CountessLuAnnie’s BravoBlog: LuAnnie’s DONE! Jealous Sonja Can Keep Ramoaner!

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NOTE:  A Housewife who appreciated Montana!!   However… LuAnnie’s assistant musta written this as there’s too many grammatical errors, which the intelligent LuAnnie would not have made.  In particular, the use of “your” for “you’re,” among other errors, is a … Continue reading

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The Bossy Battle In Montana!

ANOTHER RHONY TIFF… She called me BOSSY!  Too bad PT Housewife has her life-threatening asthma to contend with… PT coulda whipped off her leg and beat the crap outta both of these Miserable in Montana moronic Housewives!

CountlessLuAnnie Displays Etiquette Techniques For Proper Peeing In The Woods…

What every klassy womin should know… how to properly pee in the woods.  First, take all your friends with you.  What a shame that PT Housewife has such a bad case of asthma… she would have benefitted greatly from a proper peeing lesson!


RHONY Recap … “Go Yell It On The Mountain” by Sandi Duffy

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“Go Yell It On The Mountain” by Sandi Duffy Part II of the NY Housewives degrading the state of Montana. Luann is sporting some major cameltoe.   Did someone say “camel”??   Sonja is rearranging the refrigerator.  Sonja tells the … Continue reading

Sonja’s Phony Phight Scene… Accuses LuAnnie Of Eating Chips!! BigBags Fulla Chips!!

On tonight’s RHONY:  The “fight” scene between LuAnnie and Sonja was so fake that even the Montana snakes stopped wiggling on the ground and bust out laughin’.  Despite Sonja mentioning a person who will remain unmentionable on SH, this “fight” scene will be a classic for its obvious phony baloney fakery!   Sonja blabs to everyone that camel-ridin’ Countless LuAnnie eats super-sized bags o’ chips!!

WITTY WEEKEND!! RHONY Caption This! UPDATE: We Have A Winner!!

 Thanks to “Hers” for the winning caption!!


“Hers” receives a free trip to Montana!!   **Free trip** means hitchhiking to the Montana border… departure date will be taken at the winner’s discretion.   Enjoy your visit to Montana!!!


Sonja’s BravoBlog… Another Housewife Who Didn’t Wanna Go To Montana

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NOTE:  Unreal.  Another NY Housewife who didn’t wanna go to Montana.  Sonja wanted Dubai.  Here’s the deal:  only the franchises getting good ratings get the totally unnecessary international trips.   I wasn’t thrilled at first when Kristen suggested us going out … Continue reading


RHONY Recap “Ten Gallon Spats” by Sandi Duffy

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“Ten Gallon Spats” by Sandi Duffy   The ladies are going to terrorize the beautiful state of Montana. Why Montana, why are you letting these women into your state?  I love Montana and a big part of me wants to … Continue reading


RHONY Preview: Moronic Housewives In Montana

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The RHONY Arrive in Montana.  PT Housewife had herself a wheelchair reserved before she thought up her ridiculous asthma excuse. These NYC moronic Housewives act like NYC is the center of the Universe and that they have never been anywhere else … Continue reading


RHONY Recap “Sex Lies And Facials” by Sandi Duffy

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“Sex Lies And Facials” by Sandi Duffy So far, Sonja is drunk in Saratoga, Avery learns to drive, and Miss USA is at Luann’s charity fancy show. Apparently George slept with her. Raise your hand if you believe that story. … Continue reading


Sonja Allegedly Slept With Carole’s EX… Who Cares??

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On tonight’s RHONY: How the hell does Sonja’s face person know about Russ if Sonja didn’t tell her??  Does anyone care about Russ and who he sleeps with??  What the hell is Tallmark’s reason for being???  Tallmark is becoming the KomaKathy … Continue reading


Sonja Gets Racked At The Track

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On tonight’s RHONY:  Sonja gets drunk at the Saratoga Race Track, loses her hat and does a LindsayLohan… apparently Sonja has taken over Ramoaner’s role as town drunk:  

Sonja Takes A “Victory Lap”

On tonight’s RHONY:  Another contrived scene.  Tallmark arrives at Sonja’s for a scheduled facial, but Sonja ain’t there.  Aren’t we a bit “mature” to be taking a walk of shame or a “victory lap”??

RHONY Preview: Sonja Gets Herself DrunkFaced

On the next RHONY:  Sonja goes with the script and gets herself all drunked up…someone had to!


RHONY Recap “Win, Place or Sonja” by Sandi Duffy

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“Win, Place or Sonja” by Sandi Duffy Omg! I just can’t with George and his “fiancé”. Aviva has his “engagement” party at the Museum of Sex.   If I were Kristin, I would have slapped him in the face. And … Continue reading

RHONY Preview: PT Housewife and Sonja Interrogate The Phony Fiancee

On tonight’s RHONY:  It’s interrogation time!!  Phony fiancee, Cody (last name withheld by her), hops on over to Sonja’s place ’cause Sonja has a garden… and is interrogated by Sonja and PT Housewife.  Phony fiancee don’t want nuthin’ from PoopyPIggySexAddictPervertDaddy ‘cept his love… and maybe his baby! What a crock!!


We’re givin’ this a huge HagfaceKyle BLEEEEEEECH!!



RHONY Preview: Housewives Go Hat Shopping… MEH

On tonight’s RHONY:  Tallmark arrives first for the obligatory “shopping scene,” which is a must for every Housewives’ franchise.  Sonja pops in next… after which LuAnnie makes her grand entrance.



NOTE:  CountlessLuAnnie made the BEST ever entrance on a camel!  Sorry, just can’t help it…