Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:Shana/Taylor… Tryin’ to Sell S***

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Shana Hughes Taylor Ford Armstrong… “Taylor Armstrong Big Fat Liar”

It all comes together now about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member, Ms. Taylor ‘I’ll get all Oklahoma on you‘ Armstrong…  IMO, I believe that we have another big-time pro-scammer couple in our midst… and Taylor Armstrong is a big fat liar…

‘Taylor’ before filming started

When the producers of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were casting the show, Taylor Armstrong went by the name of Taylor ‘FORD’ Armstrong (see previous post:  When filming started, Taylor dropped the ‘FORD‘ and she hasn’t mentioned that name again (either on websites, on RHOBH or interviews) which I thought that was kinda strange… BUT, let’s go on

As RHOBH ‘insiders’ are aware, Russell Armstrong has a very shady past (see tab ‘The MEN of real housewives’ , ‘Russell Armstrong’, on masthead above) and as RHOBH viewers are aware, his relationship with Taylor on RHOBH shows him to be disingenuous, unkind and apathetic toward Taylor… BUT, let’s go on

Russell and ‘Taylor’ Armstrong

Growing up in Oklahoma, Taylor Armstrong’s name was Shana Hughes.  The question about her name change was not fully answered until recently when she was on the January 19, 2011 episode of  The Wendy Williams Show. Wendy asked and Taylor answered that her name growing up was Shana Taylor… no mention of the last name of ‘Hughes‘ or ‘FORD‘… and that everyone called her by her last name ‘Taylor‘, so it was natural and less confusing that she just switch her last name ‘Taylor‘ to be her first name because that’s what she got used to answering to and that’s why she changed her name from ‘Shana‘ to ‘Taylor’…  just trust me on this as I’ve searched the following sites for full episodes to document this info:  hulu, youtube,,,,, etc, etc… (please email me if you can find full episodes)… I’m so ticked with myself that I erased that episode from my DVR… BUT, let’s go on

Shana ‘Taylor Armstrong’ Hughes…1989 graduate of Union HS, Tulsa OK

HOWEVER… Ms. Oklahoma was asked the same question one day later by Andy Cohen on Watch What Happen Live and she gives a TOTALLY DIFFERENT EXPLANATION…

Really, you would think that she could keep her stories straight… BUT, let’s go on

On the RHOBH finale, Russell and Taylor’s marriage gets another bad rap when after Russell gives Taylor his lame birthday toast, Camera Lisa says that ‘she’s glad that Russell is married to Taylor and not her‘… Camera Lisa also says that ‘maybe Taylor likes the Beverly Hills lifestyle more than she cares about her own happiness.’

RHBHoriginalpoint.jpgKim, ‘Taylor’ and Lisa

Everyone is wondering why Taylor is staying with Russell… Wendy Williams comes straight to the point and ASKS Taylor why she puts up with Russell… from January 2011…

Right after, Wendy asks Taylor about her name change, but as I mentioned previously, full episodes are not available…


Shana Hughes graduates from Union HS in Tulsa, OK in 1989.  1994 she graduates college and works for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals (she may have been known as Shanna Hughes or Shanna Ford when she was with Pfizer) and Medtronics.   Shana obviously liked the last name ‘Ford’ as she led people to believe that she was from the auto business ‘Ford’s from Detroit. (This really made me laugh, as everyone who knows anyone in the auto business knows that everyone lives in Bloomfield Hills…not Detroit.)

From the Taylor Armstrong Official Fan Page:  “Upon arriving in California, Taylor Armstrong set up a textile business of her own. (Upon arriving in CA, Taylor worked for CA Swimwear…) She fulfilled her longtime dream of being an entrepreneur, starting out by working at a start-up commerce company in Florida. (Where she and Russell tried to scam Allison, the author of the email in previous post…) She also picked up a few things by working for Pfizer and Medtronic along the way.”  In 2005 Taylor married Russell Armstrong and together, they have a four-year-old daughter named Kennedy.  ( Yeah… she has a fan site…

March 2010:  Taylor-Ford Armstrong was confirmed a cast member of RHOBH: (

September 2010:  Still using the name Taylor Ford-Armstrong (… “new Real Housewives of Beverly Hills couple Taylor Ford and Russell Armstrong”)

November 2010:  Taylor and Russell invest in Malibu Recovery Center (… this may not mean anything, but it’s good-to-know info…

So, one of the big questions is WHY is Taylor staying with Russell?…                      The answer dawned on me when I saw the following photo… IMO, photos say a lot:  First, I was struck by her expression.  She looks like a deer caught in headlights and also looks somewhat embarrassed and scared all at the same time… and then I looked at her arm. She is squeezing Russell’s hand so tight that the veins in her arm are popping up, also notice that SHE is holding Russell’s hand and it’s not reciprocated.  It’s almost like she’s saying, “Oh, God… do these people know about us?”

Taylor+Armstrong+Russell+Armstrong+Taste+Beverly+qn2rWv9sE1flTaylor Armstrong and Russell Armstrong - Taste of Beverly HillsAnother view

Taylor Armstrong and Russell Armstrong - "The Green Hornet" Premiere

Wow!  What a kiss!  Taylor is dominant and Russell looks like he would rather be scraping his elbows on a cheese grater than pretending he is interested in his wife.

Taylor Armstrong and Russell Armstrong - Premiere Of Columbia Pictures' "The Green Hornet" - Arrivals

Taylor is again dominant with her hand in a fist on Russell’s shoulder and Russell looks like he would rather put his head into a bag of rabid monkeys than pose for a photo.

IMO, Taylor ‘shana hughes taylor ford’ Armstrong and Russell Armstrong are pro scammers who have scammed their way to the top… they think they’ve hit it big time in Bev-er-lee Hills.   Taylor can’t leave Russell… not because of their daughter, Kennedy… but because Russell knows what’s going on between them and they’re in this together.

Kennedy and Russell do a DanceOK… shoot me, but little Kennedy isn’t that cute…

Just for the hell of it, here’s more stuff I found about these two:

Here’s Taylor and Russell’s House… it’s the one with the empty pool:

Here’s Russell and a healthier looking Taylor with Prince Charles:image description (for a larger photo see:  I’ll bet Russell never thought anyone would find that photo…   Makes me wonder if Taylor is the answer to the blind item post (… she does look much skinnier now than the Prince Charles photo   Hmmmmm…

Taylor made a very quick mention on WWHL that she is now working with (which is a site that I LOVE… YSL nail polish never chips and they sell it on their site for at least 50% off…). Of course, I emailed them to find out if Taylor was indeed associated with beautyticket… and here’s what they said:

YES – we are thrilled to announce that Taylor Armstrong has been named Chief Creative Director here at  Look for Taylor’s Tips and Tricks and Picks coming soon as well as videos showing how to get her looks and special kits made exclusivly for Taylor here at  We are really excited about all the ideas she is bringing to the company.

VIP Customer Care

Your VIP Pass to Beautiful Deals

I was blown away that Taylor is their ‘creative director’…are you kidding me beautyticket???  I wouldn’t take cooking tips from her let alone BEAUTY tips… has beautyticket LOOKED at Taylor lately???   Anyway, I replied…

My reply:  I asked about Ms. Armstrong because I wanted to make sure that the information she mentioned on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen was correct.  As a frequent customer of, I am extremely disappointed that you would have such a person representing your brand and I doubt very much if I will remain a customer.

Here’s their contact info to write them if you feel the same:

Phone: (800) 385-1386

Beauty Ticket, LLC
8350 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 102
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: “Taylor Armstrong” Taylor… shana hughes taylor ford… Armstrong, “Taylor Armstrong is a Big Fat Liar”

One of the sites on my ‘must read’ list is  The ‘Boss Lady‘ definitely has a way with words and always has something interesting to say.  WELL…I came across this photo of Russell and Taylor Armstrong on her site and it became crystal clear to me what’s going on with these two…

Taylor+Armstrong+Russell+Armstrong+Taste+Beverly+qn2rWv9sE1fl                                   Russell and Shana Hughes/Shana Taylor/Shana Ford/Shana Taylor Ford  Armstrong

BUT…before I get to what I have to say (coming in a separate post as I’m still verifying information), read what another fan of has to say about her and her husband meeting up with Russell and Taylor in 2004 in Boca:

“Recently a reader who goes by Allison found my site and stated she met Chankla Face and her husband back in 2004 at a restaurant in Miami and has a picture with them. I immediately emailed her and she responded back.

She was unable to send the picture for me to post, because her husband wasn’t down with that shit, since he don’t want to be associated with Chankla and Russell . Can’t blame him. But Allison is trying to convice him . She did however, give  me some more details on Chankla’s ghetto ass, gutter skank behavior. And how Russell was trying to pass Chankla off as  a royalty,  trustfund bitch,  from the Ford family in Oklahoma  and blah blah blah.

However my reader could tell that Chankla was a fake ass, trailer park fronter, because the bitch was all drunk off her ass acting like a skank  right out of Jerry Springer and making out with Russell in the back of these people’s Mercedes, whom they never met  !  Chankla was all a  rude,drunk,  condescending, obnoxious bitch and was not talking to Allison or her husband but instead making rude remarks about them to Russell. And not only that but get this!! Those two con artist got up to go use the bathroom and apparently jumped out through the bathrooms back windows and left Allison and her husband with  a huge ass bill !!! I BET! Specially with all that booze that skank must of drank!

All these shenanigans that Russell and Chankla were pulling out of their ass, were  geared to convince Allison and her husband to invest in some scam with Russell. So he can pay Chankla Face’s final surgery so that Dr. Frankenstein can completely make her look like those crocodile skin boots, she got in Mexico including the leather complexion and all.

Here is the email Allison send me, she said I could post it enjoy :

I love your website! It’s all about the ”Real” Truth!
Yes, I do have a photo of myself, my husband, Taylor, and Russell from back in 2004. My husband and I live in Boca Raton and we met Taylor and Russel in Boca and then we all drove down (in my husband’s car) to Miami (South Beach) to have dinner. At the time, Taylor and Russell were just dating. He was trying to get my husband to invest in some crazy deal – luckily my husband decided against it.
Taylor was very aloof – she did not say much about what she did for a living and her life – she was also rude and condescending. However, she did make sure that we were aware she was Taylor “Ford” from the Ford Motor Family of Oklahoma. I had such a strong feeling it was not true – she seemed more like white-trash dressed in Gucci than a trust-fund person – but I did not say anything about my feelings. Russell insisted to my husband that she was from the “Ford” family. They obviously were trying to impress us. If only Taylor had some manners, then perhaps we would have had some positive thoughts about her!
It was the worst night….because Taylor was so bizarre – she was so obnoxious and was very rude – I had never seen someone be that rude in my entire life. She was screaming (trying to be cute and flirty with Russell) in the car and then started making out with Russell in the back seat of our Mercedes. Russell was such a wimp…he didn’t even say anything to her about her rude and obnoxious behavior.
She was drunk when we picked them up at the hotel they were staying at – and she proceeded to get even more drunk at the restaurant (Prime 112 in South Beach). She did not speak to my husband or me and she kept making snide remarks about us to Russell (all while we were across from them at the same table). It also seemed like she was “high” on something, by the way she was acting, but I can not confirm that for sure. Finally, half way through the dinner they both got up to use the restroom and never came back! They left us with a huge bill (mostly from all the drinks they ordered) and when we called Russell to find out what happened to them, he did not answer his cell. The next day Russell called my husband – on the voicemaill he said that Taylor wanted to leave early to meet up with some celebrity – I forget which celebrity it was – who was in South Beach that night. My husband did not return the call. He was extremely turned off by their behavior.
I forgot about this terrible night, but when I saw Taylor on RHBH I knew I had met her somewhere – when I found out that her maiden name was “Ford” I remembered all of it. When I learned online that her real name is Shana Hughes Armstrong, I could not stop laughing!  She was so pretentious and snobby the night we were with her and it turns out she is a fraud!  The fact that she changed her entire name to appear as an “important” person is so sad, because it verifies just how very insecure she is – and also how much of a “social climber” she is.
After I realized this was the same Taylor that my husband and I met six years ago, I went through an old pile of photos and found a picture of the four of us, taken at Prime 112 restaurant in South Beach.
My husband does not want a picture of himself with Russell on the internet, becaues he does not want to be associated with Russell (Russell does not have the cleanest reputation in the financial industry) – but I promise I will try to talk him into it!
By the way, back in 2004 she had those horrendous lips too!  She didn’t have the extensions in and she wasn’t as skinny as she is now (she looks anorexic now).
Just thought you might find this interesting!
All the best,”