SHANA “TAYLOR ARMSTRONG”: Keynote Speaker… National Coalition Against Domestic Violence in Denver on Sunday…UPDATE: Responses To DenverPost Article… Many Enraged!

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July 19, 2012  10:10 pm   DenverPost…   UPDATE July 21, 2012  9:30 pm In response to the article from the Denver Post, several have expressed their concerns about Shana being the keynote speaker at the National Coalition Against Domestic … Continue reading


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Russell Armstrong Concerned About Tell-All…

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From RadarOnline: “Russell was recently informed that a tell-all book was being written and that many of his secrets were going to be made public,” a source with inside information said. More… here.  Wow!  Russell musta been into some really … Continue reading

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Taylor Armstrong and Husband Invest in Malibu Beach Recovery Center

Russell Armstrong, Managing Director of Crescent Financial Partners, Inc., a Los Angeles based private merchant banking firm, and his wife Taylor Armstrong, co-founder and President of eImplement, Inc., a management consulting firm, and Crescent Financial Partners have announced the purchase of an equity stake in the Malibu Beach Recovery Center… here.

“Taylor and I are dedicated to using our business experience and personal relationships to support organizations we know are truly making a difference,” remarked Russell Armstrong, who in 2009 encouraged a family member suffering from substance dependency to seek treatment from the Malibu Beach Recovery Center and who has since made a full recovery.

Added Taylor Armstrong:

“While helping victims of domestic violence through my work with The 1736 Family Crisis Center, I witnessed the devastating role substance abuse plays in destroying families. Through our partnership with Malibu Beach Recovery, we offer families a vital tool for stopping the cycle of addiction-related abuse. We are extremely grateful for our ability to provide visibility and resources to a local organization that has made such a positive impact on countless lives.”