BRANDI GLANVILLE: “DrunkOtis” of Beverly Hills ‘Splains Her Sprain…

DrunkOtis aka BlabberMouthBrandi Glanville says that her newly-acquired injury occurred while she was taking defense classes.


The REAL story is that she got into a scuffle with another shopper who was also tryin’ to snag the last white Stella McCartney purse… it was deeply discounted!  Obviously, DrunkOtis won!   NOTE:  It’s about time Otis got herself a new Stella!!


SH HOUSEWIVES MYSTERY: Which Beverly Hills Housewife Also Owns LeAnn Rimes’ Bag?… UPDATE: Mystery Solved!!… Brandi Glanville Had The Bag First!!

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One of the Beverly Hills Housewives has been tottin’ around this very same bag (although the BH Housewife’s bag might be a lighter color)… the one which LeAnn Rimes is seen carrying! Do YOU know the BH Housewife who carries … Continue reading