SH **EXCLUSIVE!! KimG’s Private Message To Da Joodices…

Allegedly KimG has graciously offered to take care of da Joodice girls while Tree and Juicy are “away”!!

RHONJ Teresa KimG pg



NOTE:  If you were at all wondering… Tree’s allocution (A recollection in her own words of her crimes and her “I’m sorry” statement)  in Judge Esther Salas’ courtroom on July 8 will be public record.  

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TERESA GIUDICE: JuicyJoe Giudice Says “I Didn’t Hurt Anyone… I Don’t Belong In Prison”

Juicy says that he don’t belong in prison… and don’t wanna go there.  Juicy also says that he didn’t hurt nobody.

NOTE:  How delusional are these fraudsters???  Are da Joodice’s that self-involved, so self-centered, so unaware of or uncaring of others that they cannot or REFUSE to see that they DID hurt others when they listed them in their bankruptcy!   There are major companies whose risk management departments make allowances for their customers who stiff them, which is why, perhaps, that Juicy thinks he didn’t hurt anyone.  While there are no bodily injuries or human collateral damage as a result of da Joodice’s actions dating back to 2001, there were plenty of people hurt… da Joodices listed many small businesses and individual people in their bankruptcy and those people were directly affected and were HURT by da Joodice’s actions.   SEE GIUDICE LIST OF CREDITORS


Joodices on WWHL… Tree does a terrible acting job.  Tree tries to play the “innocent victim” when she pretends she has no idea about their potential prison terms by saying, “If that’s what the magazines say”… and Juicy take the dumb “humorous” route by trying to laugh off the question.


KIM GRANATELL On Giudice Deal…They Shoulda Gotten MORE! KimG Blasts Tree On Twitter!

This gallery contains 3 photos.

NOTE:  If there’s anyone from the RHONJ who has REAL cash to back up her words and actions, it is Kim Granatell.  KimG is the richest of all those denizens of FranklinLakes, thanks to her ex-husband who owns a chemical … Continue reading

“THE TALK” Talks About Tree And Juicy Goin’ To Prison…

Sharon Osbourne goes soft on da Joodices… Sheryl goes hard line, “If you do the crime, you gotta do the time…”  MEH!  We’re givin’ these chicks 393473,883436 Kens!


(Thanks to SH reader “Chris”!!!)


TERESA GIUDICE: Tree’s Felon Consultant Says “She’s A MOTHER, WIFE and FRIEND”!

DON’T BELIEVE ALL THOSE LIES IN THE COURT DOCUMENTS!! NOTE:  Originally posted November 21, 2013… You knew THIS was coming! Wendy Feldman, who states that one of her “best friends,” Jill Zarin, introduced her to Tree Joodice… HUH???… is starting … Continue reading


TERESA GIUDICE: Does NOT Deny Filming With Kids…

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IT has started. Tree Joodice’s PR people have started their campaign to show Tree as “innocent”… Tree is under court order to not speak about her possible prison sentence, which will be given to da Joodices on July 8 in … Continue reading

TERESA GIUDICE: Wendy “Felon” Feldman Said In August That She Would NEVER Take Tree As A Client… Says Tree Needs Psych Help

This item was originally posted on March 4… somehow it “disappeared”!!  This item was picked up by other sites AFTER it was on SH…yeah, we’re talkin’ to you, ROL and DM.

Wendy “Felon” Feldman says that Teresa would be a disaster client and if she worked with Teresa she would not be on the show.  Wendy says not so nice things about Teresa in this August 2013 interview BEFORE being introduced to Tree by JillZ and taken on by as a client of “Felon”Feldman in November 2013!  

Wendy says that she told Teresa years ago this is serious.  Wendy says that there is something mentally wrong with Teresa and she needs a psych evaluation.

NOTE:  MORE from the August 5, 2013 interview on the AmyArkawy Podcast.  FelonFeldman took Tree on as a “client” in November 2013.


TERESA GIUDICE, JOE GIUDICE: GUILTY Plea Deal Explained… Repay Money… Forfeit Property… Tree A “Minor Participant” IF Both Fully Cooperate

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Teresa and Joe Giudice formally changed their plea from “NOT Guilty” … to “GUILTY”… FOUR documents have been filed in connection with the Federal cases against Tree and Juicy.  First, is the Plea Agreement with Giuseppe Giudice a/k/a “joe Giudice”. In … Continue reading


TERESA GIUDICE, JOE GIUDICE: Plea Agreement… No Appeal… BOTH Tree And Juicy Are Liable

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Included in JuicyJoeJoodice’s plea agreement… NO APPEAL… BOTH JUICY AND TREE ARE LIABLE   CLICK TO READ JOE GIUDICE’S ENTIRE PLEA AGREEMENT… NOTE:  As for using electronic devices in Federal Courtrooms… very tight screening is done upon entering the Courthouse … Continue reading

TERESA GIUDICE: Summary Of The Joodice Case…Your Questions Answered… Charges, Jail Time, Kids…

Judge Esther Salas has the FINAL word re the Joodice’s jail time fate… everything you’ve heard is simply logical conclusions and guesswork until Judge Salas hands down her sentence to the Joodices on July 8!

Watch and listen to this summary of the Joodice case from ABCNews… your questions will be answered!!


TERESA GIUDICE Official “SPIN” Statement… Made “Mistakes” Several Years Ago… “Heartbroken”

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TERESA GIUDICE, JOE GIUDICE: Walkin’ Into Federal Court March 4…


TERESA GIUDICE: Entered Guilty Pleas… Sentencing In Federal Fraud Case Scheduled For July 8!

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Teresa and Joe Giudice arrived at the Federal Courthouse in Newark this morning without speaking to reporters. The Real Housewives of New Jersey stars, who originally pleaded not guilty after they were indicted in the summer of 2013, appeared composed before U.S. … Continue reading


TERESA GIUDICE Sellin’ Her Wine Day After Plea Deal Announcement! Gets Alfred E. Neuman Award!

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Hey… somebody gotta keep makin’ the money! Tree and Juicy were at COSTCO!!!  COSTCO!!!  One of our very favorite stores!  OK, that aside… Tree and Juicy were signin’ bottles of her Fabellini yesterday at COSTCO!!  Tree and Juicy left those … Continue reading

TERESA AND JOE GIUDICE Bankruptcy Fraud Case “Update”… Ratings Gold For Bravo

The Joodice plea deal has already been brokered by da Joodice’s attorneys; the announcement of their court appearance on Tuesday was released on Friday. The final decision as to the Joodice’s sentencing will be up to Federal Judge Esther Salas.    UPDATE:  The Joodice sentencing will be July 8, 2014.

NOTE:  Read more re the Federal Indictment charges which go back to 2001.  Read the 41-count Federal Indictment against Teresa and Joe Giudice.

**SH EXCLUSIVE** Miss Andy Reacts To Teresa Giudice Federal Indictment Plea Deal!

MissAndy cares … he really does.

RHONJ andy tree juicy pg

BubbaJax (the hypocrite!) hopes da Joodices go to jail… DIRECTLY to jail… do not pass those sprinkle cookies… do not collect a Bravo paycheck!


TERESA GIUDICE: Tree Rumored To Be Divorce Bound!… If So, This Will Be A “Leakes-Type” Divorce!

Teresa Giudice is having a terrible few months years. To add to Tree’s problems, Tree’s father Giacinto Gorga was hospitalized on Feb. 16 for complications from his lung disease, emphysema.  Adding even more problems and after being charged with over 40 … Continue reading

giudice jail pg

SH **EXCLUSIVE** Tree Joodice Spotted Reading Liberry Book!

giudice jail pg

NOTE:   So nice to see that Tree can read!!!  And, that she’s educating her children about real life using cartoon characters found at the liberry! 

(Thanks to SH reader “lisa”!!!!)