HOUSEWIVES HISTORY LESSON: RHOBH From Casting To Filming… HFKyleSought After, Never Pitched To Evolution; Others Then Cast… Shana To Be “Business” Woman

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NOTE:  Let’s take a look back at how the RHOBH evolved… from the casting call to filming…and put to rest the bizarre claim that HFKyle campaigned and pitched herself and the show to EvolutionMedia.  That claim was obviously stated by someone who … Continue reading



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MARCH 2, 2012  3:00 pm As mentioned in the previous SH item re Shana…  Shana told “The River” radio station that her foundation’s web address was “TaylorArmstrongFoundation.ORG.”   When searching for that address and variations of that address, no such site … Continue reading



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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Shana “Taylor Armstrong”… WHAT WILL PROBABLY BE IN SHANA’S BOOK…

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 ShanaLynetteHughesSipesTaylorFordArmstrong… Let’s all take a step back and think about Ms. Hughes’ upcoming book… and the possibility of its contents… Shana tweeted the following on August 13, labeling her book that of “self-help.”  This is the message that reportedly sent … Continue reading


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: ShanaLynetteHughesTaylorFordArmstrong… “Taylor Armstrong” Is Writing A Book…

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If you didn’t know by now, SLHTFA aka “Taylor Armstrong” from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, is writing a book.   REALLY, SHANA?  You can write??  A whole book???  Just askin’… ’cause you just tweeted that you’re so broken … Continue reading

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump… Discuss Shana at Villa Blanca

On the next Real Housewives of Beverly Hills...

Normally SH waits until the day before OR the day of the episode to post the upcoming video.  HOWEVER… this video, which will air next week, is unbelievable.

Kyle Richards, for some unknown reason or reasons, has become BFF with Shana/TraylorTrash and is “discussing” with Kyle’s former BFF, Lisa Vanderpump, Shana’s oh-so-delicate wounded feelings… and how Lisa may have wounded her even more.

Lisa is not falling for Shana’s crap and is trying to explain this to Kyle; BUT… Shana got Kyle snowed and Kyle is “protecting” her new BFF.  Note to Kyle:  You’re next on the list to be lil Kennedy’s godparent… just a warning!

Is there a clause in the Housewives contract, particularly in Beverly Hills, where it states that a participant in the franchise cannot research a fellow castmate?  It is just so hard to believe that no one on this show has done the least bit of research on scammer con artist, Shana “Ima FORD” TraylorTrash!


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Taylor Armstrong… Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

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                                                            I named my kid “Kennedy” after Jackie Kennedy, ’cause she promised … Continue reading


Stoopid Housewives Stuff: 8-7-11… Shana/Traylor and Russell Armstrong; Jillz and Kelly Bensimon; Wretched and Slimey

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SHANA “TAYLOR ARMSTRONG”, MICHALE SALAHI: Shana/TraylorTrash Got Clocked By Russell…Dirtbag Couple Looking For A Surrogate (Run, Surrogates, RUN!!!)

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     You were gonna beat the hell outta ME, but you allowed someone else to beat you and give you a black eye???  Real tough-girl you are… Shana/TraylorTrash tells co-Housewives about the “brutal beating” she got from husband, Russell… here.   … Continue reading


TAYLOR ARMSTRONG: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… 2005 Interior Decorator Says “I Was Scammed by Russell Armstrong and His Wife, Taylor…”

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                                                              Yeah, I changed my name and you’ll never find anything … Continue reading


Stoopid Housewives Stuff: Shana/Traylor and Russell Armstrong Sued… RHONY Participating in GLAAD Manhattan 2011

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  Those people deserved to get ripped off…  Shana/TraylorTrash and her husband, Russell are being sued for misleading investors… here.   These two are high-level scammer/con artists…goin’ way back to their Florida days.  Here’s a great question for Andy:  Why are … Continue reading


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Shana/Traylor… What The Hell Is She Takin’?!

Seriously, what the hell is Shana/Traylor on??? And… isn’t that so cute that she’s doin’ the ‘mommy thing?’ What is it about not talking about the next season?  All the HWs say the same thing…  “We don’t know if there … Continue reading


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:Shana/Taylor… Tryin’ to Sell S***

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Shana/Taylor… Comparing A REAL Ford Heiress To ShanaTraylorTrashHugesFordArmstrong…Further Evidence That She’s a Scammer

Stoopid Housewives has made a promise to readers that any information, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem, to prove that Shana-Hughes-Taylor-Ford-Armstrong wormed her way through life and into our lives via scamming her way to becoming one … Continue reading


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Shana/Taylor’s Puppy Problems…

If for some insane reason you are not familiar with the fabulous B-Side Blog, then allow SH to introduce B-Side Blog… B-Side Blog‘s actual press credentials for Wednesday’s event… He (BSB) got the chance to ask Shana/Taylor Hughes Ford Armstrong … Continue reading

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Shana/Taylor… Strange

Daily Pilot

I was reading this article from a local OC paper about the Marconi’s, who have produced a charity event for the past 13 years, when who is mentioned in mid-article, but Shana/Taylor!

I’m thinkin’… what the hell is she doing in Orange County?  Then I realized that Shana/Taylor has taken her 15-minutes and is stretching every second out of them, anything it takes to keep herself in the public eye every minute of every day… so it’s worth it for her to drive to OC for a photo op.   HOWEVER, no one at the event took her picture!

But, you know Shana/Taylor… she would have made sure that ‘Christine,’ the ‘creator’ and keeper of S/T’s ‘official fan site’ would definitely have the photo of S/T at this event, but there is no photo!  The author of the article made a big deal out of S/T’s dress and the fact that she was there, so I’m surprised that S/T didn’t have photo evidence…  so why was she there???

From The Daily Pilot:

“The party would not be complete without the star-studded appearance of former “The Real Housewives of Orange County” star Lauri Peterson, who attracted plenty of attention.

OC HOUSEWIFE: Lauri and George Peterson.George and Lauri Peterson

Moments later, from the cast of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” Taylor Armstrong appeared wearing a multi-colored sequined mini dress, keeping with the Mardi Gras theme.

When she moved, the dress flashed like a beam of laser light.  Of course, she was wearing her Louboutin 5-inch heels. A twenty-something woman in the crowd named Sarah Oxblood screamed out, “OMG … she’s my favorite!”  Armstrong is known to legions of fans across the country for her enormous smile, thanks in part to a little help from Dr. Lip Injection.  You might say this was not your typical Orange County conservative philanthropic evening.”

The full Daily Pilot story… here.

Shana/Taylor’s Official Fan Site:  I can’t stand this scammer, so you’ll have to look it up yourself…

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: “Taylor Armstrong” Taylor… shana hughes taylor ford… Armstrong, “Taylor Armstrong is a Big Fat Liar”

One of the sites on my ‘must read’ list is  The ‘Boss Lady‘ definitely has a way with words and always has something interesting to say.  WELL…I came across this photo of Russell and Taylor Armstrong on her site and it became crystal clear to me what’s going on with these two…

Taylor+Armstrong+Russell+Armstrong+Taste+Beverly+qn2rWv9sE1fl                                   Russell and Shana Hughes/Shana Taylor/Shana Ford/Shana Taylor Ford  Armstrong

BUT…before I get to what I have to say (coming in a separate post as I’m still verifying information), read what another fan of has to say about her and her husband meeting up with Russell and Taylor in 2004 in Boca:

“Recently a reader who goes by Allison found my site and stated she met Chankla Face and her husband back in 2004 at a restaurant in Miami and has a picture with them. I immediately emailed her and she responded back.

She was unable to send the picture for me to post, because her husband wasn’t down with that shit, since he don’t want to be associated with Chankla and Russell . Can’t blame him. But Allison is trying to convice him . She did however, give  me some more details on Chankla’s ghetto ass, gutter skank behavior. And how Russell was trying to pass Chankla off as  a royalty,  trustfund bitch,  from the Ford family in Oklahoma  and blah blah blah.

However my reader could tell that Chankla was a fake ass, trailer park fronter, because the bitch was all drunk off her ass acting like a skank  right out of Jerry Springer and making out with Russell in the back of these people’s Mercedes, whom they never met  !  Chankla was all a  rude,drunk,  condescending, obnoxious bitch and was not talking to Allison or her husband but instead making rude remarks about them to Russell. And not only that but get this!! Those two con artist got up to go use the bathroom and apparently jumped out through the bathrooms back windows and left Allison and her husband with  a huge ass bill !!! I BET! Specially with all that booze that skank must of drank!

All these shenanigans that Russell and Chankla were pulling out of their ass, were  geared to convince Allison and her husband to invest in some scam with Russell. So he can pay Chankla Face’s final surgery so that Dr. Frankenstein can completely make her look like those crocodile skin boots, she got in Mexico including the leather complexion and all.

Here is the email Allison send me, she said I could post it enjoy :

I love your website! It’s all about the ”Real” Truth!
Yes, I do have a photo of myself, my husband, Taylor, and Russell from back in 2004. My husband and I live in Boca Raton and we met Taylor and Russel in Boca and then we all drove down (in my husband’s car) to Miami (South Beach) to have dinner. At the time, Taylor and Russell were just dating. He was trying to get my husband to invest in some crazy deal – luckily my husband decided against it.
Taylor was very aloof – she did not say much about what she did for a living and her life – she was also rude and condescending. However, she did make sure that we were aware she was Taylor “Ford” from the Ford Motor Family of Oklahoma. I had such a strong feeling it was not true – she seemed more like white-trash dressed in Gucci than a trust-fund person – but I did not say anything about my feelings. Russell insisted to my husband that she was from the “Ford” family. They obviously were trying to impress us. If only Taylor had some manners, then perhaps we would have had some positive thoughts about her!
It was the worst night….because Taylor was so bizarre – she was so obnoxious and was very rude – I had never seen someone be that rude in my entire life. She was screaming (trying to be cute and flirty with Russell) in the car and then started making out with Russell in the back seat of our Mercedes. Russell was such a wimp…he didn’t even say anything to her about her rude and obnoxious behavior.
She was drunk when we picked them up at the hotel they were staying at – and she proceeded to get even more drunk at the restaurant (Prime 112 in South Beach). She did not speak to my husband or me and she kept making snide remarks about us to Russell (all while we were across from them at the same table). It also seemed like she was “high” on something, by the way she was acting, but I can not confirm that for sure. Finally, half way through the dinner they both got up to use the restroom and never came back! They left us with a huge bill (mostly from all the drinks they ordered) and when we called Russell to find out what happened to them, he did not answer his cell. The next day Russell called my husband – on the voicemaill he said that Taylor wanted to leave early to meet up with some celebrity – I forget which celebrity it was – who was in South Beach that night. My husband did not return the call. He was extremely turned off by their behavior.
I forgot about this terrible night, but when I saw Taylor on RHBH I knew I had met her somewhere – when I found out that her maiden name was “Ford” I remembered all of it. When I learned online that her real name is Shana Hughes Armstrong, I could not stop laughing!  She was so pretentious and snobby the night we were with her and it turns out she is a fraud!  The fact that she changed her entire name to appear as an “important” person is so sad, because it verifies just how very insecure she is – and also how much of a “social climber” she is.
After I realized this was the same Taylor that my husband and I met six years ago, I went through an old pile of photos and found a picture of the four of us, taken at Prime 112 restaurant in South Beach.
My husband does not want a picture of himself with Russell on the internet, becaues he does not want to be associated with Russell (Russell does not have the cleanest reputation in the financial industry) – but I promise I will try to talk him into it!
By the way, back in 2004 she had those horrendous lips too!  She didn’t have the extensions in and she wasn’t as skinny as she is now (she looks anorexic now).
Just thought you might find this interesting!
All the best,”

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Guess The Housewife…

A VERY interesting blind item posted on

Housewife Enjoys A Morning Bump

CDAN – Which Real Housewife (in a city currently airing) enjoys a little wake me up c*caine every morning?

Click here to read the comments/guesses:

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: A Look Back…From Casting to Filming

Taylor Armstrong to be the “business woman” in the group.  (

Let’s take a look back at how the RHOBH evolved… from the casting call to filming

March 21, 2010… the original casting call:

> Evolution Media, producers of “The Real Housewives of Orange County,”
> is casting its next show in the Beverly Hills area. We are seeking
> upscale, affluent women living fabulous and glamorous lives.
> Bravo is looking for outgoing, exciting, strong, focused women who
> reside in and around the Beverly Hills area that want to share their
> lives. We are looking for women who are lively and energetic, with
> defined opinions and views. Our featured women should have busy lives,
> be involved with the community, have a strong work ethic, and an active
> social calendar. Most importantly, they should be enjoying the good
> life.
> The women, significant others and families must be open to sharing
> their experiences with the producers and the television audience.
> Please email your: name, age, a bit about you, where you live, a
> current photo(s) and a contact phone number!

Thought of a few names that could really elevate the show from the nasty not-so-real or even realistically wealthy Real Housewives elsewhere on their other shows. Money is hardly about show, showing off and showing down.  Money in Beverly Hills does not give you bragging rights – in fact it’s purpose is to allow you to live far above that.

For a very long time, Bravo and Evolution deliberated over 2 groups of 5 very qualified women. And along the way word on the streets of Beverly Hills changed and swayed …

…but it became very clear Kyle Richards would be the shoe-in.

Kyle is beautiful and very well known around town. She is sister of Kim Richards, a very much loved child actress from Race to Witch Mountain and also Tuff Turf with James Spader! Kyle and her husband Mauricio Umansky were living in Bel Air near Mulholland – though the home was recently for sale.

The second Beverly Hills Housewife is a woman named Lisa Todd who was once Lisa Vanderpump and quite a sexy dish on Baywatch. Lisa married Kenneth Todd, a realtor, and lives in Beverly Park. Lisa and Kyle are said to be good friends.

The third Beverly Hills Housewife is really the one to watch when the show airs, and even as it begins taping this month in March.

This woman is  Adrienne Maloof.

Adrianne Maloof is important for so many reasons to Bevelry Hills, California and the West Coast for indusrial, financial and social reasons. She is the daughter of Colleen & George J. Maloof, Sr., and sister of the four Maloof brothers Joe Maloof, Gavin Maloof, George J. Maloof, Jr. and Phil Maloof.

These are big names in Las Vegas and throughout California. They have owned the Sacramento Kings and the home stadium, ARCO Arena, and The Palms hotel and casino in Las Vegas. George Maloof, Jr. is the most high-profile of all the children and is a regular with younger celebrity circles, like Paris Hilton, etc.

E! News recently claimed to know the final two housewives, as had numerous other websites throughout the last year, including Nicole Richie’s mom, Kelsey Grammer’s wife and Kyle Richard’s sister.

Obviously Kyle’s sister could be an obvious choice, but why Bravo would lose 1/5 of their story lines since the two are always together and that could really just up being one for the price of two. We have also heard one of Adrienne’s bff’s could be cast, name will not be mentioned PER BRAVO’s polite request.  And the rumors about Kelsey Grammer’s wife and Nicole Richie’s mom … well, we havent heard anything about those two … yet.

Production of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills officially begins in March and the cast has a 10 month commitment.


BRAVO finally announces the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!!

  1. Adrienne Maloof (who we know as the Maloof’s sister who throws the best Christmas party in town)
  2. Kyle & Kim Richards (who we know as Nicky & Paris Hilton’s aunts)
  3. Lisa Todd Vanderpump (who we know as a Baywatch babe and co-owner of a newer restaurant on Camden and Brighton)
  4. Taylor Ford Armstrong (who we know as a philanthropist and Kyle’s friend)
  5. Camille Grammer  (Kelsey Grammer’s wife and in playboy magazine)

From 2009:

“We hear Kyle & Kim Richards, aunts of Paris Hilton, are signed to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills …”

Though Bravo has not confirmed it, there are several reports that at least one of Kathy Hilton’s beautiful sisters could very well be the belle of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which officially begins production in March!

Bravo has been deliberating between two groups of five hopeful Beverly Hills housewives  since the Spring but production will begin in March, which means its decision time!

“Bravo wanted to build the cast around some Hiltons, yes Kyle is one of them, I think Kim too … but it ain’t over till the fat lady sings ” – an anonymous source close to the project.

Source also says Lisa Todd, owner of Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills, and a close friend of Kyle, is in the running as well.

Sources also say it’s possible Kim will be cast or else she could be featured in sister Kyle’s scenes.

The source says:

“Production officially begins in March and the cast has a 10 month commitment.   Bravo is continuing with callbacks now for the remaining spots on the show.”

Kim Richards and Kyle Richards, sisters of Kathy Hilton, is also the aunt of Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton! First Paris, then Kathy, even Nicky’s boyfriend David Katzenberg has a semi-scripted show on MTV now called “Hard Times”. It makes sense that Kathy’s sisters would follow.

Kyle Richards (born in Hollywood in 1969) is an L.A. native and is five years apart from Kim Richards (born 1964) and ten years apart from Kathy Hilton (nee Kathy Richards, born 1959).

Kyle has been on niece Paris’s two reality series The Simple Life and My New BFF. She is married to Mauricio Umansky, a realtor in Beverly Hills and Beverly Park, at Hilton and Hyland, the same place Paris’ dad Rick Hilton works.

Kim and Kyle were both accomplished actresses …

Kim Richards: Escape to Witch Mountain (1975), No Deposit, No Return (1976) and Return to Witch Mountain (1978), Black Snake Moan (2006), Tuff Turf (1985), Meatballs Part II (1984), “Diff’rent Strokes” (1979), “Little House on the Prairie” (1974)

Kyle Richards: “ER” (21 episodes, 1998-2006), “Little House on the Prairie”, Halloween (1979), and episodes of “Love Boat”, “Fantasy Island”, and “Beverly Hills, 90210″. She also played the younger version of her sister’s character in “Escape to Witch Mountain (1975)”. Both sisters were on “Disneyland.”

Kyle and her husband Mauricio Umansky were living in Bel Air near Mulholland – the home is currently for sale for $2,925,000, lowered from $3,450,000.

Lisa Todd aka Lisa Vanderpump Todd co-owns Villa Blanca in Bev Hills with her husband Ken Todd, a British restaurateur. Lisa is/was an actress; she appeared in “Baywatch” during the mid-1990′s.

If these two are in the show, we will likely be visiting them at their really pretty home in Beverly Park. Pictures of Lisa Todd’s house in Beverly Park:

Last year the network was still deliberating over two groups of five ladies that had been selected over the summer.  Bravo’s Real Housewives of Orange County was cast in much the same process – asking casting directors to develop two story-lines around two different casts – and then letting Bravo executives and producers pick between the two.

Bravo was so amped up about the Richards sisters that they have been working with them to develop an agreeable storyline and maybe even cater to their schedules. Bravo has been quiet about their unexpected delay in casting and it’s almost certainly something along these lines.

The network’s call backs for those extra three spots are still happening:

1. not caucasian (out of running – name will not be revealed)

2. has lots of brothers (cast!! cant mention named – per Bravo!) *This was ADRIANNE!

3. an L.A. native (out of running – name will not be revealed)

4. flies (out of running – name will not be revealed)

5. something O (out of running – name will not be revealed)

6. rhymes with Yale (out of running – name will not be revealed)

7. Brentwood dweller (out of running – name will not be revealed)

8. Has 3 names! (cast!! cant mention named – per Bravo!) **This was Taylor Ford Armstrong!!

9. as for the rumor spreading about Nicole Richie’s mother – none of our sources have reported this, yet.  Not cast.

So says Bravo at last ~ March 10, 2010 circa 11:30am ~

The hit Bravo franchise heads to the glamorous city that defines luxurious wealth and pampered privilege, a city where being seen and who you know is everything – Beverly Hills. This one-hour docu-series is being produced by Evolution Media (“The Real Housewives of Orange County”) for Bravo with Douglas Ross, Greg Stewart, Kathleen French and Dave Rupel as executive producers, and Alex Baskin as co-executive producer.

(Thank you “Caroline from DT”!!!)

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Russell Armstrong…Happy OFF Camera!

What’s better than a Neiman Marcus after-Christmas sale? Their chocolate chip cookie!!  Mmmmm.      IMO, they’re awful…

With Bobby Kennedy, Jr.!   Where’s Russell?

Race partners at the finish line…   Where’s Russell?

Waiting for the finals…hanging w my hubby.  HERE’s Russell!  
And he looks genuinely happy… maybe he doesn’t like being miked and the camera in his face… just a theory, ’cause he looks pretty happy here!   December, 2010
To reinforce my theory about Russell disliking being on RHOBH, here’s another more recent photo and he looks very, very happy…
We took Kennedy to the zoo today to see the elephant habitat. Gorgeous day in LA. Hope ur wknd was relaxing.  1-16-2010