SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Adrienne Maloof “Sparkly iPhones”… Melissa Gorga “Music Video”… UPDATE: Teresa Giudice “Joe’s Name Calling”… Jillz on GAA…Did Bravo Muzzle Jillz?…

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August 8, 2012  12:25 pm     UPDATE  3:45 pm NOTE:  The upcoming wallpaper change later today is courtesy of “PrettyOnTheOutside“…  if you aren’t familiar with David Gilmore’s fabulous artwork, please visit his site!! *********************** Have received several emails alerting … Continue reading


GRETCHEN ROSSI: “YOU COULD BE A REALITY STAR”… Seminar Taking Place in El Paso, TX… UPDATE: Seminar Tanked…Cancelled…

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 May 2, 2012  7:20 pm   UPDATE August 5, 2012  9:45 am  Gretchen *BLEEEEEECH* CHRISTINE Rossi… While searching for something else, came upon this item from three months ago.  Wretched *BLEEEECH* CHRISTINE teamed up with Shuter trying to get participants … Continue reading