LET IT FLY SATURDAY: The REST Of The “Mystery Email”… Andy Cohen Demands “Comment Control” At BravoTV…

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This is the rest of the email which was sent to SH two months ago… from someone claiming to be a Bravo “insider.” This email sat in the inbox waiting for another email from this phony baloney who claims that … Continue reading


TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR: National Enquirer Blind Item Wednesday (Now MONDAY)!!… Take Your Best Guess!!

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November 1  5, 2012   It’s NationalEnquirer Blind Item Wednesday… now MONDAY!!!  NOTE:  This item, for some inexplicable reason was stuck in “draft” mode!  It has now been released!!  Apologies for the delay…               … Continue reading


WEDNESDAY BLIND ITEMS: And… The SH Housewives TuesdayTwitterTrivia Question!… UPDATE: TuesdayTwitterTrivia Housewife Revealed!

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September 19, 2012                                            “Who could it be, Sherlock??  Don’ t know… it’s a mystery!” It’s NationalEnquirer blind item Wednesday … Continue reading