COURT UPDATE: New Attorney In SignatureApparel Case… Opposing Counsel Says ChrisLaurita Is “Bad Guy”

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Chris Laurita has gone from a huge NYC law firm to a small boutique law firm in HasbroukHeights, NJ with one trial lawyer…in his continuing SignatureApparel bankruptcy case. The new attorney defending Chris Laurita in his Signature Apparel lawsuit has requested … Continue reading

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COURT UPDATE: BubbaJax And Chris Laurita Did NOT Settle Signature Apparel Case

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You may have read that BubbaJax and her HouseHusband are in the clear with their long-running Signature Apparel case.  It’s been erroneously reported that the Lauritas got off for a measly $1 million in a settlement agreement. There WAS a … Continue reading


BubbaJax Laurita DUMPED By Signature Apparel Attorneys …For Not Paying Legal Fees!

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BubbaJax and the rest of their subhuman FEBUS clan have been notified by their attorneys representing them in their Signature Apparel bankruptcy case that they’ve dropped the Lauritas as clients.   The law firm has expressed that it might be … Continue reading


BUBBA JAX Explains WHY She Skipped RHONJ Reunion Show…Does NOT Mention Signature Lawsuit!

BubbaJax tweets the reasons WHY she there was an empty space on the sofa at the RHONJ reunion show: “Wasn’t at season3 reunion bc I was upset w/some people that I couldn’t discuss at reunion&was also during the height of … Continue reading

SH **EXCLUSIVE**… MissAndy Has Made “Improvements” To His WWHL Clubhouse Green Room!

MissAndy will do anything to make his Clubhouse guests feel comfy!

Andy Cohen WWHL Green Room pg


TERESA GIUDICE: Tree and Juicy’s 39-Count Federal Case Needs More Time…Delayed Until Early 2014!

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  Teresa and Joe Giudice’s 39-count Federal indictment case, which had been scheduled to begin next month, has been given the OK by the Judge in the case for their attorney’s to come up to speed on the case… citing … Continue reading


JAX LAURITA: Latest In Signature Apparel Bankruptcy…

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November 29, 2012            I don’t care what you think, Columbo… I’m takin’ the fifth!  Any fifth… the liquid kind OR the court kind! As mentioned yesterday, there has been activity on the BubbaJax/ChrisLaurita/SignatureApparel bankruptcy case. … Continue reading


JACQUELINE LAURITA: Tape Recordings, Depositions, Attorneys… and Jax’ “CrazyDefense”… UPDATE: BubbaJax Says Today “Was AWESome”…And More TwitterBlather…BubbaJax Probably Took The Fifth!

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October 27, 2012    UPDATE November 13, 2012 According to court documents, today was the day for BubbaJax to chat with attorneys regarding her involvement in the Laurita’s Signature Apparel bankruptcy. Either BubbaJax weaseled her way outta the deposition… or … Continue reading


JACQUELINE LAURITA: Tape Recordings, Depositions, Attorneys… and Jax’ “CrazyDefense”

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October 27, 2012 Jax Laurita mentioned her taped phone recordings in her BravoBlog.  Not surprising, as  attorney’s in the Signature Apparel case have also mentioned “secret” tape recordings… and they’re having a contest to see who can piss off Judge … Continue reading

JACQUELINE LAURITA: BubbaJax Gives MissAndy Bankruptcy Details… VIDEO

October 1, 2012   NOTE:  Interesting… “this is what people need to understand.”   Perhaps BubbaJax needs to understand that her explanation does not fit with the court records


JACQUELINE LAURITA: Jax and Chris Laurita… Lied to Bankruptcy Court … ALL Apparel Licenses NOT Terminated…

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July 10, 2012  4:15 pm UH OH!  Not all going as Jax Laurita would like everyone believe when it comes to the Chris Laurita/RocaWear bankruptcy. In a letter to Judge Peck, it has been revealed that Laurita and his counsel … Continue reading