WRETCHED AND SLIMEY: Using Slimey’s Son For More Sympathy…Grayson’s Mother Said He’s “Used As A Prop” By Slimey

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How much lower can these two “reality” rejects dip into the overflowing septic tank already filled with EX-reality “stars”?  Wretched brings up Slimey’s chronically ill child… complete with “reality” show acting, with “real” tears.   Wretched’s drama-filled spotlight tries to … Continue reading


GRETCHEN ROSSI: Slade Smiley… Slimey’s Got Hisself A J-O-B… Is Slimey Using His Ill Child To Gain Potential Clients???

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About that job that Slimey has.  Yes, Slimey does have a job. His J-O-B is “agent” for brand placement/integration in the ‘entertainment’ industry.   In other words, Slimey is an “entrepreneur”! Slimey has named his entrepreneurial company, which was registered … Continue reading


GRETCHEN ROSSI: Slade Smiley’s Little Grayson… Praying For The Success of His Latest Operation…

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October 10, 2012  2:25 pm As much as some of the Housewives are abhored for their lack of real talent… and for pushing their unnecessary products upon viewers… their children are another story. Children…no matter who their parents are… are … Continue reading