RHONY John Talk… While John Is In The John

The ridiculous talk about John starts when John visits the bathroom.  HEY!  Maybe John saw Kimmerz there!



Ramoaner Rattled By Mario Divorce Grab

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From NYDailyNews: “Real Housewives of New York” star Ramona Singer is caught in the middle of a messy divorce from husband Mario, who is trying to take her to the cleaners. But friends of the embattled reality star say not … Continue reading

FRANKEL ON ELLEN: Says RHONY Is Different And Gives Relationship Advice. Seriously… She’s Giving Advice.

BFrankel on Ellen… talks about her return to the RHONY (it’s so different this season…blah, blah, blah) and Frankles gives relationship advice.

We give Frankles and her ‘advice’ 88364635535454343 HFKyles…



(Thanks “gurlfriend”!!!)


SH “HIT AND RUN” Thoughts On Whatever!

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  The items which don’t deserve individual attention!  But, worthwhile nevertheless…or maybe not!  WHATEVER!! PT Housewife has to be thinking that she would do anything to be back on the RHONY!  She and Reid are not being thought of too … Continue reading


BLEEEECH Frankel: Now Pushing Small Appliances …SonjaMorgan Pissed!

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  THIS is the REAL reason MissAndy brought BLEEEECHFrankel back… to push more stuff! Bethenny Frankel is expanding her presence in the kitchen with her own brand of appliances, starting with blenders. Frankel is partnering with New York-based Sensio, maker of … Continue reading


RHONY BFrankel Rumored To Return…

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Bethenny Frankel is returning to her roots and rejoining the Bravo series, sources reveal exclusively in the new issue of Us Weekly. The former talk show host, whose self-titled daytime program was cancelled in February, will appear in the show’s … Continue reading


Model Helena Christiansen Scoffs At Invite To Be RHONY Housewife! PTHousewife Out!

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From NYPost… Perhaps because Aviva Drescher threw her fake leg across a restaurant last season, supermodel Helena Christensen has turned down a starring role in “The Real Housewives of New York City.” We’re told the Danish beauty and photographer was … Continue reading


HollaHeather Adds Another Line To Girdle BRAND

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HollaHeatherThomson achieves another milestone in her reasoning for signing up as a New York Housewife.  HollaHeather’s YummieTummie BRAND will be launching a new fitness and sportswear collection next month to go with her already-on-QVC girdles. Holla’s new collection will include … Continue reading



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We need a breather.   Bravo has done it again… and they did it to the Real Housewives of New York.  Again! How does Bravo expect viewers to be interested at all in the New York franchise when viewers are … Continue reading


MARLO “THOMPSON” Apologizes To NayNay…Who The Hell Is MarloThompson?

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Just doin’ a quick check on the RHONY and quite by accident found a brand new ATLANTA cast member over at Bravo… MARLO THOMPSON!! WHO THE HELL IS MARLO THOMPSON???? NOTE:   Poor MugshotMarlo!!  All Mugshot wanted to do was … Continue reading


Bravo is pullin’ out all the stops in preparation for the sixth season of the RHONY!

Will the addition of Kristen “Tallmark” Taekman be the answer to the RHONY’s sagging viewer interest?   OR… will Kristen’s presence and her much-publicized friendship with DrunkOtis be a detriment?



EX-RHONY… On “Where Are They Now”

Will this chick EVER go away???  How long will JillZ hang on to that fragile RHONY thread??  JillZ will be on the next “WhereAreTheyNow“…


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK: It’s Official… RHONY Back For Season Six… March 11 at 9 pm

Just move around the players and give them some new lines… the RHONY premieres March 11 at 9 pm.  SH readers knew the RHONY were comin’ back in March and not February back in November!


Yes, PoopyPiggyDaddy will appear…

POOPY PIGGY DADDY… Goin' After Ramoaner This Season

POOPY PIGGY DADDY… Goin’ After Ramoaner This Season

LUANN DE LESSEPS: LuAnnie On The Loose!!… David Schwimmer Finally Free!

RHONJ Luannie Johnny Depp pg

Well, who didn’t see this comin’??  Countless LuAnnie is doing her part to push the Real Housewives of New York’s new season by participating in the usual pre-season PR work.

NOTE:  If you are new to all this Housewives stuff, all the Housewives start buzzing around approximately six weeks prior to their new season beginning.  The RHONY’s season six will start in February.  Therefore, watch for the NY Housewives to pop up in all the usual places aka MissAndy’s NYMediaMafia… and any other media outlets which will have them… to drop some hints which will attempt to entice you to watch!  All of this pre-planned PR work never, ever proves to equal the actual episodes which make up the franchise’s season!  

All this to say this:  the RHONY Housewives are climbing out of hibernation… a sure sign that they are springing into a new season!  

While we’re talkin’ about the RHONY… we did a complete “Everything you ever wanted to know” item about the alleged newest addition to the RHONY, Kristen Taekman.   If you wanna read everything about Kristen, see SH November 23, 2013.

OK… back to Countless Luannie.  There was nothing more for her boyfriend, Jawks, to do… nowhere to take that story line.

rhony luann de lesseps boyfriend is really david schwimmer


Luannie and Jawks’ pregnancy story was a joke… simply so NOT believable that the producers were probably laughing when they were sittin’ around before season five started as they were bouncing off story line ideas for each of the Housewives!  HAHAHA!!

Let’s see if viewers will go for Luannie gettin’ pregnant… if they do, we’ll keep Jawks; if they don’t, Jawks will have to marry Luannie and if he don’t wanna marry Luannie, then he’ll just have to get used to no more Bravo paychecks!  Oh, this is so much fun!! A-HAHA-HAAH!!!

Needless to say, Luannie is no longer with Jawks.  That leaves Luannie on the loose!!



As part of Luannie’s pre-season PR work, Luannie agreed to have a blind date filmed.  The date was arranged as part of the SteveHarveyShow… ’cause if you’re a Housewife, you must have everything you do filmed!   After all, it IS their “real” lives you’re supposed to be watching!

OK… now that I’ve caught my breath from laughing so hard at that last sentence… about the Housewives bein’ “real”… let’s watch Luannie on her date!!   NOTE:  Didn’t Martha Stewart already do this?? 

What will happen next to Luannie’s quest for men on the RHONY??

Now that there are THREE New York Housewives with no HouseHusbands… will these single Housewives be fighting over the ever-available PoopyPiggyDisgustingDaddy (PT Housewife’s father)??

RHONY  PT HW Father George pg

Oh, never mind that story line… the RHONY producers already have PoopyPigggyDaddy lined up with a much younger woman!   BLEEEEECH!!

Let’s take a look at one of the funniest scenes from the RHONY… Luannie on a camel!!

(Thanks to SH readers “LB/GF” “PMG” “Jozy” and “PDM”!!)


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK: Ramona Singer, Mario Singer “More ‘Cheating’ Allegations… Jill Zarin Says Mario Hit On Her…WHY The “Cheating” Story Lines Are BS…AND… BFrankel “WHY She Is NOT A Talk Show Host”

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 If Ima cheat on anyone, it sure ain’t gonna be JillZ!!! While the rumors of Ramona Singer’s husband, Mario, have been floating around for years… the rumors have all been unsubstantiated and left simply as RUMORS.  However, the RHONY needs … Continue reading

SONJA MORGAN, LUANN, PT HOUSEWIFE: The RHONY Already Out Doin’ Promo… LuAnnie Says That SHE Decides What’s Shown!


In a recent blah, blah, blah we’ve all heard the same story for years MediaBistro interview with RHONY’s Countless Luann de Lesseps, LuAnnie has planted the seed that her “reality” show is really REAL!  LuAnnie states that SHE decides what part of her “reality” is seen by viewers:

“It’s a reality show, but it’s up to me to choose the reality I want to show,” explained LuAnn.   NOTE:  We all know that the Housewives franchises are producer driven.  Be on the lookout for MORE Housewives to make similar statements!

Just can’t help it!!!  LuAnnie on a camel:




REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK: Heather Thomson, Carole Radziwill, Sonja Morgan… Contracts Signed, Filming Has Begun… Everything All Cozy

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The whiners at the RHONY can cry and cry… they have no sympathizers re their phony baloney contract plight! Like an Alaskan bear awakening from his winter hibernation, the PR machine for the Real Housewives of New York has begun. … Continue reading


RAMONA SINGER, SONJA MORGAN: After The RHONY Reunion… Ramona and Sonja Tweets…Carole Radziwill “Russ Irwin’s New Video”

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September 21, 2012  3:53 pm                    MissAndy Cohen, Lord of the Housewives… questions in hand… awaiting his subjects… subjecting his HouseMaidens to further paid humiliation…which viewers are looking forward to!! Was it … Continue reading


FROM THE SH ARCHIVES: September 2011… Real Housewives of New York: If TWO NY Papers Are Sayin’ It… It Must Be True!!

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September 6, 2011  RE-POSTED SEPTEMBER 1, 2012   NOTE:  Instead of giving any attention to trashed comments, which would simply infect this site… let’s take a look back every few days at what was happening a year ago around this … Continue reading


SONJA MORGAN: Sonja Says LuAnn de Lesseps With Tomas “No One’s Business”… Hello! Sonja! You’re On A “Reality” Show!… VIDEO

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August 28, 2012  10:55 am  People…   It is a very Happy Tuesday in the neighborhood!  Hope your ‘hood is just as happy!!    Sonja saying that LuAnnie’s actions are “No one’s business” is hysterical! Maybe if there were no … Continue reading

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK Trivia: Sonja Morgan, Ramona Singer, LuAnn de Lesseps, Heather Thomson, Aviva Drescher, Carole Radziwill… VIDEO

June 8, 2012  9:45 pm    iVillage…  RE-POSTED August 27, 2012  

NOTE:  This old RHONY video is now popping up elsewhere!  It’s from almost three months ago.   Thanks to the SH readers who are sending it today… 

Let’s play “Who Knows the Housewives?” with the RHONY…


(Thanks to SH readers “LB” FLPhil” and “cybraxis”!!)


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK: Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan, LuAnn de Lesseps, Heather Thomson, Carole Radziwill… Tweeting About Last Night’s RHONY… WHY?… RHONY Ratings Tanking…

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August 14, 2012  1:45 pm   Bravo…  The Real Housewives of New York were tweeting last night.  Nothing new there! What IS interesting is the fact that Bravo compiled their tweets and highlighted their “thoughts” re last night’s show… putting … Continue reading


ALEX McCORD: Bravo Is Pissed At Alex… Wants Alex To “Put A Lid On It”… Alex Says “Screw You, Bravo!”

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July 30, 2012  NYDailyNews…  Alex McCord… A recent blog has struck a wrong McCord with Bravo. Alex McCord, an ousted “Real Housewives of New York City” star who was on the hit reality show from its start until season four, … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK: Jill Zarin STILL Trying To Stay Relevant!… Jillz Does WWCrappens Podcast…VIDEO

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July 18, 2012  3:10 pm     UPDATE:  July 20, 2012 2:15 pm   If you have not yet listened to the “WatchWhatCrappens” podcast featuring Jill Zarin as a guest, it is an hour well-worth a listen! The guys at … Continue reading