Tree, MeGo and DullDina On “TheView”

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Can TreeJoodice complete a sentence??  Just ONE sentence?  Tree says she is intent on focusing on her family, after being asked about her legal problems.  We all know Tree’s very focused on makin’ as many pit stops at NJ dive … Continue reading

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RHONJ On TodayShow… Amber, TeresaA, Nicole, DullDina NOTHING NEW!

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Don’t get all excited thinking that these chicks are gonna spill anything re Sunday’s Season Six premiere of the RHONJ… ’cause they don’t!  DullDina clams up when asked about TreeJoodice.  We all know that Dina is smack in the middle … Continue reading


TreeJoodice Talks “Going Away” … Still Makin’ Personal Appearances! $10 Cover Charge!… MilaniaHairProducts Price Slashed

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  TreeJoodice has an intimate conversation with InTouchWeekly, Tree’s very favorite media outlet, about possible prison: “No one can ever prepare themselves to go to prison.  More importantly, how could I ever prepare myself to be away from my kids? … Continue reading



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We’ve done extensive research to find which Housewife tweets smarter than that of a 4th grade reading level.  The 4th grade level… unfortunately… is the average reading level for those who use twitter! SMOG AFTER an analysis of 1 million public … Continue reading


RHONJ Season Six, Episode One… “What A Difference A Plea Makes”… Premieres Sunday

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RHONJ Season Six, Episode One “What A Difference A Plea Makes”… premieres Sunday: Teresa Giudice and her husband, Joe, fight to keep their family intact as they embark on a very public legal battle for their freedom. Fortunately, Teresa has … Continue reading


RHONJ Premiere Episode… JuicyJoe Addresses Subjects From Balcony

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Oh joy. On the first episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, which will premiere on Sunday… taking over the Atlanta spot to assure those BIG ratings… JuicyJoe addresses the masses.  Juicy’s relatives are all dressed in black and … Continue reading


Melissa Gorga: “My NEW House Is Just Like My OLD House”…

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NOTE:  This item was originally posted April 21, 2014. MeGo held a Q&A session at the Tampa Home and Garden Show in April 2014, where the emcee was waaay too excited in her introduction of Mego. The almost 20-minute chit-chat … Continue reading


RHONJ $100 PremiereParty Tickets…Order Now!… It’s For CHARITY!

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HURRY!!!  Get your tickets for the Real Housewives of New Jersey premiere party.  ONE ticket will cost you $100… oh yeah, there’s that Housewives fee of $5.99.  So, that’s $105.99.  That amount includes one glass of Fabellini and an hors … Continue reading


WHATEVER WEDNESDAY! Tree and JuicyJoe Were Pushin’ “Pearl Brite”!

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WHATEVER HAPPENED TO JUICY JOE’S ENDORSEMENT OF A DENTAL PRODUCT? NOTE:  Let’s take a look back at what the Joodices were tryin’ to push two years ago… SH April 11, 2012!  Who could forget JuicyJoe bein’ trained to be a … Continue reading


JuicyJoe Giudice’s Father Drops Dead In Joe’s Yard…UPDATE: Obit… UPDATE: Tree’s Farewell

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From TMZ: Joe Giudice’s dad just collapsed and died in Joe’s garden.  Frank Giudice, who also appears on “Real Housewives of New Jersey” along with Joe and Teresa, was building a chicken coup in the garden when he fell to … Continue reading



SH reader “whodothesepeoplelooklike” is the caption winner and will receive THREE free visits (at their own expense) to the Federal prison in which TreeJoodice might be held… whether she’s there or not!   



Tree Joodice Hitting Another $2 Beer Joint To Push Her Stuff!! … And A Look Back At Tree And Dina… UPDATE: Tree Off To Another Bar!

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  TreeJoodice is SO scared and frightened at the thought of being shackled and thrown behind bars that she’s spending every second of her precious time in seclusion with her four young daughters and Juicy, of course, at her RE-DONE … Continue reading


The RHOBH are now filming… DrunkOtis was spotted out with the newest cast member, Christine Alexandra Chiu.


rhobh new cast member


Christine Chiu was on the original list of potential BH Housewives back in 2010… she finally made it!!

This is the original list of BH women wanting to be on the original cast of the RHOBH:

1. not caucasian (out of running – name will not be revealed)  **This is CHRISTINE CHIU

2. has lots of brothers (cast!! cant mention named – per Bravo!) *This was ADRIANNE!

3. an L.A. native (out of running – name will not be revealed)

4. flies (out of running – name will not be revealed)

5. something O (out of running – name will not be revealed)

6. rhymes with Yale (out of running – name will not be revealed)

7. Brentwood dweller (out of running – name will not be revealed)

8. Has 3 names! (cast!! cant mention named – per Bravo!) **This was Taylor Ford Armstrong!!

In 2010, Bravo was still deliberating over two groups of five ladies in Beverly Hills that had been selected over the summer.   One Housewife in the running is a woman of Chinese descent who has beautiful clothes and is a socialite, fashionista, and philanthropist in BH – she is married to a plastic surgeon also of Chinese descent.  NOTE:  This was Christine Chiu. 

Bravo’s Real Housewives of Orange County was cast in much the same process – asking casting directors to develop two story-lines around two different casts – and then letting Bravo executives and producers pick between the two.


Chewy is the wife of BH plastic surgeon, Dr. Gabriel Chiu.  

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 11.29.18 AM

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 11.29.38 AM


Chewy provides a personal touch to every one of her husband’s patients, according to LAConfidential:

 And Chiu’s wife, Christine, sends each patient home with a recovery bag complete with chicken noodle soup, vitamins, fresh juices, magazines, music, and movies. This attention to detail has made Chiu as admired for his bedside manner as he is for his sculptural skill.


Christine had a birthday par-tay in 2012…

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A day in the life of Dr. Chiu includes his wife, Christine...

6:45AM My Ferrari roars to life to take me to work.

7 AM I scrub into surgery. On today’s menu: a nose, two pairs of breasts and highdefinition abdominal liposuction. No case is ever the same, and I love challenges. Noon I have a quick lunch with the wife and publicists at Bouchon to discuss upcoming engagements and press opportunities.

1 PM I’m in the office having a power meeting with the staff to instruct on the new Stem Cell Banking program. I sneak in a quick phone interview with HLN about new trends in male plastic surgery.

2 PM I see a couple of follow-up patients, and they love their newly sculpted bodies and younger faces. Their husbands high-five me.

3 PM I perform a non-surgical facelift, using Perlane to volumize the cheeks, Juvederm to fill in the nasolabial folds, and Dysport to lift the brows. In 30 minutes, I’ve removed ten years off of my patient’s face. Two more Botox appointments follow this.

4 PM Yves Saint Laurent’s tailor stops by to fit me for a newly purchased black single- breasted suit with peaked lapels. Tom Ford drops off a bespoke tux for an upcoming charity gala.

5 PM Christine and I walk across the street to the Beverly Wilshire Hotel to attend the Montblanc Press Lounge and pre- Oscars beauty events.


rhobh chiu

6 PM I race home to get dressed for the night’s events. I change out of my comfortable microfiber scrubs and sneakers and into a Kiton black Houndstooth suit and a pair of black Saint Laurent dress shoes. My watch of the evening is a limited-edition platinum IWC F.A. Jones skeleton watch (No. 38 of 50). I slip on some custom David Yurman diamond cufflinks and a matching diamond band. With just a spray of Chanel Blue, I am ready to go.

7 PM Christine (in a Dolce&Gabbana dress and Russian lynx coat) and I mingle with friends at the QVC party at the Four Seasons, before heading over to the Emerson Theater where the OK! magazine pre-Oscars party is held. Red carpet, celebs, champagne…

9 PM The last stop of the evening is a dinner meeting with visiting VPs of Skin- Ceuticals at Spago in Beverly Hills. I bump into my designer friend Lloyd Klein, who happens to be celebrating his birthday with Natalie Cole and AnnaLynne McCord. Wolfgang Puck stops by to chat, while Barbara Lazaroff charms our guests.

11PM: I say a nightly prayer and then it’s lights out!

Christine Chiu explains spa procedures… 2013:



WHAT A COINCIDENCE!!  Christine Chiu was hangin’ with Tree Joodice’s prison prepper, Wendy Purner Feldman… back in 2010.







“Savvy” gets a “Get Outta Jail Card”… only good on the last Tuesday of August and only in Dubuque, Iowa!  Plan your crime, accordingly, “Savvy”!!!



REMINDER: Tree And Juicy Appearing At NJ Sports Bar TONIGHT!

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  Tree Joodice ain’t hiding in her house.  Tree, and her soon-to-be-sentenced HouseHusband JuicyJoe, is scheduled to appear at ShotsSportsLounge in Clifton NJ on June 5 to push Tree’s Fabellini drink.  And she’s looking forward to meeting everyone!!     … Continue reading

GO BACK THURSDAY!!! Dina… Why She Left The RHONJ

We really didn’t care why DumbDina left the RHONJ… ’cause everyone knows the REAL story of why she scooted out when she did.  However, if you listen closely, you will hear Dina saying that the Tree table flip was orchestrated and phony.  Dina says that she could not understand how everyone could be laughin’ and drinkin’ at the bar after the table flip… obviously, DumbDina wasn’t privy to how that orchestrated scene would play out beforehand!