WHATEVER WEDNESDAY… Whatever Happened To MelissaGorga’s “Singing” Career?

Whatever happened to MelissaGorga’s life passion?  How could Missy ditch the talent she was born with? The talent which she worked so hard to showcase on the RHONJ?  How could she NOT lip sync sing after all the time and energy Bravo put into creating her pop star story line??   When will we ever get an answer!?!?!

In this 2012 meeting, JoeyOrgan says about his sexy wife:  “You have a true artist in front of you… so, whateryou gonna do wit dat?”

In additional Gorga news… as predicted, premier home builder JoeyOrgan has decided to sell his dream location in FranklinLakes.  Gorgas will be ensconced permanently in their beaver-damaged spec house!

SH WITTY WEEKEND! Caption This… MelissaGorga Copies TeresaGiudice Again!


“Vermont HunnyBee” will receive ten tickets to the “2015 Melissa Gorga Song and PonyDance Spectacular“!  FinePrint: Tickets will be sent to winner as soon as Melissa’s KickStarter-FundMe site raises enough money to purchase auto-tune machine. 

WHATEVER WEDNESDAY: Whatever Happened To MelissaGorga’s Singing Career??

Another in the “WhateverWednesday” series to find out whatever happened to MelissaGorga’s passion, her life-long quest to be a singer?  Melissa even contracted the services of the “Soul Diggaz” to led the way to the Grammys!  Melissa is so good that she had everyone in her 3×6 basement recording studio dancing to her auto-tuned song!! 


FROM THE SH ARCHIVES, OCTOBER 2011: Melissa Gorga’s Cousin… “TreyC”, Who Actually CAN Sing!… Missy Turns Down Comparison Interview…

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ORIGINALLY POSTED OCTOBER 14, 2011… almost TWO years ago!!  While looking for TreyC items, found one of the first! TreyC (Tracy Caprioni) has added another single to her repertoire… “Bitter Suite.”     Click to listen to…  Bitter Suite  (Keep in mind, that … Continue reading


MELISSA GORGA: “OnDisplay”… Could This Possibly Be True???

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October 30, 2012    Was “OnDisplay” written for ANY of the Housewives?  The song lyrics could certainly apply to any of them! “…the REAL story that in fact “ON DISPLAY” was originally written for ANY (of course the most visible)of … Continue reading


Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Gorga… Doin’ Her Best Britney… “On Display” At Splash Last Night!!

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 There she is!  Melissa Gorga…  on display at Splash last night…                                                       … Bravo … Continue reading


Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Gorga… Wants Nothing To Do With Her Singing Cousin, TreyC!

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TreyC (Tracy Caprioni) has added another single to her repertoire… “Bitter Suite.”    Click to listen…  Bitter Suite  (Keep in mind, that this is NOT the finished product… TreyC used one mic… NO recording studio… and no Soul Diggaz help!)    … Continue reading

The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Gorga… Dis Girl CANNOT Sing

On the next Real Housewives of New Jersey…

Melissa Gorga is at Kiss & Fly for her “On Display” debut…

The Soul Diggaz are there to supervise the sound check … but there is a problem!

MeGo can’t sing… she’s hittin’ all the wrong notes.

Sorry, Joe Gorga… but you wasted your money.

*** Spoiler Alert***   See MeGo’s “On Display” debut from SH post of June 25… here.


Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Gorga… The Marco Sisters Meet The Soul Diggaz!!

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                                Melissa Gorga listening to a replay of “On Display”… and being “Displeased.” On last night’s Real Housewives of New Jersey… Missy Gorga’s producers-extraordinaire, the Soul … Continue reading

The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Can’t Even Sing Scales

Melissa and Joe Gorga go to the Soul Diggaz headquarters where all the big time studio equipment is located.

Listen as Melissa tries to sing the scale… but she’s flat.   How could that be?   Her voice is supposed to be a perfectuly tuned hidden treasure!

Melissa also insists that she NOT be ‘auto-tuned’… but when they show her singing toward the end of this video… great big auto-tune!   Why?    ‘Cause she cannot sing!!!