SH “HIT AND RUN” TUESDAY: Abuse of Power… JillZ Changes Her Name…Singer Don’t Like The Robertson’s from “DuckDynasty”!… Duck Dynasty Cousin Tryin’ To Take Over!!!… Joodice Court Date Moved AGAIN!

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If you were wonderin’ about da Joodice’s lawsuit… the one that keeps draggin’ on… the one that Juicy is bein’ sued for fraudulently obtaining a New Jersey driver’s license by using his brother’s info.  The meeting, a status conference which … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” MONDAY: Relevance… Blue Monday… Tamra Barney Promising “Many Housewives” At Party… Tamballs’ Bachelorette Party Is Now A Bravo-Approved “Housewives LIVE Tour”!!!… Only BRAVO Don’t Know It!!

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NOTE:  The word of the day is “RELEVANT”…  adjective Definition: having a bearing on, or pertinent with, the present subject; Synonyms: germane, pertinent, material, applicable, significant, apposite; Antonyms: irrelevant, unsuitable, unrelated, immaterial ******************************** Hope you all know what today is!  Today is BLUE MONDAY… the … Continue reading


TAMBALLS BARNYARD: Tamra Barney Wants To Share Her “Love”… At Bachelorette Party In NY… For $100 A Ticket!

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Never one to let a money-making opportunity slip by, owner of CUT mega-fitness center… …and the Housewife betrothed to Ellie Judge…  da HoneyBooBoo of Orange County, Tamballs TrailerParkBarnyard Barney is sendin’ out invites to ANOTHER bachelorette par-tay!   Tamballs will go anywhere … Continue reading