HOUSEWIFE NEWS: Kyle Richards… Mauricio Umansky…Kim Richards’ Nephew…Paul Nassif, Terry Dubrow… Yolanda Foster, David Foster…

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YIKES!!!   And to think that the paps were paid to take her pictures!  HagfaceKyle should destroy the digitals! See more photos of HagfaceKyle Richards at TheDailyMail… Speakin’ of HagfaceKyle… her husband, MO-Ree-C-O cannot unload Barry Bonds’ house!  The house … Continue reading

BRANDI GLANVILLE: DrunkOtis’ Very Strange Message…

What the hell is DrunkOtis talkin’ about?  Everyone knows the deal with the producers not showing everything that happened in a scene… and everyone knows that the bad-acting Housewives can’t reveal upcoming story lines.  So, why is DrunkOtis putting out this pre-emptive message re future episodes?  Probably because the RHOBH franchise is tanking in the ratings and the producers “suggested” to DrunkOtis to put out a teaser to make curious viewers watch!

Also, what the hell is DrunkOtis talkin’ about re the “hate” for her??  No one here “hates” DrunkOtis… she’s simply in the BLEEEEEEEECH! category!

PS:  “SugeKnight” for her dog’s name???  DrunkOtis is a moron.

We’re givin’ DrunkOtis’ Christmas message 993849938,3837483 Kens…


HOUSEWIVES NEWS: Shannon Beador “David Beador’s Assault/Battery” Charges… Is ALLEGED New RHOC Shannon Beador ANOTHER “Fake It ‘Til You Make It” Case?…Shannon Beador’s Driving Record… Tamballs “CUT’S Cut-Rate Rates”…RHOBH BravoBlogs… Amy Phillips Does Yolanda Foster… Where ALL Housewives Will End Up…

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The ALLEGED new Orange County Housewife, Shannon Beador’s HouseHusband had a run-in with the Orange County Court system!  NOTE:  This is a sure-fire indicator that the Beador’s are Bravo Housewife material! Back in 2003, a complaint was filed in the … Continue reading


FROM THE SH ARCHIVES… Three Years Ago 2010: Teresa Giudice Bankruptcy… Tree Screams In Court Hallway… Joe Giudice Says, “I’m f**king tired of this TV sh*t!”

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The recent 41-count Federal Indictment against Teresa and Joe Giudice didn’t just happen.  Da Joodice’s legal problems have been hanging over them for over three years. The following, re Tree screeching at Monica Chacon in a NJ Court was originally … Continue reading

Takin’ A SH Detour!! … Where Were You On Black Friday? … Atten-Shun Housewives: PR Deal Still Offered!

Sorry, still don’t get it.   What the hell is wrong with these people????

Why are people fighting each other over crap material goods????  These BlackFriday WalMartians are throwin’ punches over a damn TV!  A TV that will probably either break or be busted up… or be antiquated in a year!

If you weren’t there, you can relive the excitement, the thrill, the utter anticipation of the seconds after those doors open… on Black Friday 2013!


The BlackFriday offer to ALL the Housewives still stands!!  We know you’re reading this, all you Housewives!!  Which Housewife will take SH up on this fabulous PR deal??


SH BLIND ITEM: Guess The Housewife!!… Housewife, Relative and Production REVEALED!

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NOT HEATHER DULL-BRO!! How many of these talentless Housewives have relatives who are trying to get ahead in the bizness of show by attaching themselves to their Housewife relation? Recently one of the Housewives’ relatives completed a production! Can you … Continue reading


MORE HOUSEWIVES NEWS: Lisa Vanderpump “Relatives Embarrassed”… Heather Dubrow “I’m A HW For My HouseHusband”!… Kyle Richards “Fat Wars”… DrunkOtis “Slips Up; Doesn’t Know Her “REAL” Friends!!

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LisaWhoLivesInAVanDerDumpDownByTheRiver says her relatives in England are not  supportive of her reality show ‘stardom.‘   It’s a ‘reality show’ and that doesn’t quite fit in with their perception of what I should be doing with my real life. People in … Continue reading


REALITY SHOWS: If Still You REALLY Think “Reality” Shows Are Real… Think Again!… Writers Guild Organizing “Reality” Show Writers and Producers For Pay Equality!… Bravo’s New “Docu-Soap” Shows For 2014!

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If you are one of the lonely holdouts who still believe those Housewives who swear that everything on their franchise is REAL… and that nothing is pre-planned or scripted, think again! The producers, writers and other behind-the-scenes people who put … Continue reading

SNL PARODY: The “Red Zone”…Officially Changed To “The Rose Zone”!!!

SNL did another great job last night of parodying “reality” shows in general … and the Housewives in particular!

WINNER, WINNER… CHICKEN DINNER! The Gorga Caption Contest…

There were so many great captions in da JoeyMarcoGorga caption contest!

SH reader “Stan” got first place!

gorga caption stan

“Stan” gets a big THANK YOU… and a huge round of applause!    You da man, Stan!! 


HOUSEWIVES NEWS: LumpyLapBand Engaged… DrunkOtis And SkankyJo “BikiniWars”… CouplesTherapy… Lisa Vanderpump “Eats McRib”…MissAndy Forms Own Production Company… Dina Manzo, Teresa Giudice “ProjectLadybug”… Sonja Morgan

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MissAndy loved that DrunkOtis played along on WWHL… YAWN.  It’s bikini wars… this time the war is between DrunkOtis and SkankyJo Krupa.  BikiniWars are boooooooooring… what exactly are they trying to prove?  NOTE:  For any of these Housewives who are … Continue reading

BLIND ITEM: GUESS THE HOUSEWIFE!!… OR… Guess The Cheating HouseHusband!



“What Real Housewives husband thinks he is getting away with his current affair.   NOTE:  “current” implies that this is not his first affair.

He thinks the woman is wrapped around his finger.  NOTE: “wrapped” and “finger”… could connate a ring.  

She has photos and cell phone video and his perfect world is about to come crashing down. NOTE:  Which Housewife would take photos and video of her HouseHusband… for future release?

This is a huge one.   Tabloid covers for weeks.”  NOTE:  Ratings boost for their franchise!  Interesting that the blind does not mention if HouseHusband is cheating with other women or cheating with men!

NOTE:  This just cannot be MO-Ritzio… he’s just too busy showin’ houses!!!

RHOBH Kyle Mauricio pg

(Thanks to SH readers “PMG” and “Chameleon”!!!)


RHOBH Season Four Premiere Episode… Preview Part III… Lisa Vanderpump On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

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Viewers will be subjected AGAIN to Lisa Vanderdump’s failed attempt to win the silver ball on DWTS.  As mentioned when her participation was announced, the only reason LisaDumpPump is on DWTS was for her RHOBH story line. Getting VERY seriously … Continue reading

MARY AMONS: EX-DC Housewife Wants Back On “Reality” TV… Says That Being A Housewife Is “Power”!

RHODC mary amons

Quite an interesting interview with EX-DC Housewife, Mary Amons, who tells about her experience as a Housewife.   The MOST interesting part of the interview was Mary’s reasons for wanting to be back on “reality” TV:

Part of why I want to go back on TV too is that I also love the positive influence I can have on people. I have so much more of a chance to inspire people, and be a positive influence. This inspires me to stay grounded, humble, and working hard to achieve my personal best!

This is definitely power — a power I did not have before the show. I think about this a lot, as the power of influence can be used for good or evil… I always want to use my power for good.  I want to encourage and inspire people to be their best. I want to do this, whether on another reality show or my own lifestyle show, maybe both!

NOTE:  Good grief!!  Once they’re a Housewife, they just never let go of that desire to be back on “reality” TV!  MaryAmons is going the “dropping hints via interviews” to let anyone who will listen that she’s available for filming… immediately!  Mary’s “hinting” is in contrast to her fellow EX-DC Housewife, Lynda Erkilitian, who never lets MissAndy forget that she’s ready for her close up via twitter.  

The DC Housewives attempt at getting attention and staying relevant via interviews and twitter is NOTHING compared to the EX-NewYork Housewives!  JillZarin and Silex have been campaigning to get themselves back on “reality” TV since they got da BravoBoot!  

JillZ and Silex are the Rev Al and Jesse of booted ‘wives… anything Housewives-related and there they are!!   Speakin’ of “Rev” Al, he infected the BravoClubhouse and MissAndy was crawlin’ all over the bobblehead…. the “Rev” is all for gay rights! 

The only thing we care about in regard to the DC Housewives is whatever happened to Sparkle!!!!  We wanna know!!!







“Thank You” to ALL who shared their great captions!

The WINNER of the caption contest is SH reader “Hoolrah” for comin’ up with “BubbaJax is his one true bride!  After all, they share the same surgeon!”

“Hoolrah” gets a huge thank you and an unending round of applause!!


HOUSEWIVES NEWS: LeaBlack Is “STAR of RHOM”… Real HWs of ATL Preview…Kelly Bensimon “Sellin’ And Smellin”… Melissa Gorga “LOOK At Her Dress!”… Lisa Hochstein… Lea Black… Sonja Morgan… Amy Phillips Does Teresa Giudice

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OUCH!  Lea Black has been given the distinction of being the “STAR” of the RHOM:  “Woods will share her financial expertise by highlighting her best-selling book, “Its All About the $Money, Honey!” She was invited to appear on the show … Continue reading


TERESA GIUDICE: Tree’s Ghostwritten BravoBlog… DONE With All The Fambly Drama!… Tree Says “Bye-Bye” and “I Love You”… And, Shut Up FEBUS!

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Bravo… Hi Sweethearts! We’re in the home stretch… almost done! Just one more episode left. How did you like last night’s Reunion? Of all the Reunions I’ve ever been to, this one was the best. I know that’s like saying … Continue reading


RHONJ REUNION FASHIONS: Where Did Manzoid And BubbaJax Get Their Hideous Reunion Dresses??… Creations From PrinceAlbie’s EX!!

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ORIGINALLY POSTED SEPTEMBER 30… Yes, that horrendous dress was made by PrinceAlbie’s EX!  A “fashion/expert/designer”??  She’s as much a fashionista as LapBandLauren is a supermodel! OH MY GAWD!!  DonCaro must be really wantin’ PrinceAlbie’s EX to stick around!  Otherwise, why … Continue reading

RHONJ REUNION PREVIEW: Does BigAl Cheat On BigManzoid?… FEBUSzoid and KomaKathy’s BravoBlogs… KomaK Still “Keepin’ It Sweet”

Yes, this very hard lookin’ 52-year-old, who looks 72… even scares MissAndy!   Of course, the answer to the question will have to wait…


If you’re interested in FEBUSzoid’s total waste of a BravoBlog… she has the absolute burglar balls to state this:

“Complete strangers were willing to take marching orders to hurt people they’ve never, ever met before. Somebody tell me why, I don’t get it. That’s all the attention this mess gets, not worth my time. Shame on all of you.”   NOTE:    YOU keep your hands clean while you have others do your dirty work….Yes, SHAME on YOU, you FEBUS subhuman.

And, KomaKathy’s uber-borrrring BravoBlog… Koma is still saying “Keep It Sweet,”
xoxo Kathy!   Warren Jeffs told his followers to “Keep It Sweet,” too!!


MELISSA GORGA: MeGo’s RHONJ Finale BravoBlog… DEFENDS Her Book… Words Are NOT To Be Taken “LITERALLY”…Compares Her Book To “50Shades”…Crazy Backpeddling… AND… Says Joe Gorga “Works”!!… Totally Punks Out Of Explaining “Penny/JTG”!… “Thousands” At Book Signing!

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Bravo…  Too late for back trackin’…but, MeGo tries anyway! Hi, everyone! What a week. The finale episode was only part of the excitement. My bookLove Italian Style has been out for over ten days now, and it’s making headlines. Some of … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES STUFF: Tweet Reward… RHOM Fading Fast…Yolanda Foster Selling Malibu House; Asking $27 Million… Andy Cohen’s West Village Shack… New Bravo Show With Rihanna!

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JTG is offering five bills for anyone who can produce his kid-bashing tweet: In response, a tweeter asked: NOTE:  Think JTG should shell out the measly $500 for fake tweets!  A REAL tweet should get $5,000, but payin’ that 5K … Continue reading



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WretchedBLEEEEEECH!Rossi didn’t waste no time in using her feminine wiles/ways/whateva to land a spot on another reality show!  On the advice of  “will do anything for MissAndy/Bravo” Tamballs, Wretched took off to Michigan WITHOUT Slade and is presently filming her new … Continue reading



Watch as FEBUS Manzoid acts all indignant that she would have anything to do with these bottom feeders!  Yes, MoronzoManzoid actually has the nerve to talk about getting her hands dirty!  She and her fambly are the first to scoot on outta there.

Really would prefer Tree not go into her high-pitched squeal that only dogs can hear…

Does anyone have any idea what this is all about??? It’s confusing and honestly…

who cares!?


KYLE RICHARDS: Kyle-ee Still Thinks The RHOBH is REAL “Reality”!!… MO-REESE Calls The RHOBH “A Game”!

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TOO Fab!!… HagfaceKyle still does not have those lips/tongue under control!!  How long has HagfaceKyle been doin’ the RHOBH… and she’s whining about it as if it’s all new to her?? Watch as MO-REESE contradicts his wife’s statements… and calls … Continue reading