RHONJ Lost Footage: Milania Busts Loose!

If this is the behavior of the Joodice kids when the cameras are there, imagine their behavior when the cameras are gone!   Imagine their behavior when Tree “goes away”!!   “This is what it’s all about”… says Juicy.

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Lil Gia’s Girl Group… Gia’s Parents Think Video Is “Fun”… Gia Just Wants To Make Them Proud

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NOTE:  We’ve been awaiting the video of Gia’s girl group interviewed by AccessHollywood.  The interview must have been so awful that AccessHollywood has only released the following.   Teresa Giudice’s daughter Gia is breaking into the music world and Access … Continue reading

SH EXCLUSIVE! GiaJoodice GirlGroup’s Christmas Song!!


The brilliant genius “STAN” has provided the lyrics to lil GiaJoodice’s girl group’s new Christmas song!  

jingle christmas

Sung to “JingleBells”…

Dashing through the snow
with the creditors in chase
“Tre” spends all the cash
at an alarming pace…

Judge is feeling duped
all her words ignored
juicy Joe was guzzling wine
and passed out on the floor…OHHHHHH

juicy drunk

Prison cells, prison cells, locked up all the way -
Tre and Joe away you go ’cause now it’s time to pay – HEY -


Prison cells, prison cells, locked up all the way -
Tre and Joe away you go ’cause now it’s time to payyyyy….

rhonj giudice christmas

(Thanks “STAN”!!!!)

TeresaGiudice Kid Begging For YOUR Money! Needs Cash For New Video…

Obviously, TeresaJoodice ran out of money OR her attorney had a “talk” with her after she spotted her daughter’s girl group $10,000 to make their video.  The girl group is now begging for donations for their next video!  If they don’t get $7,500 by December 12, they’re threatening to not make a video!!

Their manager doesn’t have $7,500?  Their parents can’t come up with $7,500?  AuntSaintZina can’t help them out??   Maybe Teresa can grab $7,500 from the money she’s collected from hundreds of appearances where she demanded $25 CASH for a signed cookbook!


3KT loves our fans! We want to give you an awesome original Christmas music video in time for the holiday! Join us! <3 Gia Lex Lil Cee

WE LOVE OUR FANS! We are still so overwhelmed by the buzz and support over our first music video. So many of you had amazing words of support for us on our new journey. We were born to perform and entertain, and we are so lucky to be able to do this in such a big way. We want to empower and inspire other young performers to FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS AND NEVER GIVE UP!

NOTE:  How exactly is begging for money an example of “following your dreams”? 

The group is obviously suffering from backlash about their “look”.  Their “begging for money look” is one of three little girls who love their lollipops… and not their usual “hooker video look”!

AA gia

Look what you get for each donation!  You’ll get followed on instagram and for $1,000 you even get a producer credit!!

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On the next RHOA, Apollo seeks counsel from the official RHOA divorce attorney… while Phaedra watches their kids in the pool.  For some reason, Phaedra just isn’t believable.  Watch for a Phaedra’s upcoming Bravo spinoff… “How I’m Living Single With Two Kids.”  And Juicy’s Bravo spinoff… “How I’m Living Single With FOUR Beautiful Daughters.”

Those “highly educated” Bravo people are soooo intelligent.



PumpMyStomach Talks About TreeJoodice… She’s A WONDERFUL Mother

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PumpMyStomach gives her totally middle-of-road opinion of TreeJoodice.  PMS really says nothing that Tree’s rabid fans won’t just love her for!  Yes, PumpMyStomach barely touches on the fact that Tree knowingly committed a felony, but PMS knows that Tree is … Continue reading


The Definitive Answer: MissAndy’s Role With The Housewives

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MissAndy’s answer to Question #1 should settle the many who have questioned his role in the Housewives shows: 1) What exactly is your role at Bravo at this point next to hosting WWHL and the reunions? Are you actively involved … Continue reading

MissAndy … Giudices In Denial

MissAndy writes about an interview he did with the Giudices when they were charged with 39 counts…

September 22, 2013:

“It was like pulling teeth. They are either very un-introspective or in complete denial. Or both.”

“I said, ‘So … you guys are facing fifty years in prison, and they were like, ‘Is it fifty years? We thought it was a hundred. Is it fifty years both or just one or …’” he continued. “So that’s something they are going to want to clarify with their attorneys.”


FELONFeldman Shot Down By MissAndy … Was TeresaGiudice Wearing An Earpiece?

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FELONFeldman alludes that TeresaJoodice was being fed lines to say during the NJ reunion show: …and you never know who is talking in your ear. I mean ear piece.! Thats some tea and enjoy the last reunion of this type… … Continue reading

What You Would Hear If You Were Sitting Between Sofas…At The RHONJ Reunion


MissAndy Not Responsible For Housewives Drama… That’s Life!!

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  When asked whether he feels partly responsible for the drama, including Teresa Giudice’s recent sentence to 15-months in jail for fraud charges, Andy told ET:   “I don’t.” “I think what we’re seeing is a reflection of life.  The Housewives … Continue reading

GO BACK THROWBACK THURSDAY: Audriana’s Christening

How nice to see all the Jersey subhumans at a Christening…JuicyJoe checks out early:


CAPTION THIS! VGotti’s Prison Smuggling Plans…

gotti teresa caption

“HBalls” will receive a the first taste of Teresa’s newest prison product, Fabu-pruno!  FinePrint: Not responsible for any injuries caused by those pruno-lovin’ Danbury inmates … 

teresa's pruno


Judge Salas To Giudices: Get The Cash Or We’ll Take Your Property

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TeresaJoodice has reduced the price of her IndianLane house… slashed down from $3.9 million to $3.4 million.   The price slash coincides with Judge Salas’ Order of Forfeiture.  If the Joodice’s don’t come up with the cash, the Feds will … Continue reading

Martyr Jailbird Teresa… The Tributes Have Started!

Here goes the beginning of the tributes to MartyrSaintTeresa!  One of Tree’s biggest fans spent an entire MONTH of their time and energy making a video of Tree and her FOUR BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTERS! “My heart breaks for this family for everything that they’re going through. I am a huge fan of this show and when I heard the news I couldn’t believe it.”

Word has it that Tree’s rabid fans have mobilized after their last defeat of attempting to spare Tree from the arms of waiting Danbury prisoners and are now starting a letter writing campaign so Tree can read a letter a day from her admirers.



RHONJ “Lost Episode”: Let’s Make Fun Of Camber’s Commercial!!

“Lost” segments should not be “found”… this “lost” item would have been so much better had KomaKathy and BigGayRosie also been prancing around in their bikinis! 


The hand holding at the end is a nice touch…