ALEXIS BELLINO: Alexis Tells How She Got on the RHOC… Her Clothes Are Inspired By Chanel, Valentino and McQueen… How Alexass Does It All!!!

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May 31, 2012  10:10 pm  Alexis flashing her fake ring…  NOTE:  Alexass had nannies to clean up after the kids… because Alexass is a VERY hands-on mom and it’s VERY hard.  What a dumbazz…             … Continue reading

Alexis and Jim… Ugh and Ugh-er!!

After watching the latest episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County, the image of the despicable, disgusting, detestable Jim Bellino blessing his wife and kids enveloped my brain and I could think of nothing else except how I loathe him.  The two-car, stuffed-with-luggage ‘family’ outing to San Diego was just excessive and depressing.   How wonderful of this ‘Christian’ dad to lay a ‘blessing’ on his son and then reject the little boy when he asks to ride in the same car as his dad…  luggage or my kid… yeah, I’ll take the luggage. Nice going, ‘Christian’ Jim.

Rancho Bernardo InnAlexis thought that she was packing for Mexico… yeah, she doesn’t read the  small print…

Alexis is no better… she’s a total idiot.  The resort they visited in San Diego is less than an hour’s drive from their home and she felt the need to actually go out and buy more luggage for the ‘journey,’ and, of course, she has to have a nanny come along… because how in the world will she be able to handle three children by herself?  Three!  Three kids is just too much for Alexis to handle… after all, she IS Jim’s best accessory and has to stay that way, so these kids (that are also Jim’s) better learn quick that they are just accessories and are in for a lifetime of ‘get away from me, kid… you’re bothering me‘ from both Alexis and Jim.

After failing to even acknowledge his little son while passing him on the highway to the resort, they arrive at their destination and moron Jim insists that his little boy help gather all the luggage that Alexis brought and stand by it.  Jim also insists on humiliating Alexis in front of her kids and resort employees by making her also pose by the luggage so that he could get a digital image and probably make Alexis look at it now and then when he feels that she needs a humiliation reminder.

HW-15.jpgFive years from now:  Alexis will smile when told by Jimbo to stand by the luggage. Little James will be nine and have run away so many times that he’s required by Orange County Court to wear an ankle monitor… as soon as he hits 18, he’s gone.

They settle down at the resort… Jim actually takes little Jim/James whatever out to fly a kite and the nanny takes the twin girls so that Alexis can sort out the contents of the luggage, which overwhelms her.  Imagine Alexis unpacking WITH her twin girls, she’d be in nervous breakdown territory.  Alexis also wonders when there will be ‘alone’ time with Jimbo…

HW-12.jpgI conked little Jim/James whatever and the other two out just like you asked Jim… can we go now?   Huh?  Please???

Oh, finally, they get some ‘alone’ time and Jim and Alexis buzz right over to a local LaJolla jewelry store (’cause where else does one go when they want ‘alone’ time?) where Alexis is drolling over an 6 or 8-carat diamond ring.  Jim tells Alexis that she should know that wearing the 6 or 8-carats would ‘harm the children’ and proceeds to ignore her to focus on a watch which is priced at $20,000.  Jim is a real bargainer and strikes a deal with the jeweler… he buys two watches for $27,000.  How in the hell does Blimbo do this?  Did he really buy them?  Or was this a producer-induced scene to further humiliate Alexis?  Interestingly, Alexis did not see this trip to the jewelers as demeaning or humiliating to her, as she is ‘Jim’s greatest accessory’ and he surprises her with jewelry all the time when the cameras aren’t around.  Oh, puh-leeze Alexis!

HW-10.jpgAlexis, babe… I told you before that real diamond rings are considered lethel weapons.   You did?  Yeah… they’re considered lethal weapons… the ones I surprise you with are CZs…

HW-11.jpgYou’re not serious about my rings being CZs… are you, Jim?  Jim…???  Uh, Alexis… I care about you too much to allow you to walk around with a lethal weapon on your finger, OK?   Now watches are the Lord’s wrist protection and He wants me to have two of them…


In real life, their house was sold in a short sale last week:   Where are they living?  How are they going to keep up this totally fake lifestyle?  They have already downsized their nanny brigade, but what will happen when they cannot afford the one nanny they have left?  What will happen to their three kids when the nanny isn’t there any longer?  We’ve already seen how well Alexis handles her mommy role when she’s forced to interact with her children, which is disasterous… the twin girls in reality almost died this past summer when their stroller rolled into a swimming pool while Jim and Alexis were chatting and not paying attention.  (Eyewitness accounts: ).

HW-09.jpgMr. Jimbo, you tol me joo yust had one seat lef in dey car and joo tol me to put dey other lil girl in dey trunk… don joo remember, Mr. Jimbo?  Oh… you funny!

When is Alexis going to stop making excuses for the creepy imbicile that she married?  I wondered how they actually met and why she married him… well, I know why she married him and that scenario is falling to pieces, so how DID they meet?

A little background from an interview that Alexis gave to the OCRegister in July 2009:

Orange County Register:Did you audition for the show at a casting call? They had one at South Coast Plaza, and a lot of women showed up.

Alexis Bellino:No, I did not. I’ve known quite a few of the cast members from social events and the Newport Coast circle. Gretchen (Rossi) and I have run around in the same circle of friends for the last few years. I’ve seen her at the last few events.

OCR:What are your thoughts, now that you know you’re the newest housewife?

AB:I’m pretty excited. It’s an amazing opportunity.

OCR:What do you think of the show?

AB:I’m an addict. I watch every single “Housewives of Orange County.” I’ve always been very aware of it, very into it.

OCR:Where were you born? Where did you grow up?

AB:I was born in Hannibal, Mo. That’s where I grew up my whole life. Kansas City is an hour and a half west. St. Louis is an hour and a half south. Mark Twain and his stories, that was all about Hannibal. As someone from the Midwest, I do feel like I have a little bit of a different value system. We’re kind of old fashioned. But once I got off the plane in San Diego and Orange County, I discovered that I’m a California girl at heart.

OCR:How long have you lived in Orange County?

AB:Five years. Eight years in Southern California.

OCR:What does your husband Jim (47) do? How did you meet him?

AB:He’s an entrepreneur. He does “spec” building: He finds a home that needs fixing up, he buys it and flips it. He also does pawn loans. He got his pawn license. He used to own a pool-table business. That was an $8 million-a-year-profit company.  We met in Palm Desert, at the Desert Springs Marriott.   We haven’t spent a day apart since.

OCR:Was it love at first sight?

AB:Maybe. I was a little harder (to convince). I was just getting out of a relationship (her first husband). Once you’re divorced, you never want to get married and divorced again. He was persistent but not overbearing.   So I fell in love.

OCR:How long have they been shooting you at home with your three kids (James, 3, Melania and Mackenna, both 20 months)?

AB:For a couple weeks, a few weeks maybe. They’ve been shooting at the house and at some of the other women’s homes. We all went to the mall, South Coast Plaza, and shot there.

OCR:What has it been like meeting and interacting with the other ladies? There has been some drama with the new housewife in previous seasons.

AB:It has been amazing. I already knew Gretchen. Lynne (Curtin)’s a sweetheart. She doesn’t have a mean bone in body. Vicki (Gunvalson) and I joked and laughed and had a good time. But there’s drama anytime you get five women together.

OCR:Wasn’t Vicki a little reserved or cautious about meeting you? She’s been like that with the newest housewives.

AB:I sensed some reservations. But I didn’t feel afraid or timid or anything like that. Even if there is drama, I haven’t experienced it yet. I’m still getting involved with all the women.

OCR:What do you think about giving up your privacy?

AB:It’s always a concern I have. We live in a gated community. But we’ve always been out and about. We know five or 10 people in a restaurant when we go out. We’re always out on the social scene. We don’t stay home a lot.

OCR:Are you nervous about how the show is going to portray you when it airs?

AB:Yeah, I’m a little nervous about how the show’s going to portray me, of course. But anything to help me be a better person. The cameras are going to be right in front of my face. I’ll try to be the best person I can be.

OCR:What do you hope to get out of the show?

AB:I have been a stay-at-home wife and mom for five years, and I’m now ready to have something on my own outside the home. This show is perfect because it is an interesting and fun outlet for me, but it still allows me the opportunity to spend the majority of the time with my husband and kids.

OCR:So what do you think about being yet another blonde on the show?

AB:I was actually shocked they picked a blonde again. But California is like, 80 percent blondes and 20 percent brunettes. I’m actually a natural brunette. So if I make it to a season six, I might become a brunette again.


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