MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: RHOM Lisa Hochstein “Suing Commenter”!… flipit/Ronnie’s “ProjectRunway” Review!… Adrienne and Rod’s Kid…

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Fembot Lisa Hochstein is suing Jessica Lederman for something Jessica said on some website… somewhere. In checking the Miami-Dade Courts, this phony baloney very serious lawsuit against a commenter on some site was actually filed on Lisa Hochstein’s behalf FOUR months … Continue reading

PROJECT RUNWAY: flipit/Ronnie’s Review… It’s Funny!!!

November 30, 2012   Our friend and ma future hubbend from TVGasm, flipit/Ronnie, reviewed last night’s Project Runway.  In all honesty, we totally forgot that RHOM was on last night… and watched Project Runway!  

PROJECT RUNWAY REDUB: Another “flipit/Ronnie” Video!!

We lovez our “flipit/Ronnie” from TVGasm!   We don’t care what show Ronnie wants to ReDub… it’s all funny!  This time, Ronnie does ProjectRunway!