TERESA GIUDICE: Tree’s BravoBlog… Wants Manzoid To Address Her Own Family Issues… Tree is Happy, Happy, Happy!

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Bravo…  Tree’s ghostwritten BravoBlog… not a word about her lawsuit!  She’s just happy, happy, happy!   Does DuckDynasty know about Tree’s change from “love, love, love” to “happy, happy, happy” ???? Hello Baby Dolls! Last week’s episode got me all … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” WEEKEND: Shana… Ryan/Crooks OC Drama… Kelly Besimon…RHONJ Contracts… FOOTBALL!!

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Shana and her desperate for a story line boyfriend are engaged.   Her new name will be Taylor Bhuler… say THAT ten times!  This “news” gets 487 KENS! Thanks to SH reader “Chill” for sending the item from ROL re … Continue reading


DARRYL BREWER: Darryl Brewer Speaks “…Not a bunch of chumps who lived with a homicidal maniac”

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Darryl Brewer was not called into court today to testify for his killer ex-girlfriend… but, he did speak with “My biggest goal in talking now is because I didn’t get to talk today,” Darryl Brewer said. “I wanted to … Continue reading


DUCK DYNASTY: Preview of Tonight’s Episode…Beard Jokes!

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From A&… We love DuckDynasty… DD airs tonight at 10 and 10:30 pm on A&E…   Did you know that Phil Robertson was a college football star and was drafted into the NFL, but turned down the offer ’cause it … Continue reading

ANOTHER SH DETOUR!!… SuperBowl Sunday… Name The Clydesdale!

As you all are VERY aware, tomorrow is SuperBowl Sunday!!  While gathering info pertaining to this ‘almost’ national holiday, came across the Budweiser Clydesdale commercial.  Budweiser is looking for a name… why not give it a shot and tweet your best guess!  Name the Clydesdale… who was actually only seven days old when the commercial was shot…



SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: Casting For New “Housewives-Like” Show… Faye Resnick “BabyDaddy Morris”!!… Project Runway Recap From “flipit/Ronnie”… Adrienne Maloof “Goin’ Broke” Well, Not Exactly!… Caroline Manzo “Christmas Gift To Lauren”

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   ANYONE can be on TV!!! Casting for a new “Housewives”-type show in San Diego: “If you live in or know anyone who lives in affluent San Diego neighborhoods such as Rancho Sante Fe, Del Mar, La Jolla, etc. for a … Continue reading


ALEXIS BELLINO: Alexass’ “Jumpin’TrampolinePark”… Having Problems???

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October 31, 2012 Could da Bellinos be having some problems at their newly-opened Anaheim trampoline park???  Da Bellinos just issued ANOTHER Groupon!  Their first Groupon for their Anaheim location was issued June 11, 2012… they are supposed to be opening … Continue reading

Watch What Happens Live: After Show… Peggy Tanous and Sean Avery and Alexis Couture… Part I

Watch What Happens Live After Show…

Peggy gives Andy a framed photo for his birthday… wonder where Andy’s gonna put this?

Alexis Couture is in the clubhouse, too!

Sean Avery seems to know all the Housewives pretty well… another HW fan?!


Nene Leakes Husband in Fight…

Mind you, is reporting this as a RUMOR… but, you know how rumors are (most of them are TRUE!)…   Soooo, maybe those RUMORS about Nene being pregnant are true…

Nene Leakes


January 20, 2011. Here’s a breaking report, sent in by an MTO spy:


“Just seen NeNe Leakes of Atlanta Housewives with [a man who looked like] NFL football player, Charles Grant outside a 24-hour supermarket just minutes after 1:00AM in Alpharetta, GA.

While [the man] and NeNe’s husband, Greg, wrestled for what seemed to be car keys. The altercation lasted about 10 minutes but was stopped by an officer in a private security vehicle. NeNe Leakes left the scene as a passenger in what appeared to be [the new BF’s] vehicle.”


Charles Grant, Nene Leakes

Gregg and Nene Leakes