BRANDI GLANVILLE Still Schleppin’ That Stella… What Darin Harvey’s EX-Wife Said

DrunkOtis was out with her REAL boyfriend, Darin Harvey… not her set-up-by-Hagface-Kyle phony baloney boyfriend who works for MO-Reese, Jonathan Ruiz.  And what is DrunkOtis STILL carryin’ around… her old stinky Stella!!!   NOTE to Darin:  If you’re tryin’ to think of a present to buy DrunkOtis…. try Neiman’s.

rhobh brandi stella bag

NOTE:  Darin Harvey’s EX-wife promised that she was gonna spill it about DrunkOtis … still waiting to hear MORE from her!!  DrunkOtis prolly paid her off to shut her up, which explains DrunkOtis totin’ that old crappy Stella!

THIS is what Michelle Harvey said:  “The amount of personal info I have about BG is literally endless. I really feel the most appropriate time to share all will be after her rediculous book comes out. I’m sure the majority if which will be embellished half truths if not complete lies. Most of which i’ll be able to (lie detector of needed) be able to completely dispel!!”   DrunkOtis’s SECOND book has been published… still crickets from Michelle!!  Where are you, Michelle???  

BRANDI GLANVILLE: “DrunkOtis” of Beverly Hills ‘Splains Her Sprain…

DrunkOtis aka BlabberMouthBrandi Glanville says that her newly-acquired injury occurred while she was taking defense classes.


The REAL story is that she got into a scuffle with another shopper who was also tryin’ to snag the last white Stella McCartney purse… it was deeply discounted!  Obviously, DrunkOtis won!   NOTE:  It’s about time Otis got herself a new Stella!!


SH HOUSEWIVES MYSTERY: Which Beverly Hills Housewife Also Owns LeAnn Rimes’ Bag?… UPDATE: Mystery Solved!!… Brandi Glanville Had The Bag First!!

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