FOR ALL SH READERS!!!… Takin’ A Detour: More Wonders of the World!

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We LOVE getting emails from SH readers!   And appreciate very much emails re actual REAL life…and the world around us!  So, a big thanks to SH reader “JoeDiP” for these wonderful views of the extraordinary, stupendous, staggering, spectacular, breathtaking … Continue reading



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When you log onto Google, ever wondered who/what you’re connecting to?  Ever wondered if it’s a place, a factory, an entity or just some kind of ubiquitous, global, everywhere-on-the-net kind of thing? This gives you an idea of what’s behind … Continue reading


MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” MONDAY!!… WWHL Goes Interactive…Tonight!… AND… Super-SECRET Bravo Casting Documents!… What Is Required To Be A HOUSEWIFE!!

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November 26, 2012 We all know how MissAndy LOVES his Samsung Galaxy Tablet!  If you didn’t know about MissAndy and his tablet… Samsung has had product placement on WWHL for quite a while and has participated in Samsung Galaxy tablet … Continue reading


DANIELLE STAUB: Did Danielle buy Twitter followers?…Sure Looks Like It!!

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November 19, 2012 Does the huge jump in the number of twitter followers a tweeter has indicate that person’s REAL popularity… or does it just indicate that they bought twitter followers? Let’s take @Danielle Staub, who is rumored to be … Continue reading


A QUICK SH DETOUR!… “TheSoup” Catches On To Phony Baloney “Medium”… VIDEO

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  September 23, 2012  1:30 pm                 “Oh… puh-leeeze!  I coulda toldja that you’re out as a Housewife on the RHONJ and that all your stunts to stay on the show ain’t gonna work! … Continue reading