that Dull-BRO’s phone call was fake…

Dull-BRO swears in her BravoBlog that the phone call was NOT fake!  How dare anyone even suggest such a thing!



Paul And Quagmire’s New Show “Botched”… They Had Some “Tough Nights” With Janice Dickinson!

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If you didn’t catch the info on SH last year re the Mssrs. errr Drs. Nassif and Quagmire’s new show on E!, here’s what their new show “Botched” is about: BOTCHED features plastic surgeons Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul … Continue reading


RHOC Recap… “Choke-lahoma” by Sandi Duffy

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  “Choke-lahoma” by Sandi Duffy     Heather and Shannon are both making a huge f–ing deal over their holiday cards. Because I guess they never heard of snapping ai true and going to Walmart.   Tamras son, Ryan, is … Continue reading


WHATEVER HAPPENED…To Heather Dull-BRO’s Failed OC Restaurant Spinoff? We Wanna KNOW!!

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The highly-educated HeatherDull-BRO issued a restaurant challenge back in April 2012:   Heather Dubrow is getting smacked by Orange County restaurant owners and the residents of Orange County for the remark “There are no good restaurants in Orange County, that’s … Continue reading


RHOC Photo Recap… “Pretty Ugly”… READ IT!!

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                                                                               I … Continue reading



Along with being a bona-fide actress… specializing in one-time guest-starring roles… Heather Dull-BRO loves her massive marble mausoleum homes and wants them built to HER specs!!!  That leaves Dr. Terry with little room for his own… WHAT??

HeatherD Terry Dubrow pg


HEATHER DUBROW: HeatherD’s BravoBlog… Gives a Backhanded Compliment to CUT Fitness… It’s All About Heather Dull-BRO!!!

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Bravo… I can’t believe it’s already July 4th week! I have been enjoying amazing time with my family and friends so far this summer. (Follow me on Instagram @heatherdubrow to see pictures! ) Hope you all are having a fantastic … Continue reading


HEATHER DUBROW: Heather D’s BravoBlog… So Grateful To Be In Tamballs’ Wedding Party… HeatherD Tries To BS Her Way Outta Writing Her BravoBlog… PUH-LEEEZE!!

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Bravo… Aloha! I’m enjoying an insanely great time with Terry and the kids. It’s funny, everything that could go wrong on this trip HAS gone wrong, yet it’s honestly one of the nicest family times ever. Happy Father’s Day to … Continue reading


Bravo Heather Dull-BRO shows her acting chops on Monday’s RHOC.  Who needs Wretched and Slimey when Tamballs is there!?


Ma boo from TVGasm, “flipit/Ronnie” has created a brand new RHOC Redub!!




REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY RECAP: Season Eight, Episode Three… “Making Up Is Hard To Do”… Preview: Tamballs Kicks Alexis Out Of Party

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY RECAP   Season Eight, Episode Three… Making Up Is Hard To Do   by Sandi Duffy I was going to skip tonight because I am so horrified over what has happened in Boston, but then … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY Recap: Season Eight, Episode Two… “Evil Eyes and Evil Faces”

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY:   Season Eight, Episode Two… “Evil Eyes and Evil Faces” by Sandi Duffy Again, sorry for the typos, but BH Lost Footage is next. On RHOC, Heather is having a clam bake, minus the clams; … Continue reading