TLC’S NEW FORAY INTO “REALITY” TV: Plastic Wives… “Everyone Wants To Be A Part Of This Quirky World”… Will “Plastic Wives” Meet The Same Demise As “SinCityRules”?

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TLC will stop at nothing to become as big as Bravo in the “reality” show game! TLC’s latest “reality” show, “Plastic Wives“ will premiere Sunday, Jan. 27, at 10 pm.  “Plastic Wives” has been described as a cross between “The Real … Continue reading

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RHONJ DANIELLE STAUB: Jobless UK Teen Spends Welfare Money To Buy Twitter Followers “Wants To Be Just Like **GASP** Danielle Staub”!…

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WOW!   Just WOW! An unemployed 19-year-old living in the UK has devoted his life (what there is of it) to becoming the next big “STAR”… even though he has zero talent!   This unemployed wannabe wants to be just … Continue reading


**SH EXCLUSIVE** SIN CITY RULES: 10 Questions For “VegasRules” Now “Sin City Rules”… Amy Hanley!!

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ORIGINAL POST November 12, 2012  RE-POST December 17, 2012 NOTE:  Now that Sin City Rules has aired two episodes… Amy Hanley’s Q&A might be more relevant to viewers!      Amy Hanley… SH submitted 10 questions for Amy Hanley, one of … Continue reading


SIN CITY RULES: Last Night’s Premiere Episode… The “Reality” Show Connections…

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The first episode of Sin City Rules aired last night on TLC. SCR followed the typical “Housewives” formula: a brief intro to each Sin City “ruler” a get-together of all the cast before an event… all the “rulers” got together … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: RHOA “Frolicking Tonight”… Alicia Jacobs of Sin City Rules “Didn’t Want Involved In A Tawdry Show” … Sonja Morgan “Book Signing”…

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December 9, 2012   NOTE:  Wallpaper of DonCaro by David Gilmore… his site, “Pretty on the Outside” can be found on the SH blogroll!  **************************** Here’s what’s gonna happen on tonight’s Real Housewives of Atlanta: As the ladies deal with … Continue reading


SIN CITY RULES: *SH Exclusive*!… Alicia Jacobs Chats With SH… About Her New Show “Sin City Rules”… “MeanGirls” And “DesperateInsecureWomen”… ONE “UnreasonablePerson” On SCR…

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November 21, 2012   NOTE:  “Sin City Rules” will debut on TLC December 9 at 10 pm… “SCR” is another production from Evolution Media, the same production company responsible for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the Real Housewives … Continue reading


**SH EXCLUSIVE** SIN CITY RULES: 10 Questions For “VegasRules” Amy Hanley!!

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November 12, 2012      Amy Hanley… SH submitted 10 questions for Amy Hanley, one of the cast members of the upcoming TLC show “SinCityRules”… Amy graciously answered… all 10 questions!! SH:  We are very excited about your new show, … Continue reading

SIN CITY RULES: Preview Ad… Airs December 9 on TLC


SIN CITY RULES: TLC’s First Description of SCR… AND… What We Know About Alicia Jacobs!

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November 10, 2012                                                Alicia Jacobs… courtesy of Alicia’s FacebookPage… TLC just issued their first statement re SinCityRules: You … Continue reading