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NOTE:  A tweeter is pushing for Messy Salami to return to a Housewives show.  We had to remind the tweeter that Messy now has access to Neal’s cash since marrying him in 2013 and Messy can now buy her very … Continue reading



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The worst ads of 2013… What happens to old PizzaHut buildings… Skype hacked… Oh yeah… Snapchat was hacked, too. Did you like those romantical horse-drawn carriage rides in NY??  Well, they’re gone.  NannyBloomberg’s replacement mayor has thrown down an executive … Continue reading


neal schon salahi

EX-DC Housewife MessySalami married Neal Schon on Saturday.

“It had a fairy-tale quality but was also a rock concert wedding, with performances by Journey and Tower of Power…”

NOTE:  We don’t really care about Messy and Neal gettin’ married… we just like the music!!!   However, if YOU are interested in the wedding and photos, check out details at the Messy/NealFacebookPage… the “afflicted with MS” Messy is in no need of a cane, walker or wheelchair!!  Hallelujah!!

Tower of Power…

Forty years later…different lead singer…

Wonder if Steve Perry was there???  Go on witcha bad self, Neal!!!

Neal BEFORE plastic surgery…amazing!!!


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MANZO: DonCaro’s BravoBlog…It’s Caro’s FEBUS Boyz… BubbaJax Don’t Take Nuthin’… Not Even Aspirin!

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April 24, 2012  9:00 am   UPDATE  7:30 pm SONJA MORGAN:  Check out Sonja’s April newsletter… HERE.    Sonja mentions the new New York Housewives… We have 3 new girls which I am dying for you to meet. There were … Continue reading


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Texans Are Protesting…

From CultureMap:

“It’s bad news for Houston socialites and reality show addicts alike.  Andy Cohen, Bravo’s president of original programming and development, is saying that Miami will be the last city with a Real Housewives franchise, telling OK! Magazine, “I really feel like we’re done.”

Kim is all the big-haired woman we can stand at Bravo…

Of course that might not stop the cameras rolling in Houston.   Two rival casts started to form with different producers in last  summer, although we haven’t heard of any filming. Both projects — one from Austin producer Ashley Chiles and another by Ron Muccianti from Los Angeles, are positioning themselves as possibilities to get picked up by Bravo’s copyrighted franchise.  (hint:  all the other HWs had audition tapes… maybe you should film something if you want to be plinked by Andy’s wand… like how do they not know this?)

Cohen has hedged from his original comments, telling The New York Post, “We’re pleased with the number of cities and locations we currently have.”

bravoAnother Maker’s Mark to toast Miami, the final franchise of Real Housewives… but a guy can always change his mind…

But surely Bravo can do better than to end on the lackluster Miami, which only earned the Housewives seal of approval after the fourth season of The Real Housewives of New York was temporarily shelved for being too boring.   (Just imagine how profoundly boring RHONY was for Andy to shove the boring Miami on us Housewives devotees!)

You Houstonites are so delusional…

With the disastrous Washington D.C. cast unofficially scrapped, there should be room for a Texas version.  And with lunatic Danielle fired and all the women on The Real Housewives of New Jersey going broke, how long can that franchise really last?     The Internet seems to have some buzz about a potential Real Housewives of Dallas(… it’s more like a ‘light flutter’ than a ‘buzz’…) and there are reports of a Real Housewives-like casting call in San Francisco (which proved to be phoney).   But we hope Cohen reconsiders his ban on Housewives expansion.

After all, if you are looking for blinged-out, dramatic, positively ridiculous women, Texas girls can bring it like the best of them — just with bigger hair…



Andy… You Need to Stop!

Casting for Housewives Reality Show (San Francisco Bay Area)

Date: 2011-03-04, 10:14AM PST

Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]


Casting 6 Housewives for this project (LOOKING FOR INTERNATIONAL CAST) ages; 25-55

These women should live affluent lifestyles in the San Francisco Bay Area and be comfortable with cameras following their day-to-day activities.
Put your best stiletto forward and show us how amazing your life is with an uninhibited unscripted video.

Must include an introduction of yourself & family. Tell us why you’re a real San Francisco housewife.
Have fun with it, tell us about your life, your business and how you spend your leisure time.
Show us your personality give us a tour of your home/homes. Also, include charitable or philanthropic work you may be involved in.

Video audition deadline March 15, 2011

Reply Email your video entry or link to video and contact info.

Once all video submissions are viewed the finalist will be chosen & calls/emails will go out to
our 6 lucky ladies on there way to becoming San Francisco’s next reality stars, good luck ladies.

Filming for pilot tentatively begins April 5, 2011


The above ad was listed on Craigslist, San Francisco edition on March 4.

Is this real?  If Bravo and/or Andy Cohen is behind this and the ad is casting for a San Francisco franchise of the Real Housewives, I have one question… Are you serious? Really.

Bravo/Andy is pushing the RH franchise with airing the Real Housewives of Miami in place of the Real Housewives of New York. Lea Black said in a recent interview ( that she didn’t tell anyone that she was filming the RHOM and admitted to being on the show only after it aired… she wasn’t sure if the show was actually going to make it on screen, which happens a lot.  Just like movies, TV shows are filmed and produced, but for many reasons just don’t make that final step and are never aired.  So, Lea was cautious and played her cards close and didn’t say anything until the she saw herself on her flatscreen.

With that in mind, the Real Housewives of Miami was on shaky ground until it was decided that there was ‘just too much excellent footage’ of the RHONY and the editors needed more time to fit all that footage into twelve shows.  Luckily, Bravo had Miami prepared to fill New York’s slot immediately.

IMO, this San Francisco ad is a fake.  Would Bravo/Andy really, really go ahead with another HW show knowing that they are riding the crest of the wave and are very close to jumping the shark… would they take that chance?  But, that’s just my opinion… and there’s always a chance that the ad is an authentic request by Andy/Bravo for one more addition to the franchise.  If it is a legitimate notice Bravo will be losing viewers.  I’m usually right about these predictions…

Ad on SF Craigslist: