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8:00:  Woke up.  Hit snooze button.  My cousin Kathy sent me a picture book she made of things that I won’t have in prison.  A picture of an alarm clock was on page 387.  How am I supposed to wake up … Continue reading

Who Is On FEBUS’ Mind At Christmas Dinner?



TeresaGiudice Got Off Light With Prison Sentence…

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TeresaGiudice should be thankful that the judge in her case was not Judge Schwab, who sentenced this 63-year-old woman to two years in prison for failing to pay taxes on $150,000 she embezzled!!  NOT for embezzling the $150,000… but for … Continue reading

SH EXCLUSIVE!! Gorgas New Movie!

The REAL reason the Gorgas moved back to Montville!  The Gorgas are remaking THE classic beaver movie, with shooting taking place right in their beaver-infested palace.  Bikini-Melissa will be starring in the lead role!  Teresa was offered a bikini role, but declined… telling Melissa that she had another money-making deal involving her bankruptcy attorney. 


The Gorgas are shopping this trailer to all media outlets, also to zombie fans and beaver lovers, hoping to raise more cash to finish the movie:

(Thanks to our friends from Poland, “Pearl” and “Myth”!!!)


TeresaGiudice Suing For AT LEAST $15 Million In Lawsuit Against Bankruptcy Attorney… See Documents!

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NOTE:  Teresa is suing for three counts… EACH count demanding AT LEAST $5 million…for a total of AT LEAST $15 million.  PLUS attorney’s fees and costs! There are so many holes in this complaint.   Carlos J. Cuevas is Teresa’s new … Continue reading

TreeJoodice SUING Bankruptcy Attorney… Claims HE Is The Reason She’s A FELON!

NOTE:  There will be MORE on the possible motivation(s) of the Joodices to file such a ridiculous lawsuit…and WHY she will lose this lawsuit. 

Teresa claims in her new lawsuit, HERE, he was a slacker who never even met with her prior to filing bankruptcy docs.

She also says he was sloppy as hell, not bothering to list key assets such as her cars, her rental property income and various bank accounts.  Giudice claims he’s the reason she got nailed with bankruptcy fraud and that’s why she’s going to prison for 15 months.

Teresa says it’s a case of malpractice, and she wants minimum of $15 million.

NOTE:  Joodices meeting with bankruptcy attorney, James Kridel, 2011…

NOTE:  If you have not read the late Judge Morris Stern’s Opinion Letter located on the SH masthead since January 2011, please take some time to do so.  Judge Stern’s Opinion Letter almost flat out says that JoeGiudice was lying, IS a liar, a thief and MORE.  It is a VERY interesting read and explains Joe’s shady interactions with his business partner.   JudgeMorrisStern’sOpinionLetter.

(Thanks “Lisa” “anon” and “JustN”!!)

FROM THE SH ARCHIVES 2011: JoeyOrgan Says… “I Don’t Wanna Go To Tree’s For Christmas Eve”!

How things have changed from 2011!! 

THE COVER STORY: “Corporate” Sponsors

RIIIIIIGHT!!!!  Suddenly, the girl group has “corporate” sponsors!?

3kt gia

“Corporate” sponsors:  The New Jersey Attorney General and the IRS.

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WHICH HOUSEWIFE??? Will Go For This “BeautyTrend”?

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WHICH HOUSEWIFE WILL BE THE FIRST TO JUMP ON THIS NEW “BEAUTY TREND”…NEON ARMPITS????  This “beauty trend” is supposedly a sign of empowerment…  YODA already displayed her hairy armpits… will she be the first to go full-on neon?? (Thanks “ChrisH”!!)


Apollo Selling From Behind Bars!

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Phaedra Parks’ HouseHusband, Apollo Nida, has not given up on doing his part to keep relevant and above all to tell anyone listening to BUY MY STUFF… from behind bars!  Are you paying atten-shun, Joodice? Apollo does some preaching, too!! … Continue reading


NO Cooking Show For TERESA… Says Former “Insider”!!

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It looks like Teresa may have a harder time cashing in after she serves her 15 months behind bars than she originally had thought. TreeJoodice had reportedly been hoping for some sort of television deal with Bravo… either for a cooking … Continue reading


SH WITTY WEEKEND! Caption This… Captioned!!


“Beehappy” will receive tutelage in tomato sauce making by Juicy himself!  FinePrint: TomatoSauceTutelage may be revoked at any time on an unpredictable whim of Juicy… or if the Joodice garage where sauce is to be made becomes unavailable due to the “sold” sign on the Joodice marble mausoleum.   NOTE: Poor Juicy… sleeping on a pillow without a pillowcase!


LilGia’s Fundraising Was PR Stunt! 3KT Girl Group Already Filmed Video

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It is quite obvious that the LITTLE “begging for money” PR item by TeresaGiudice’s kid was a BIG piece of BS!! Gia’s strippers-in-training “singing” group needed $7,500 by December 12 or they weren’t going to film another of their videos!  3KT started begging … Continue reading


SH EXCLUSIVE! GiaGirlGroup’s Christmas Song!!


The brilliant genius “STAN” has provided the lyrics to lil GiaJoodice’s girl group’s new Christmas song!  

jingle christmas

Sung to “JingleBells”…

Dashing through the snow
with the creditors in chase
“Tre” spends all the cash
at an alarming pace…

Judge is feeling duped
all her words ignored
juicy Joe was guzzling wine
and passed out on the floor…OHHHHHH

juicy drunk

Prison cells, prison cells, locked up all the way -
Tre and Joe away you go ’cause now it’s time to pay – HEY -


Prison cells, prison cells, locked up all the way -
Tre and Joe away you go ’cause now it’s time to payyyyy….

rhonj giudice christmas

(Thanks “STAN”!!!!)

HagfaceKyleRichards Tells MissAndy “Don’t Talk About Milania” When Talking About Her FrontPorcha!

From November 2012:  HagfaceKyle is caught whispering to MissAndy “Don’t say that” at the :22 mark when he says that FrontPorcha might be the “Milania of Beverly Hills”!  Ironic that FrontPorcha is taking over Milania’s “character” as the BrattyBravo kid…


MelissaGorga “Never Leaving” Her MontvilleMarblePalace… Swears There Are No Beavers! Story Lines Abound!!

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MelissaGorga says that she is NEVER LEAVING HER MONTVILLE HOUSE AGAIN!!  And, she swears there are no house beavers.   HOWEVER, the beaver damage has been done… the toothy animals chewed up Melissa’s entire basement recording studio, which means that … Continue reading


Teresa Is SAD Thinking Of How She Wrecked Lives… The Lives Behind Her BRANDS!

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  NOTE:  Teresa’s ghostwriters and mystery sources should check with each other before feeding their paid stories to various media outlets.  We all know Teresa needs the cash, but these “insider” stories about Teresa are so unbelievable that they are … Continue reading



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NOTE:  After receiving several links from SH readers to a list of people and businesses which Teresa and Juicy did not pay, the info has been on the SH Masthead since 2009…  A VERY QUICK OVERVIEW OF THE JOODICE BANKRUPTCY … Continue reading


Teresa Signed For Bravo Cooking Show…Says Mystery “Insider”

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  Teresa Giudice may be going to prison on January 5, but once she sheds her orange jumpsuit she’s got a job already waiting for her. The beleaguered Housewife already has a deal to host a cooking show for Bravo and … Continue reading

TeresaGiudice Blaming “Negative Forces”… Threatens To Pay $7,500 Herself For Stripper Jr Video!


Teresa is secretly blaming her co-stars — and Internet “haters” — for the lackluster response to fundraising efforts for her daughter’s girl band.

“Teresa believes there are negative forces, including co-stars from RHONJ, that are the reason why Gia’s music video fundraising efforts have been a failure so far. Teresa says there are haters that are determined to make sure Gia’s music career goes down in flames,” a source told ROL.

“3KT loves our fans! We want to give you an awesome original Christmas music video in time for the holiday! Join us!

If Gia’s Junior Stripper Group doesn’t get $7,500 by December 12, they won’t be making their Christmas video!!!   BUT… that mystery source says:

The source hinted:

“Expect Teresa to fork over the money if the Kickstarter campaign fails.”




“DinoBaby123″ will receive a tour of the recording studio where the GirlGroup recorded their songs!  FinePrint: Before stepping into the studio, an unpaid lien must be satisfied.  Last checked the amount was $835,633… the GirlGroup just couldn’t get the song right, even WITH auto tune!!